Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1614 - Leveling Holy Land

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Chapter 1614 – Leveling Holy Land

A Demon operated mineral field?

Shi Feng was flabbergasted as he stared at the massive hole in the center of the town. He had never realized that the Boneless Land had a mineral field and such a large one at that.

Based on the size of the mineral field, Shi Feng estimated that it was a Medium Mineral Field.

He had never heard of anything like this in the past. If people had known that the Boneless Land had a Medium Mineral Field, even Super Guilds would fight over it, not to mention first-rate Guilds.

In God’s Domain, mineral fields were categorized by size.

First, there were Small Mineral Fields, like the one in Heaven’s Burial’s Red Iron Town[1]. Small Mineral Fields had very small ore veins, and generally, 100 players and a full day were all one would need to mine a Small Mineral Field dry for a single cycle. Even so, Small Mineral Fields were extremely valuable. At the very least, a Guild wouldn’t lack the types of ore the mineral field spawned.

The veins in Medium Mineral Fields were slightly larger, requiring 300 players and a full day to mine the veins dry for a cycle.

As for Large Mineral Fields, a Guild would need to put 1,000 players to work for a full day to drain the veins. Large Mineral Fields were goldmines, and any Guild that owned one could make a fortune from it.

While Small Mineral Fields in God’s Domain were common, Medium Fields were extremely rare, and Large Mineral Fields were as unique as a phoenix’s feather. In the past, the various superpowers had fought over every Medium and Large Mineral Field they had found, even those that spawned common ores, such as Iron Ore.

Meanwhile, the mineral field Shi Feng stared at now clearly had more than low-end ore veins.

Based on the ores the Demonkins carted out, Shi Feng knew that the mineral field housed an Ancient Bronze vein.

Ancient Bronze Ore was not common in God’s Domain. However, demand for Ancient Bronze Ore wasn’t particularly high among players. This was because there weren’t nearly enough ways to use Ancient Bronze Ore. Despite its rarity, it wasn’t worth much.

However, Eternium Ore, a byproduct of mining Ancient Bronze Ore, was highly sought after by forging players. Magisteel Ingots, produced with Eternium Ore, were extremely useful when forging. Not only could the ingots improving one’s forging success rate, but they could also slightly enhance the crafted weapons and equipment’s Attributes. Of course, Magisteel Ingots could only boost an item’s rank to a maximum of Fine-Gold rank.

Even so, countless forgers sought the tool.

Level 50-plus Fine-Gold equipment was still incredibly difficult to obtain, and after Level 50, most elite players could only equip Secret-Silver Equipment and below. Past Level 50, elite players would normally be equipped in Secret-Silver Equipment and below only.

Hence, Magisteel Ingots had a considerable market.

In the past, Magisteel Ingot had sold for 2 Gold per piece, yet plenty of players still fought over it.

If one could lay claim to this Medium Mineral Field, they could make a fortune with the mined Eternium Ore.

Considering the situation, Shi Feng couldn’t help but harbor thoughts of capturing this mineral field.

Although he didn’t know why a mineral field had suddenly spawned in the Boneless land, he was sure that this was a golden opportunity.

Setting the Eternium Ore aside, he could earn a fortune with the steady supply of Mana Ore this mineral field could provide. The only problem now was how to go about capturing the mineral field.

There were easily several thousand monsters stationed around the town’s main entrance, and even more in the town’s surroundings. In addition, the monsters inside the town were even more powerful. The town’s Demon Supervisors were all Great Lords, and these were only the monsters on the surface. The town’s true guardians were likely far stronger.

“Guild Leader, a monster patrol is moving our way. We need to hurry and leave this place,” the scouting Ranger reported nervously as he watched the red dots on the system map.

The rest of the team nodded in agreement.

The monster patrols were a secondary issue. The main problem was the Purgatory Serpent sleeping by the town’s main entrance. This was the first time any of them had seen such a large monster since joining God’s Domain. Its aura was so strong that they even struggled to breathe.

The consequences would be unimaginable if they fought the monster patrols and accidentally attracted the Purgatory Serpent’s attention.

None of them wanted to stay here for a moment longer.

“A patrol squad?” When Shi Feng saw the red dots on his system map, he suddenly smiled and said, “This is a good thing. For now, we’ll level up here.”

“Level up here?” Everyone turned towards their Guild Leader in confusion.

Trying to grind and level up in such a place was suicidal.

However, none of them realized that Shi Feng’s true goal was the Demons’ mineral field. Leveling up would simply be a side benefit. In Shi Feng’s opinion, they first had to defeat the monsters around the town. Otherwise, these monsters would rush to aid the Guardian Boss in the town as soon as they began the battle. If that happened, they would definitely team-wipe.

Shi Feng had been pondering a way to lure the surrounding monsters in small numbers, but it seemed that the monsters had solved that problem for him.

The approaching patrol squad had less than 100 monsters, led by a hill-sized, Great Lord ranked Three-headed Hellhound.

Immediately, Shi Feng retrieved the Bible of Darkness and used Demon Summoning.

Naturally, he had a reason for daring to lead a bunch of low-level players to the Boneless Land. If it were any other location, it’d likely be impossible for Shi Feng to protect so many players by himself, but the Boneless Land was home to Demonic Creatures. To these monsters, the Bible of Darkness was like an Achilles heel.

Here, the Bible of Darkness could display its full potential.

After Shi Feng summoned a Level 78, Tier 3 Tomahawk Demon, he directed the Demon to charge at the approaching patrol squad.

Although one Level 78, Tier 3 Demon wasn’t enough to take out nearly 100 Level 60-plus Demonic Creatures, it could distract them for a short period. Furthermore, Demon Ruler’s passive effect increased Demonic Creatures’ Attributes under Shi Feng’s command by 30%, while also weakening enemy Demonic Creatures’ Basic Attributes by 30%.

In moments, the Tomahawk Demon slaughtered the patrol squad’s weaker monsters. At the same time, its HP continued to decrease. In the meantime, Shi Feng wasn’t idle as he tried to use the Demon Ruler’s active effect, granting him temporary control of up to three Demonic Creatures, on the Three-headed Hellhound.


Sure enough, it won’t be that easy. The outcome of his attempts to control the Hellhound didn’t particularly surprise Shi Feng. After all, the Skill only had a low success rate of 10%. Fortunately, he had the Tomahawk Demon to occupy the patrol squad.

Demon Ruler’s active effect could only be used once every five minutes.

A congratulatory prompt only popped up in his notification window after Shi Feng’s sixth attempt.

System: Congratulations! You have taken control of the Three-headed Hellhound. You have two hours of control.

As Shi Feng took control of the Three-headed Hellhound, thanks to Demon Ruler’s passive effect, the Hellhound’s Basic Attributes rose by 30%. Its HP also increased from 34,000,000 to 44,200,000.

With control of the Three-headed Hellhound, Shi Feng had a much easier time defeating the remaining monsters in the patrol squad. When the Hellhound and Tomahawk Demon worked together, they made quick work of the Lord ranked Demonic Flame Hounds.

After the first Level 64 Demonic Flame Hound died, Shi Feng noticed that his experience bar had risen by a small, but noticeable amount. He hadn’t expected the abundant EXP. The Demonic Flame Hound had granted at least three times more EXP than a Lord ranked monster of the same level. The awarded EXP also surprised the members of his team. They had never thought that they’d receive so much.

Moreover, this was only the EXP from one Level 64 Lord.

In the end, Shi Feng had eliminated the patrol squad within an hour. Many of his players had gained an additional level during that time. Their leveling speed was just staggering.