Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1612 - Insane Guild

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Chapter 1612 – Insane Guild

After Shi Feng had given Aqua Rose his commands, he disconnected the call and contacted Melancholic Smile.

He had Melancholic Smile post an announcement on the official forums for Zero Wing, stating that the Guild had doubled the bounty on Heaven’s Burial’s members once more.

The bounty for killing a normal member had already risen to 40 Silver, but they had just raised it to 80 Silver. The bounty on elite members had also risen from 2 Gold to 4 Gold per kill, while the bounty on Heaven’s Burial’s expert players had risen from 20 Gold to 40 Gold.

Moreover, Shi Feng had Melancholic Smile use a provocative title for the forum post:

Heaven’s Burial, do you dare to face us?

Now, players could instantly earn enough money to purchase a Common Mount from NPCs just by killing one of Heaven’s Burial’s experts. Even if they already had their own Mount, they could afford an ordinary piece of Level 45 Fine-Gold Equipment.

Even expert players found the remuneration incredibly tempting. Even the expert players that broke their back to earn money couldn’t earn 20 Gold in a single day. Moreover, as long as they killed one of Heaven’s Burial’s experts, even their death would be a worthwhile exchange.

“Guild Leader, have you lost your mind?” Melancholic Smile’s eyes nearly fell from their sockets when Shi Feng told her to double their bounties on Heaven’s Burial. “Where is our Guild supposed to find that much money?”

If they posted this new bounty, it would definitely inspire a lot of expert players to kill Heaven’s Burial’s members, and the number of bounties Zero Wing would have to pay out would be no laughing matter. With Zero Wing’s current income, it simply couldn’t support such a high bounty. Doubling the bounty was a self-destructive move, and Zero Wing would become a laughingstock.

“Relax. I’ll figure out a source. If we really can’t afford to pay, sell a portion of the weapons and equipment the Dark Gods Party obtained,” Shi Feng said.

The current bounty was quite a burden on Zero Wing, but it was only a small annoyance to Heaven’s Burial. At this rate, Zero Wing’s situation would only become more disadvantageous.

Unfortunately, since there were too few of them, the Dark Gods Parties weren’t enough to deal a severe blow to Heaven’s Burial, regardless of how many members they hunted down.

Fortunately, the Dark Gods Parties had reaped quite a harvest for the Guild during its hunt. They had collected over 400 pieces of Level 45 Dark-Gold Equipment, over 700 pieces of Level 45 Fine-Gold Equipment, and over 2,000 pieces of Level 45 Secret-Silver Equipment. All of the equipment should be enough to help Zero Wing hold on for quite some time.

Moreover, he had already dispatched the Dark Gods Parties to the Orc Empire. If a large number of players joined the hunt for Heaven’s Burial members, it would ease the burden on the Dark Gods Parties. In turn, the Dark Gods Parties could obtain more weapons and equipment.

Aside from these factors, if they secured the Mana Ore vein, Zero Wing would have another massive revenue source.

All of the various large Guilds urgently needed Mana Ore, and as a result, the market price had risen to a staggering 1 Gold, 20 Silver. Originally, the ore had only been worth around 40 Silver. Meanwhile, the Boneless Land was rich in Mana Ore. It would not be difficult to acquire a large amount of Mana Ore.

“I understand.” Melancholic Smile could only nod helplessly in response to Shi Feng’s command. Although she was confident in Shi Feng’s abilities, she still could not help but feel that his decision was a little too crazy this time.

Following which, Melancholic Smile published the new bounties on Star-Moon Kingdom’s official forums.

Star-Moon Kingdom’s players went mad over the news.

“All hail Zero Wing!”

“How rich! Is this Zero Wing’s true power?”

“Crap! Is Zero Wing for real? Forty Gold Coins just for killing one of Heaven’s Burial’s experts?! With this much money, Heaven’s Burial’s experts might kill themselves to claim their own bounties from Zero Wing.”

“This is insane! Zero Wing has truly gone insane! Even top-tier experts would be tempted by this price.”

“This won’t do! I need to form a team to grind Heaven’s Burial’s members! Who wants to team up?!”

“Amazing. Zero Wing is really bold to pull such a stunt. Heaven’s Burial is in for some pain.”

“Heaven’s Burial must’ve gone too far when it provoked Zero Wing this time. Even if the Guild destroys Zero Wing, they’re going to suffer for it.”

When everyone saw that Zero Wing had doubled its bounties, they couldn’t help but feel some sympathy for Heaven’s Burial’s members. At the same time, they were shocked by Zero Wing’s generosity.

Orc Empire, Ancient Rock City:

As the only Guild City in the Orc Empire’s inner region, a constant stream of players visited the city each day. Not even kingdoms’ major NPC cities could compete with Ancient Rock City’s player population.

Although the city was extremely lively, silence dominated the meeting room in Heaven’s Burial’s Residence. Despite the Guild’s upper echelons filling the room, no one made a sound as they stared at Singular Burial with somber expressions.

Due to the previous hunting war, Heaven’s Burial had lost a significant amount of equipment, and a large number of their experts had been killed.

However, that wasn’t enough to warrant a meeting of this scale.

They had gathered in this meeting room due to Zero Wing’s latest announcement.

Because of that announcement, Heaven’s Burial had suffered more casualties than ever before…

“Lunatics! Everyone from Zero Wing is a lunatic!” Singular Burial’s brows twitched uncontrollably when he read Heaven’s Burial’s latest casualty report.

Less than half an hour since Zero Wing had doubled its bounties, Heaven’s Burial had suffered over 4,000 casualties, far more than it had during the hunting war…

Thus far, the Guild’s loss was already worth roughly 8,000 Gold. Of course, Zero Wing hadn’t gotten off easy, either, since it had to pay at least 10,000 Gold in bounties.

If this continued, Heaven’s Burial wouldn’t last long even with Blackwater’s investments and Ancient Rock City’s income.

“Guild Leader, based on our reports, part of the reason that our casualty count is so high is that Zero Wing’s Dark Gods Parties have begun to operate in the Orc Empire. Although we’ve sent our forces to hunt them down, they are moving too quickly. We haven’t been able to catch them. Rather, the tables have turned on quite a few of the teams we sent out to hunt down these Dark Gods Parties,” Daybreak Fog reported. “The Guild’s morale is incredibly low, and some elite members have begun to withdraw from the Guild…”

“Zero Wing! Black Flame!” Singular Burial gnashed his teeth as he glared at the report in his hands. “Since that is how you want to play it, I want to see which of us can last until the end!”

He truly hadn’t thought that this war would develop to this point.

Zero Wing’s actions had also forced Heaven’s Burial to raise its bounties correspondingly. The increased bounties added yet another significant expenditure for the Guild. Now, they were forced to spend the funds they had saved for Ancient Rock City’s development…

However, Singular Burial was still confident that his Guild’s foundations were sturdier than Zero Wing’s. He refused to believe that Heaven’s Burial couldn’t outcompete Zero Wing with the full support of Blackwater and the income from Ancient Rock City.

Elsewhere, Shi Feng had finally reached the Boneless Land with Zero Wing’s internal members and White Tiger Dojo’s disciples.

As the group arrived, they found themselves in a dusky, foggy area. They also felt an oppressive weight bear down on them, making their thoughts sluggish. Moreover, they felt an indescribably dangerous feeling from their surroundings, as if they’d die if they took a wrong step.

Hidden among the fog, these players faintly saw the towering walls of a town some distance away.

What’s going on? Why is there a town here? Shi Feng was confused when he noticed the distant town.

He was very familiar with the Boneless Land, clearly remembering that it was home to Demonic Creatures. No NPC town should be able to survive here; the map should be a barren wasteland. Other creatures shouldn’t be able to survive in the Boneless land, not to mention human buildings.