Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1611 - Counterattack

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Chapter 1611 – Counterattack

“Magic?” When Shi Feng saw Aqua Rose’s excitement, he smiled and said, “I don’t know any magic. I merely gave each of them a piece of equipment.”

“A piece of equipment?” Aqua Rose could not help her confusion. “How has a piece of equipment made such a huge difference?”

Weapons and equipment only improved a player’s Basic Attributes. While the Dark Gods Parties’ Basic Attributes had risen since she had seen them last, the improvement to their combat standards was the key difference. They never would’ve been able to defeat a 100-man expert team with just a boost to their Basic Attributes

“Here; you’ll understand once you take a look.” Shi Feng then shared the Conqueror’s Armor’s Attributes with Aqua Rose.

As Aqua Rose was one one of Zero Wing’s core upper echelons, he had no reason to hide the armor from her.

Besides, as players reached higher levels, it’d only be a matter of time before the various large Guilds learned about battle arrays.

He had only had the Dark Gods members sign a confidentiality contract to hide the information from the various large Guilds for as long as he could, but it was impossible to hide the battle arrays from the public forever.


When Aqua Rose read the armor’s information, she was dazed.

She had never thought that God’s Domain had equipment like this.

Not only did the Conqueror’s Armor improved its wearer’s Basic Attributes, but it also allowed them to share their perception with other players wearing the armor. It could basically enhance players’ perception range by a large margin, allowing these players to reach a simplified version of the Void Realm. Although ordinary experts wearing the Conqueror’s Armor still wouldn’t be able to control their bodies as well as Refinement Realm experts, their overall combat standards wouldn’t be any weaker than an actual Refinement Realm expert with the enhanced perception.

“Guild Leader, where did you obtain so many pieces of this armor?” Aqua Rose inquired.

How could ordinary equipment possibly compare to such powerful battle array equipment? The Conqueror’s Armor offered even greater benefits than ordinary Epic Equipment. It had to be incredibly rare, yet Shi Feng had given these chest pieces to 100 Dark Gods Legion members…

“I made them,” Shi Feng answered truthfully.

Seeing Shi Feng’s calm expression, Aqua Rose was at a loss.

If Shi Feng had said that he had been grinding and collected the armor during his long disappearance, she might be able to believe him, yet Shi Feng claimed to have made all of the chest pieces. Her mind simply could not process the statement.

With five pieces of Conqueror’s Armor, one could nurture five Refinement Realm experts.

If they produced 1,000 pieces of the Conqueror’s Armor, they would have a 1,000-man army of Refinement Realm experts…

Not even Super Guilds had such an army.

“Don’t overthink it. I had to deplete the Guild’s stock of rare materials just to craft the 100 pieces. It won’t be possible to mass-produce the armor in a short amount of time,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head. Naturally, he knew what Aqua Rose must have thought.

The Conqueror’s Armor’s material cost was only secondary. The crucial issue was acquiring the materials. Although the materials weren’t super-rare, the various large Guilds frequent purchased them. Even if Zero Wing spent a fortune to obtain these items, it could only acquire a limited amount. It definitely wasn’t possible to gear an invincible legion with the Conqueror’s Armor.

“What a pity. If we had a few hundred more, we could flatten Heaven’s Burial,” Aqua Rose said, clicking her tongue. She had no idea how greedy she sounded.

“Several hundred?” Shi Feng’s smile turned bitter. “I’ll give you a list of the necessary materials, so try to purchase as many as you can in secret. Once we have the materials, I’ll try to forge as many as I can.”

“I understand.” Aqua Rose nodded eagerly, her eyes glowing with excitement. “But Guild Leader, what should we do next? Although Heaven’s Burial has retreated, the bounty is still in place. We really can’t afford to let this situation continue.”

Although Heaven’s Burial’s forces had retreated, the high bounty it had offered still tempted many unrelated players to attack Zero Wing’s members. Even though Zero Wing now had the Dark Gods Parties, there was a limit to how much area 20 parties could cover. They couldn’t limit the Dark Gods Parties to patrols, either, as it would severely impact their leveling speed.

“Heaven’s Burial sure gave up quickly.” Shi Feng was slightly disappointed when he read the statistics report Aqua Rose had sent.

He had assumed that Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater would continue to clash with Zero Wing, relying on their numeric advantage. He hadn’t expected Heaven’s Burial to retreat so decisively. He had only managed to wear the enemy Guild down slightly.

However, Shi Feng could understand their decision after giving the matter some thought.

If one had sufficient understanding of Refinement Realm experts, they’d realize what kind of prowess 100 Refinement Realm experts could wield in guerilla warfare. Moreover, these 100 experts were concentrated in a few maps. This was also why the various large Guilds were so afraid of Super Guilds and super-first-rate Guilds.

Ordinary players, elite players, and ordinary expert players…

With enough money, a Guild could recruit and nurture as many of these players as they wanted, but it was a slightly different story when it came to Refinement Realm experts and those who were stronger. Guilds couldn’t necessarily recruit such experts just because it had the money to throw at them. Moreover, there was a qualitative difference between the power of a Refinement Realm expert and the power of an ordinary expert.

Even in equipment with similar Attributes, there would be a massive difference between the combat power Refinement Realm experts could display and that of ordinary experts.

Without an overwhelming Basic Attribute advantage, several, maybe more than a dozen, ordinary experts would need to work together to take down a Refinement Realm expert. This granted Refinement Realm experts a massive advantage in field battles. Normally, Guilds could only cope with these experts’ ambushes by dispatching their own Refinement Realm experts or organizing their players into large groups. However, it wasn’t feasible to send its members out in teams of hundreds or thousands as it would negatively impact their acquisition of EXP and equipment.

Not even well-funded Guilds would survive long if 100 experts interfered with thousands of its members’ development.

This was precisely why super-first-rate and Super Guilds had maintained a solid footing in the virtual gaming world for so many years, finding it beneath them to bully first-rate and below Guilds. Their strength was simply on a different level.

Of course, Refinement Realm experts weren’t enough to help a Guild become an overlord in the virtual gaming world. Guilds also needed a large number of members to help with other tasks, such as occupying territory and harvesting resources.

“Since Heaven’s Burial has retreated, we’ll take the fight to them. It’s about time we show Heaven’s Burial that it’s not the only power that can hunt players,” Shi Feng decided after giving the matter some thought. “Notify Fire Dance and the others. Have them lead the Dark Gods Parties to the Orc Empire and teach Heaven’s Burials’ members what it feels like to be prey. I want to see which of our Guilds lasts until the very end!”

Due to its lack of experts, Zero Wing had only been able to defend against Heaven’s Burial’s brutal assaults, but now that it had the Dark Gods Parties, it had no reason to hold back against its enemy.

In his previous life, many Super Guilds and super-first-rate Guilds had often used this tactic, hindering a large group’s development by sending small parties of Refinement Realm experts, when they wanted to avoid wasting resources to deal with troublesome Guilds. He didn’t mind testing this tactic on Heaven’s Burial.

“Alright, I’ll let them know.” Aqua Rose’s excitement built when she heard Shi Feng’s order.

They had taken a one-sided beating from Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater for too long now. They hadn’t been able to counterattack, which made them all feel powerless. They simply hadn’t had enough experts to put up a fight. If they had sent ordinary experts into Heaven’s Burial’s territory, they’d send their people to the slaughter, rather than damage their enemy.

Now that they had an additional 100 Refinement Realm experts, their ability to retaliate had increased several-fold, even if they couldn’t deal any lasting damage to Heaven’s Burial.