Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1610 - Shock

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Chapter 1610 – Shock

Yuan Tiexin couldn’t believe what Purple Jade had just told him.

Even the Secret Pavilion struggled to nurture Refinement Realm experts. Before becoming a Refinement Realm expert in the Secret Pavilion, the Guild’s experts had to pass a series of stringent tests and a significant amount of training. Most people in the virtual gaming world couldn’t even fathom the effort, talent, and resources required to become a Refinement Realm expert.

Although God’s Domain’s unique nature made it easier for players to reach the Refinement Realm, these players were still exceedingly rare. They were also considerably famous in God’s Domain.

Zero Wing had only established a few months ago, and even if it had the support of some Super Guild or major corporation, it wasn’t capable of nurturing so many Refinement Realm experts.

“There are no mistakes. All of those players are members of the Dark Gods Legion. I also read through the information we have on these players before I came here. Their combat standards were average at best before today. But for some reason, they’ve become frighteningly powerful,” Purple Jade said, shaking her head. Honestly, she couldn’t believe this either. However, she had no choice but to acknowledge that Zero Wing had more than 100 Refinement Realm experts after facing the facts before her.

“To think Zero Wing has hidden so much of its strength…” Suddenly, Yuan Tiexin realized why Shi Feng’s reaction had been so calm when he learned that the Black Dragon Empire’s Evil God’s Temple had activated. “Jade, notify our subordinates and tell them to learn everything they can about this situation! We must learn who has backed Zero Wing!”

Any superpower that could nurture 100 Refinement Realm experts so quickly was definitely extraordinary. Not even most ordinary Super Guilds were capable of such a feat, and the Secret Pavilion hadn’t heard of a superpower that could. When Yuan Tiexin thought about it, a sliver of fear penetrated his heart.

Although he knew that God’s Domain’s waters were deep, he didn’t realize how deep. They had already learned of quite a few Guilds, which had only established after God’s Domain had launched, that had the support of powerful corporations. And now, there was even an organization like Zero Wing. God’s Domain was practically a bottomless swamp, with various powers hiding in its muck.

The Secret Pavilion wasn’t the only superpower to discover this. Many of God’s Domain’s superpowers had learned about Zero Wing’s sudden development. After this, they all started to see Zero Wing in a new light.

Although Zero Wing still had a low member count and lacked in many aspects compared to first-rate Guilds, the fact that it had nurtured over 100 Refinement Realm experts made it far more powerful than first-rate Guilds. Zero Wing had a high chance of becoming a super-first-rate Guild and one of God’s Domain’s overlords in the future.

Meanwhile, in the Star Alliance’s Residence in Star-Moon City…

Galaxy Past read the report he had just received from the Secret Pavilion in his spacious Guild Leader’s office. When he finished with the report, his mind went blank.

“Guild Leader, has something happened?” Purple Eye asked, curious about Galaxy Past’s strange expression.

“Zero Wing truly is an endless abyss. If Heaven’s Burial hadn’t mobilized such a large force, Star-Moon Kingdom’s various Guilds would still be clueless about Zero Wing’s true strength,” Galaxy Past said, smiling bitterly as he forwarded the Secret Pavilion’s report to Purple Eye. “One hundred Refinement Realm experts! Zero Wing must’ve been laughing at us while we made fools of ourselves!”

“This… One hundred Refinement Realm experts?” Purple Eye’s jaw dropped as she read the report.

She wasn’t as ignorant as she had been in the past, and she was very familiar with the power of a Refinement Realm expert. Although she acknowledged her own talent, she still couldn’t cross the final threshold and reach the Refinement Realm, even with the Secret Pavilion’s help.

Yet, Zero Wing had just revealed 100 Refinement Realm experts. And to think that the Star Alliance had actually worked with other Guilds to take down Zero Wing in the past…

Had Zero Wing utilized its true power back then, the consequences would’ve been unimaginable.

Purple Eye finally realized why her rival, Gentle Snow, had chosen to join an upstart Guild like Zero Wing.

Sea of Death, Thunder Island:

One hundred Refinement Realm experts? Just how many secrets does Zero Wing have? Phoenix Rain was at a loss for words after reading the report.

The fact that Shi Feng and Zero Wing’s experts had helped her secure a portion of Thunder Island’s control was already incredible, and now, the Guild had just revealed that it had over 100 Refinement Realm experts…

Although Zero Wing had nowhere near as many Refinement Realm experts as the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, a contingent of 100 Refinement Realm experts could still pose a threat to her and Nine Dragons Emperor.

If Nine Dragons Emperor had known that this upstart Guild had such a background, he would never have tried to stop it out…

Black Dragon Empire, Lake Heart City:

“What?! Heaven’s Burial retreated?! What happened?!” Curiosity ravaged Gentle Snow when she heard Zhao Yueru’s report.

If Shi Feng hadn’t assured her that her people weren’t necessary for the situation in Star-Moon Kingdom, she would’ve returned with all of her spare forces long ago.

Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater had dispatched over 8,000 experts, including a few Refinement Realm experts. Without utilizing the Guild’s full power, defeating such a force would be nearly impossible.

Yet, less than an hour after Heaven’s Burial had attacked directly, the Guild had ordered a retreat.

“I’ve heard that its due to various 6-man parties from the Dark Gods Legion. These Dark Gods Parties slaughtered Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater’s 100-man expert teams. In less than half an hour, they killed nearly a thousand Guild experts. In contrast, none of our party members have died,” Zhao Yueru explained. “They’ve even killed quite a few of Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater’s Refinement Realm experts.”

“A 6-man party of Dark Gods Legion members defeated a 100-man expert team from Heaven’s Burial?” For a time, Gentle Snow couldn’t process the information.

She knew just how powerful the Dark Gods Legion members were. Even the strongest among them had only reached the Half-step Refinement Realm standard. Even six of these players would be lucky to defeat a 20-man expert team from Heaven’s Burial. After all, Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater’s experts were no noobs; they were all experts that had experienced numerous life-or-death battles.

Yet, these Dark Gods Legion members had defeated 100-man expert teams with as few as six players. To Gentle Snow, this sounded like a fantasy.

“That’s right. Everyone in the Guild has been talking about it. I’ve watched the battle videos, as well. Those Dark Gods Parties are quite powerful. If not for my promotion to Tier 2, they might even be able to defeat me.” Zhao Yueru nodded. “I never realized that our Guild had hidden such strength all this time. The Black Dragon Empire’s first-rate Guilds will have to think twice before turning against us.”

Zero Wing had lacked experts that could turn the tide of battle in the past, and because of that, the Black Dragon Empire’s large Guilds hadn’t been afraid of striking against their Guild. This was especially true for the Guilds Nine Dragons Emperor secretly backed. However, now that the public knew that the Dark Gods Legion had such powerful members, even the empire’s various first-rate Guilds would have to tread lightly when dealing with Zero Wing.

While everyone raised a commotion over the defeat of Heaven’s Burial’s army, Aqua Rose relayed the shocking news to Shi Feng, who had long since left Star-Moon Kingdom.

“Guild Leader, what kind of magic did you use? How did you make all of these people so strong? Every one of them feels like they can take on a Refinement Realm expert of the same level right now,” Aqua Rose asked curiously.

She was quite familiar with the prowess of the Dark Gods members she had sent Shi Feng, yet these players had grown so much stronger in the several hours since she had last seen them. If Shi Feng claimed that he had nothing to do with it, she wouldn’t believe him.