Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1608 - Indiscernible Zero Wing

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Chapter 1608 – Indiscernible Zero Wing

Daybreak Fog could only shake her head helplessly in response to Singular Burial’s question.

Even she had been confused when she received the statistics report, wondering if someone had made a mistake when compiling the information.

However, although someone could have miscounted the enemy’s casualties, how could they do so with their own death counts? In other words, Zero Wing had indeed killed 3,237 of their members in less than half an hour. Moreover, nearly one-third were the Guild’s experts…

“Has no one discovered the reason behind this yet?” Singular Burial growled, his brows twitching slightly in anger.

Over 10% of their 8,000 experts had died in less than half an hour. If the other major powers learned that they didn’t even know the cause of this grievous loss, they’d become a laughingstock.

Unlike Guild elites, a Guild expended all of its precious resources into nurturing its experts. They were incomparably more valuable than the Guild’s elite members. A loss of one expert was a much larger impact than losing ten elites.

If a first-rate Guild suddenly suffered nearly 1,000 expert deaths, the loss would be severe enough to hamper the Guild’s development.

After all, experts were a Guild’s main combat power when obtaining top-tier equipment and contesting for resource maps. They were also the foundation when competing with other Guilds.

“We still don’t have any information, but I’ve sent people to investigate the matter,” Daybreak Fog said as she expressed her frustration over the situation.

Just as Singular Burial was about to say something more, he received a call. The caller was none other than Broken Flow, one of the commanders tasked with hunting Zero Wing’s members.

“Has something happened?” Singular Burial asked, curious about Broken Flow’s anxiety. When Singular Burial noticed Broken Flow’s current level, he asked in surprise, “How did you lose a level?”

Singular Burial clearly remembered Broken Flow being Level 50 before they embarked on the mission, yet now, the Berserker was only Level 49.

Broken Flow was one of Heaven’s Burial’s top-ranked experts, and with the Level 45 Dark-Gold Set Equipment he wore, he could contend with any of the Super Guild’s top-tier experts, yet he had lost a level. Why wouldn’t Singular Burial be surprised?

“I…died…” Although Broken Flow hesitated, he revealed the truth, and he did so with an incredibly grim expression.

“You died?” Singular Burial was even more shocked. “Did you encounter Black Flame or the other experts I warned you about?”

He had planted over 30 spies in Zero Wing, and although they didn’t have access to the Guild’s core secrets, they could discover its experts’ identities.

Hence, he knew that only a few people in Zero Wing were capable of killing an expert of Broken Flow’s caliber.

“No…” Broken Flow’s expression darkened further.

“No? Then who killed you?” Singular Burial demanded. “Has Zero Wing received reinforcements from somewhere else? That shouldn’t be possible. I haven’t heard of any powers lending the Guild aid.”

Zero Wing had formed a close relationship with both the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Phoenix Rain and the Secret Pavilion’s Yuan Tiexin. If these two superpowers helped Zero Wing, he doubted that he could do anything to threaten the Guild. The difference between Heaven’s Burial’s background and the two superpowers was just too massive. Moreover, Heaven’s Burial lacked the home-ground advantage in Star-Moon Kingdom.

He had paid close attention to the two superpowers, waiting to see if they would aid Zero Wing or not.

However, he hadn’t heard any news of either organization helping his enemy. This was one of the reasons that he had dared to hunt down Zero Wing’s members.

“One of Zero Wing’s expert parties killed me,” Broken Flow explained after taking a deep breath.

“Zero Wing’s expert parties?” Realization dawned on Singular Burial. There were some capable players among Zero Wing’s experts, and if Broken Flow were careless and underestimated them, he might get himself killed. Sighing and shaking his head disapprovingly, he continued, “You are too careless. Well? Don’t tell me that you only contacted me to tell me this?”

“Mhm.” Broken Flow nodded silently.

Seeing Broken Flow’s response, Singular Burial felt wrathful flames burn within him.

Meanwhile, when Daybreak Fog heard Broken Flow’s response from beside her Guild Leader, she noticed something odd about the Berserker’s behavior. He had contacted the Guild Leader about such a small matter. Did he think that leading a Guild was a leisurely job?

But before Singular Burial could reprimand Broken Flow, the Berserker shared a battle video in the video chat.

“Guild Leader, I was killed by an expert party from Zero Wing. I don’t know how it’s possible, but five of the six party members were Refinement Realm experts. Moreover, their Basic Attributes are extremely high. They were even higher than mine…” Broken Flow explained.

“Zero Wing still has five Refinement Realm experts we don’t know about?! How?!” Singular Burial and Daybreak Fog denied Broken Flow’s claims almost simultaneously.

Only one out of several hundred players in God’s Domain could reach the Trial Tower’s fifth floor. Among these experts, very few could overcome their limits, achieving extreme control of their bodies and entering the Refinement Realm.

Refinement Realm experts were practically VIPs in first-rate Guilds right now. Even Super Guilds struggled to nurture such experts. Whenever a new player reached the Refinement Realm, the various superpowers rushed to recruit them.

Yet, Zero Wing had introduced five such Refinement Realm experts to the battlefield.

No matter how Singular Burial and Daybreak Fog looked at it, Broken Flow’s claim sounded more like fantasy than reality.

However, by the time they finished watching the battle video, their expressions had turned grim.

Indeed, as Broken Flow had said, every one of the five melee players from Zero Wing was slightly stronger than the Berserker. If five such expert formed a party, said party would wield terrifying killing power. Throughout Heaven’s Burial, only Lei Jingyang’s forces could likely stand against such a party.

As Singular Burial was about to say something, Lightning Blade, the Chief MT of Heaven’s Burial’s main force, contacted him as well.

“Guild Leader, look at this video! Not long ago, I encountered an expert party from Zero Wing with five Refinement Realm experts! My team was no match for them, and in the end, only a few of my brothers and I managed to escape. We need to notify everyone right away and tell them to be careful of this 6-man party!” Lightning Blade urgently reported.

As they listened to Lightning Blade’s report, Singular Burial and Daybreak Fog’s expressions darkened further. A trace of shock flashed in their eyes.

“What is going on?” Singular Burial was even more confused after watching the battle video Lightning Blade had sent.

Daybreak Fog struggled to comprehend the situation, as well.

Both Broken Flow and Lightning Blade led 100-man expert teams, but their teams operated in different maps. Although the Refinement Realm experts Broken Flow and Lightning Blade had encountered wore Black Cloaks, they hadn’t bothered to hide their appearances. The Refinement Realm experts in each party were also different classes. It was certain that Broken Flow and Lightning Blade had encountered different Zero Wing parties.

This proved that Zero Wing had gained an additional ten Refinement Realm experts. If these experts were split and assigned to 100-man teams, they would pose a huge threat to Heaven’s Burial’s teams.

But as Singular Burial tried to think of a countermeasure for these new Refinement Realm experts, the other commanders began to report back. All of these commanders reported the same situation that Broken Flow and Lightning Blade had encountered.

Every one of these commanders mentioned a six-man party from Zero Wing consisting of five Refinement Realm experts…