Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1607 - Difference in Teams

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Chapter 1607 – Difference in Teams

For a time after Broken Flow’s death, Heaven’s Burial’s members were at a loss of what to do.

However, Infant Tiger and his party members had no intentions of giving their enemies time to react. They immediately charged into the enemy ranks.

They crossed the 30 yards to their targets in a few short seconds.

Upon reaching the enemy frontline, the Shield Warrior and Guardian Knight slammed their shields into the enemy melee players, crumbling the battle formation. Meanwhile, Infant Tiger and the other two Berserkers nimbly weaved their way into the enemy lines before executing Whirlwind Slash.

Three powerful tornadoes instantly engulfed Heaven’s Burial’s members. Not only did the attacks push these players back, but they also lost a significant chunk of their HPs. Following which, the Berserker trio approached the nearest enemies and finished off their weakened foes.

In the blink of an eye, several members of Heaven’s Burial’s team died.

“They’re trying to break out of the encirclement! Kill them!”

Finally, some of Heaven’s Burial’s members reacted, moving to intercept Infant Tiger and his friends. Those with Berserk Skills promptly activated them as the healers and ranged DPS channeled and executed one Spell and Skill after another.

However, Infant Tiger and the others paid the healers and ranged DPS no mind as they ruthlessly targeted players without Berserk Skills. With an overwhelming advantage in Basic Attributes and superior combat standards, they finished their targets off easily. Even half-HP MTs fell after two or three attacks.

By the time Heaven’s Burial’s healers had launched their Healing Spells, their team had suffered over a dozen casualties. Moreover, the majority of the players that had died were MTs. In contrast, Zero Wing’s five melee players were mostly unharmed despite being surrounded by so many melee players. They only suffered superficial damage.

When the ranged DPS’s attacks finally reached them, not only did Infant Tiger and his companions seamlessly evade the attacks as if they had long predicted the trajectories, but they also used some of Heaven’s Burial’s members as human shields.

Although Heaven’s Burial’s healers did their best to keep their allies alive, Infant Tiger and the other two Berserkers’ Attack Power was simply overwhelming. Every one of the five melee players’ attacks dealt over -10,000 damage if not blocked in time. Furthermore, the three Berserkers were capable of launching multiple attacks per second.

Elsewhere on the battlefield, although Heaven’s Burial’s members attempted to kill Zero Wing’s lone healer, Zero Wing’s two MTs had already moved to protect their comrade. Even when over a dozen melee players tried to corner the healer, Zero Wing’s MTs easily repelled them all. In the end, they could only watch as the healer maintained Infant Tiger and the other Zero Wing Berserkers’ HP as the human meat grinders slaughtered their allies.

As time passed, Heaven’s Burial’s 100-man team continued to lose members. In the face of Infant Tiger and the other four melee players from Zero Wing, Heaven’s Burial’s numerous experts were a joke.

“Just who are these people?”

“When did Zero Wing find such experts?”

The more Heaven’s Burial’s members fought, the more frightened they became. At this point, the difference in both sides’ strength was clear for all to see.

No matter what kind of attacks they used, Infant Tiger and his companions effortlessly dodged or blocked them. In contrast, the Zero Wing Berserkers’ attacks always slipped past their defenses, landing direct hits and causing significant amounts of damage.

And the more Infant Tiger and the others fought, the more familiar they became with the battle array.

The battle array was too strong!

Once they activated the battle array, they basically had a 360-degree view of their surroundings as long as they maintained proper positioning. Moreover, their improved physiques made it easy to cope with incoming attacks. In their eyes, Heaven’s Burial’s members were little more than children waving toy weapons. They had no problems predicting their enemies attacks.

They finally understood how God’s Domain’s peak experts were so powerful. The hadn’t understood where the difference lay between them and these experts in the past, but now, they saw it clearly. They had to admit that being able to see everything around them and having control of their environment was intoxicating.

It was no wonder why Shi Feng had taken responsibility for their deaths.

With this improved perception and control, they would be utter fools if they let a bunch of ordinary experts kill them. Only top-tier experts and peak experts with superior strength and techniques had any hope of defeating them.

After three short minutes, only 20 players remained of Heaven’s Burial’s 100-man team. The survivors were fear-stricken as they stared at Infant Tiger and the other Zero Wing members. They felt as if these people before them were demons that had crawled up from hell, not players.

Despite the cooperation of over 60 of their Guild’s experts, they had done nothing to Infant Tiger’s 6-man party. In fact, they hadn’t even dropped their enemies’ HPs to below 50% throughout this fight.

Meanwhile, when Infant Tiger and the others saw the corpses strewn across the ground, they couldn’t help but feel a little proud.

They had dreamed of defeating a 20-man expert team from Heaven’s Burial, yet they had slain several times that.


“Run away!”

Suddenly, the only thought Heaven’s Burial’s members had was of escape. Without hesitation, they turned and fled.

Even with over 60 Guild experts, they hadn’t been able to do anything to Infant Tiger and his team. Now that they only had a bunch of elite members remaining, they were even less of a match for Zero Wing’s party. They’d only throw themselves into the jaws of death if they continued to fight. If they died, they lose a level and a piece of equipment. Although the Guild would offer compensation, it’d be far from enough to cover their loses.

“Don’t think that you can get away so easily!” Infant Tiger and the others chased after their fleeing enemies.

With the massive difference in Basic Attributes, Heaven’s Burial’s members couldn’t escape Infant Tiger and his companion’s pursuit even if they spread out as they ran. After another short moment, Heaven’s Burial’s 100-man team had been utterly annihilated…

Meanwhile, as War Barriers activated in the four high-resource maps Zero Wing’s members occupied, panic ensued among the unrelated players in the maps. They all pulled up the official forums to discuss the matter.

“What’s going on? Why aren’t Return Scrolls working in the Grieving Swamp all of a sudden?”

“This must be Heaven’s Burial’s doing. I’ve heard that Heaven’s Burial is going all-out to hunt Zero Wing’s members. The Guild has already dispatched over 8,000 expert members, not to mention the elites.”

“It seems Heaven’s Burial is finally getting serious! With 8,000 experts, they’ll have no issues eliminating Zero Wing!”

“Crap! They’re really fighting each other! There’s a fight between Heaven’s Burial and Zero Wing’s teams not too far from me right now! Heaven’s Burial’s 100-man team is amazing! It’s completely overwhelming Zero Wing’s 100-man team!”

The public had become interested in Heaven’s Burial’s hunt. No one had expected the Guild to dispatch 8,000 experts to slaughter Zero Wing’s members. Even a first-rate Guild could, at most, field 3,000 experts. After all, the requirements to be considered an expert player in God’s Domain had become stricter than ever before. In the past, players would be considered experts once they reached the Trial Tower’s fourth floor, but now, players had to reach the fifth floor. Some stricter Guilds even required their experts to reach the fifth floor’s middle stage.

Yet, Heaven’s Burial had nearly three times more experts than a first-rate Guild…

“Guild Leader, we’ve received a casualty report from Star-Moon Kingdom,” Daybreak Fog suddenly approached Singular Burial, who commanded the battle before them. Quietly, she said, “Thus far, we’ve killed 1,809 Zero Wing members.”

“That many? Didn’t the battle start less than half an hour ago?” Singular Burial nodded, satisfied, upon hearing the report. “What about our casualties?”

Although the direct attacks were far more costly, they could deal a more severe blow to their enemy.

Hearing Singular Burial’s question, Daybreak Fog’s expression darkened as she hesitated.

“Has something happened?” When Singular Burial saw Daybreak Fog’s reaction, apprehension welled within him.

“We’ve lost 3,237 members thus far. Among them, 923 are expert players,” Daybreak Fog said.

“How is that possible?” Singular Burial was dumbfounded when he heard these numbers. Immediately, he demanded, “What happened over there?”

They had sent over 8,000 experts over to Star-Moon Kingdom, and Zero Wing only had around 2,000 experts. Even if Fire Dance and Zero Wing’s other peak and top-tier experts took action, they could never make up for the massive difference.