Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1605 - Battle Array Activate

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Chapter 1605 – Battle Array Activate

In less than two minutes, Broken Flow’s team found a 6-man party of cloaked players walking along a small forest path. All six players wore Zero Wing’s Guild Emblem.

“Go! Don’t let any of them escape!” Broken Flow shouted in the team chat as soon as he laid eyes on the six Zero Wing members.

Immediately, Broken Flow’s 100-man team spread out, swiftly encircling Zero Wing’s party and cutting off any escape route.

“Heaven’s Burial?” The six Zero Wing members readied their weapons as they were surrounded.

“You guys sure are unlucky to attract my attention!” Broken Flow grinned at the six cloaked players. Immediately, he removed the Level 45 Dark-Gold greatsword from his back and approached the six at a leisurely pace. At the same time, he pulled a potion from his bag and drank it. He then commanded, “Everyone, guard the area. Make sure no one escapes. I want to take proper care of these Zero Wing members.”

When Heaven’s Burial’s members heard Broken Flow’s command, they couldn’t help their growing excitement and anticipation.

“These players sure are unlucky. It seems like the commander wants to finish them off personally.”

“The last time the commander took action, he even gave an expert party from a first-rate Guild a miserable beating. Not only were those experts powerless to fight back, but the commander also forced them to lose multiple pieces of equipment.”

“I wonder if we’ll get to witness the commander’s trademark combat technique again.”

“Hopefully these Zero Wing members aren’t too weak and can put up a good fight. Otherwise, we won’t get a share of the loot.”

Heaven’s Burial’s members laughed as they ridiculed the trapped Zero Wing members.

The Guild had already declared that, during this hunt, not only would they earn GCPs for killing Zero Wing members, but they also got to keep whatever loot dropped from their kills.

Although Zero Wing’s members had been ambushed countless times, the Guild’s experts had suffered minimal losses. Most of these experts still had their top-tier equipment. Even if the equipment they obtained wasn’t suitable for their class, they could still sell the items and make a fortune.

Despite the high demand for top-tier equipment, there was practically no supply. When ordinary players obtained a piece of top-tier equipment, they usually didn’t sell it for Coins even if they couldn’t use it themselves. Rather, most players tried to trade one piece of equipment for another that they could use.

Now that they had come across six Zero Wing experts, this was a golden opportunity to walk away with massive profit.

Of course, Broken Flow didn’t care about the equipment. Rather, he wanted to relieve some stress. Broken Flow had previously been defeated in a fight with Zero Wing’s top-tier experts, and he had been waiting to restore his reputation for some time. Now, however, the Guild had forbidden its members from fighting Zero Wing’s top-tier experts. Naturally, Broken Flow was annoyed.

However, killing Zero Wing’s elite members was boring. Only Zero Wing’s experts could pique Broken Flow’s interest.

“You don’t have to worry. Without my command, they won’t move,” Broken Flow told the six players from Zero Wing, who watched their surroundings warily. With a calm smile, he continued, “If you want to leave this place alive, there’s only one way to do it; defeat me. I don’t mind if you come at me one by one or all together, but I advise you not to attempt an escape. My team includes over 60 experts from Heaven’s Burial. If we attack as one, none of you will survive.

“If you don’t have any problems, let’s begin!”

After saying so, Broken Flow continued towards the 6-man party before him. His lax attitude proved that he didn’t view the six experts before him as proper opponents whatsoever.

“Tiger, what should we do?” the Cleric from Zero Wing asked the robust youth in front of the party in a hushed tone. “We’re too outnumbered. There’s no way we can break through this encirclement.”

“It seems we have no choice but to fight this Broken Flow fellow.” Infant Tiger, the party’s leader, realized they their situation had taken a turn for the worst. They might not have had an issue if they’d come across an ordinary expert team, but he hadn’t expected them to encounter a team lead by one of Heaven’s Burial’s top-tier experts. “In a moment, I’ll distract him while you guys find an opportunity to strike. Don’t worry about hitting me.”

When the other members heard Infant Tiger’s plan, they nodded silently. Their leader’s decision didn’t surprise any of them.

Although they were strong, there was a considerable gap in strength between them and Broken Flow. Only the Guild’s core members, like Ye Wumian and Minor Wind, could go toe-to-toe with such an expert.

However, Broken Flow did not give Zero Wing’s party much time to consider their options. Once he was within 30 yards of the party, he abruptly accelerated and pounced like a ferocious tiger as it was freed from its cage.

Broken Flow saw no value in Zero Wing’s ordinary experts. He currently wore Level 45 Dark-Gold Set Equipment and wielded a Level 45 Dark-Gold greatsword; with his equipment standards, he’d even rank among the top in a Super Guild. As for his techniques, he had reached the Refinement Realm some time ago. He’d be a mainstay in any major Guild.

If not for Singular Burial’s prohibition, he’d even challenge Zero Wing’s peak experts like Fire Dance and Aqua Rose.

So fast!

Broken Flow’s speed caught Zero Wing’s members off guard. By the time they reacted, Broken Flow was already within ten yards.

In the blink of an eye, Broken Flow circled around Infant Tiger, who stood at the forefront of the party, and swung his greatsword. As his greatsword soared towards the enemy Berserker, it split into three copies that struck from different angles.

Combat technique, Trishadow Interception!

Just as Broken Flow’s three sword lights were about to bite into Infant Tiger…

Infant Tiger, who was at his wit’s end, decisively activated the Basic Strength Battle Array. Immediately, the Mana around Infant Tiger and the other four melee players in the Conqueror’s Armor went berserk. The five melee players felt as if their minds connected, their senses expanding in a way they had never before experienced.

Despite Broken Flow’s sword lights targeting his blind spots, Infant Tiger saw all three clearly. Suddenly, Infant Tiger turned and sidestepped, miraculously evading all three attacks.

Without even turning to look at Broken Flow, Infant Tiger swung his own blade, sending an arc of silver slicing through Broken Flow’s side.

Broken Flow panicked. Since his attacks had missed, his stance was off balance, and his defense was riddled with holes. Instinctively, he activated Whirlwind Slash and rotated his body despite his awkward stance.


When the two greatswords collided, brilliant sparks surrounded the fighters. Due to the impact, Broken Flow was forced back two steps. Infant Tiger, however, hadn’t moved. The difference between the Berserkers’ Strengths was obvious.

When Heaven’s Burial’s members saw this, they were dumbfounded.

They had never thought that their commander would be at a disadvantage against an ordinary expert…

As for Broken Flow himself, he stared at Infant Tiger with a grim expression.

Although he had only exchanged two moves with the enemy Berserker, he realized that not only was Infant Tiger’s Strength higher than his, but the enemy’s combat standards were also extraordinary. No ordinary expert could evade his three accurate and fast attacks.

However, the situation also confused Broken Flow. When did Zero Wing obtain an expert Berserker as powerful as he was?

“Who are you?” Broken Flow shouted at Infant Tiger.