Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1601 - Recasting the Disintegration Armor

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Chapter 1601 – Recasting the Disintegration Armor

With Shi Feng’s permission, Seliora looked at the Disintegration Armor before her and smiled. She then stretched out her hand and grabbed the armor directly.

The Disintegration Armor’s frightening Disintegration Power could destroy even a table made out of Fire Essence Stone. Yet, now, the armor had no effect on Seliora’s gloved hand whatsoever.

Amazing! Sure enough, a Grandmaster Forger really is an extraordinary existence.Shi Feng was indescribably shocked as he looked at the leather gloves Seliora wore.

The fact that the gloves remained unaffected by the Disintegration Power the Disintegration Armor radiated could only mean that the pair of gloves was Legendary Equipment. In God’s Domain, Legendary items were likewise items that NPCs could obtain only by chance.

Even among Tier 4 NPCs, very few of them would have a Legendary item. Meanwhile, those who did were no doubt powerful individuals in kingdoms and empires.

Moreover, Seliora did not have just one Legendary item.

When the Disintegration Power tried spreading to Seliora’s body, a layer of invisible power blocked it abruptly.

Meanwhile, the only possibility Shi Feng could think of to explain such a phenomenon was that the leather armor Seliora wore was also Legendary rank.

Two Legendary items…

In the past, even players who obtained only one Legendary item could challenge opponents of a higher tier. Meanwhile, players that managed to acquire two Legendary items had been as rare as a phoenix’s feather in God’s Domain, and every one of them was a Tier 6 God-ranked player.

Just as Shi Feng was admiring the Legendary items on Seliora, the latter picked up the Disintegration Armor and placed it in the heart of the magic array protecting the smithy. She then began drawing runes and chanting an incantation.

Following which, line after line of divine runes flew rapidly to surround the Disintegration Armor. After just a short moment, hundreds of lines of divine runes encircled the Disintegration Armor. These runes then transformed into magic arrays. In the blink of an eye, a fivefold magic array formed around the Disintegration Armor.

The frightening pressure that the fivefold magic array radiated made even Shi Feng extremely uncomfortable.

When the fivefold magic array’s formation was complete, the magic array thoroughly suppressed the Disintegration Power the Disintegration Armor was leaking. Seeing this, Seliora took out a crystal, which glowed with a golden hue, and inserted it into the fivefold magic array.


The moment the golden crystal came into contact with the magic array, the entire magic array ignited with dazzling, golden flames. Unlike ordinary flames, these golden flames gave off a sacred and gentle feeling.

Meanwhile, the Disintegration Armor trapped inside the magic array started transforming. The incomparably tough materials making up the armor turned bright red and even showed signs of melting.

What?! This is Sacred Fire! Shi Feng could not help but gape in shock when he saw the golden flames.

Sacred Fire was something he had only seen depicted in the ancient texts of God’s Domain. This kind of flame was known as a refining treasure. However, Sacred Fire did not exist naturally in the continent of God’s Domain. It only occurred in certain special spaces. Aside from Ancient Gods, nobody else could truly control it.

Meanwhile, the Sacred Fires that could be found in God’s Domain were all sealed in special crystals left behind by the Ancient Gods and could be used only once. Even so, Sacred Fire was still a flame countless forgers dreamed of obtaining.

It was fervently sought after because this flame was the best flame for forging Legendary items.

In Shi Feng’s previous life, a crystal-encased Sacred Fire had appeared in the Blackwing Auction House. Back then, many wealthy players and NPCs had contested over the item. In the end, though, the Super Guild Battle Wolves had purchased it for an astronomical price of 310,000 Gold, shocking the entire God’s Domain.

Back then, many superpowers had ridiculed the Battle Wolves for being foolish. After all, the Super Guild had spent 310,000 Gold for a one-time use item, which was a massive expenditure even for a Super Guild.

However, in the end, one had to admit that it had been money well spent. Using the Sacred Fire, the Grandmaster Forger working for the Battle Wolves had created a Legendary item. Although its performance was below average, it was still a Legendary item at the very least; Fragmented Legendary items could not compare to it.

This outcome had also further whetted the various superpowers’ desire for Sacred Fire.

Shi Feng had never imagined that Seliora had actually managed to get her hands on a Sacred Fire. Moreover, she even used it on the Disintegration Armor without asking for payment. If he was required to cover the cost, even if he sold himself now, he wouldn’t be able to gather enough money.

While Shi Feng was lost in his thoughts, the Disintegration Armor inside the fivefold magic array had turned white-hot.

Meanwhile, Seliora started writing another series of divine runes and merging them into the Disintegration Armor. Despite Shi Feng having a certain level of understanding of divine runes, his mind was a complete blank when he looked at the divine runes Seliora wrote.

Five minutes later, the white-hot Disintegration Armor was covered entirely in golden runes. At this moment, Seliora stopped writing divine runes and breathed out a sigh of relief. Although her face was visibly tired, her eyes glowed with excitement.

“Good! Now is the time! Use your blood to establish a contract!” Seliora suddenly shouted to Shi Feng.

As soon as Seliora said these words, a system notification entered his ears.

System: Do you wish to establish a blood contract and permanently contribute 200 points of every Basic Attribute to the Disintegration Armor?

Two hundred points of every Basic Attribute? Shi Feng could not help being shocked as he looked at the system notification.

Permanently losing 200 points in every Basic Attribute was equivalent to losing 1,000 Attribute Points. Losing so many Attribute Points was no laughing matter. If an ordinary expert were placed in such a situation, their accounts would be crippled instantly. Even Shi Feng would have great difficulty making up for such a loss.

Shi Feng had never expected the price of the Disintegration Armor to be so huge.

System: You have five seconds remaining to make a decision. If you refuse, you will not have another chance in the future.

“Alright, I agree!” Shi Feng declared while clicking “Agree.”

Just like the system had stated, this was an opportunity for him. If he rejected it, who knew when he would gain another chance to obtain a Legendary item in the future? Moreover, the Disintegration Armor was top-notch even among Legendary items.

In comparison, 1,000 Attribute Points was indeed an insignificant price to pay.

Only, some of the advantages he had accumulated thus far would disappear as a result of this decision.

After Shi Feng clicked “Agree,” a blood-red magic array appeared before him. He then placed both his hands on the magic array without hesitation.

He felt power leaving his body right away.

At the same time, blood-red magic circuits appeared on the surface of the Disintegration Armor. Once these magic circuits covered the entire Disintegration Armor, the armor released a pulse, as if it had just gained life.

This pulse of power instantly shattered the fivefold magic array. In the next moment, Shi Feng felt an even more frightening aura coming from the Disintegration Armor.

However, unlike before, the aura the Disintegration Armor exuded this time did not affect Shi Feng whatsoever. On the contrary, he felt a sense of intimacy in this aura—as if the Disintegration Armor was an extension of himself.

Meanwhile, as the Disintegration Armor’s aura calmed down, another system notification entered Shi Feng’s ears.

System: Congratulations! You have completed the “Recast the Disintegration Armor” quest. Rewarding 20 Legacy Skill Points, 100,000 Free Skill Proficiency Points, 100 Free Mastery Points, 50 Humanity Reputation Points, two Level increases, and the “Disintegration User” title.