Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1600 - Legendary Armor's Power

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Chapter 1600 – Legendary Armor’s Power

The Disintegration Armor’s existence was giving Shi Feng a huge headache right now.

As he was no longer at the World Summit, the Disintegration Armor’s Disintegration Power was not being suppressed anymore. Meanwhile, with the dispelling of a portion of the evil power, the Disintegration Power leaking from the Disintegration Armor had intensified.

As a result, the Disintegration Power, which initially suppressed his Basic Attributes by only 50%, now suppressed them by 60%. He didn’t dare to recklessly remove the evil power suppressing the Disintegration Armor any further. After all, if he removed the evil power entirely, the suppression on him might become even stronger. If that happened, he would definitely be doomed.

Hence, as a precaution, he decided to meet with Seliora first before doing anything else to the Disintegration Armor.

Upon arriving at Seliora’s smithy, things were just as usual. There were no guests before the cozy wooden house. Only the clangor of hammering came from it. There was nothing unusual about this place whatsoever.

However, when Shi Feng stepped into the smithy, it was as if he had entered an entirely different world. The Mana density inside the smithy was far superior to even that of Zero Wing City. Meanwhile, at this moment, Seliora stood before a furnace smelting materials.

Upon seeing Seliora’s actions, Shi Feng had to admit that a Grandmaster Forger was indeed different from a Master Forger. Master Forgers would normally use only flames when smelting and refining materials. However, Seliora was actually controlling a threefold magic array to imbue an oceanic amount of Mana into her materials first before refining them using flames, which boosted the quality of her materials.

Meanwhile, upon sensing Shi Feng’s entry into the smithy, Seliora sent him a glance. Although Seliora herself was not a combat-specialized NPC, Shi Feng still felt as if Seliora saw through his soul when she looked at him.

“It seems you managed to find some God’s Power to remove that evil power while you were gone. It’s a pity that the God’s Power you acquired was too little to completely remove that evil power,” Seliora said, shaking her head as she looked at Shi Feng. She then demanded, “Well, out with it. What are you here for? If you’re looking for a method to suppress that Disintegration Power of yours, I don’t have any solutions. Right now, the only thing you can do is gather enough God’s Power and remove that evil power as soon as possible. Otherwise, the Disintegration Armor will only lure even more Orcs to you. Soon, it won’t even matter if you’re hiding inside a city, as those Orcs would do anything to satisfy their greed for the Disintegration Power.”

If things drag on for too long, even NPC cities won’t be able to stop the Orcs? Shi Feng could not help but be shocked when he heard Seliora’s words.

He had never thought that removing a portion of the evil power suppressing the Disintegration Armor would have such frightening effects.

If what Seliora said was true, then he really wouldn’t have any place he could hide in the future.

“Lady Seliora, do you mean that if I manage to gather sufficient God’s Power, I’ll be able to break free of my current predicament?” Shi Feng asked curiously.

Previously, the reason why he chose to deal with the problem regarding the Disintegration Armor quickly was the armor serving as a beacon that lured Mutated Orcs to him. This situation prevented him from taking action out in the fields freely.

If he could not deal with this problem, he wouldn’t be able to do anything at all in the future.

“That should be the case. After all, the only reason the Disintegration Armor is leaking Disintegration Power is the loss of its channeling abilities. If the materials making up the Disintegration Armor recover, they should be able to control this Disintegration Power,” Seliora said, a hint of uncertainty in her tone.

Upon hearing Seliora’s explanation, Shi Feng breathed out a sigh of relief. He then took out the Disintegration Armor and had it absorb the God Crystals inside his bag.

The Advanced God Crystal and the Basic God Crystal there shattered and transformed into streams of golden mist that flowed into the Disintegration Armor.

When the golden mist suffused the Disintegration Armor, streams of pitch-black energy started flowing out of the armor. When Seliora saw this pitch-black energy corroding its surroundings, she could not help but be surprised and hurriedly activated the magic array set up inside her house.

The magic array immediately started suppressing the pitch-black energy, nullifying its corrosive capabilities.

Although the pitch-black energy’s corrosive capabilities were suppressed, the energy itself showed no signs of disappearing. Instead, it actually started condensing. After five seconds passed, the mist-like energy transformed into a pitch-black energy bead that hovered quietly in midair, releasing a terrifying aura.

What is this thing? Shi Feng was indescribably shocked as he looked at the pitch-black energy bead before him.

The aura the bead radiated made him feel as if a gigantic beast had just opened its bloody maw before him. At this moment, he could not even move his body in the slightest and could only look helplessly at the energy bead.

Aside from the pitch-black energy bead, a change had also occurred to the Disintegration Armor, which he had placed on the table. As if the armor itself had gained life, Shi Feng could clearly feel a surge of vitality from it. Rather than an inanimate object, the Disintegration Armor before him felt like it was some kind of lifeform, instead.

As the evil power no longer tainted the Disintegration Armor, the magic circuits covering the surface of the armor released a dazzling glow. Aside from the house becoming brightly lit, the Mana inside the house had also frozen. Shi Feng could not sense the slightest flow of Mana whatsoever right now.

However, this situation persisted for only a few short seconds, after which the entire house returned to its normal state. As for the Disintegration Armor, it was as if the armor had just received a complete makeover. Both the armor’s external appearance and aura had changed significantly. Despite the armor merely sitting atop the stone table, it radiated a power that made even Shi Feng’s soul shudder in fear. In fact, the stone table the Disintegration Armor sat on had even started disintegrating, unable to withstand the armor’s power.

So, this is the Disintegration Armor’s original power? Shi Feng was at a loss for words as he looked at the stone table decomposing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

It should be known that Seliora was a bona fide Grandmaster Forger.

Although the furniture placed inside her house appeared normal, in reality, that was far from the case. In fact, even the stone table before him had an extraordinary origin. From what Shi Feng could tell, the table should be made of Fire Essence Stone. Not only was Fire Essence Stone incomparably tough, but it was also one of the top-tier Magic Resistance materials in God’s Domain. Yet, now, it actually couldn’t withstand the Disintegration Armor’s power despite the armor being in a passive state right now. This was simply inconceivable.

However, before the stone table could fully disintegrate, Seliora quickly made her move, line after line of divine runes appearing before her. A moment later, a fourfold magic array formed around the Disintegration Armor.

With the appearance of the magic array, the stone table stopped disintegrating. However, the magic array continuously produced crackling sounds, a sign that it couldn’t withstand the Disintegration Armor’s power, either.

“Amazing! Truly amazing! Even a fourfold Void Magic Array isn’t able to contain this thing! As expected of a mythical artifact created by the Great Orc Emperor!” Seliora’s eyes glowed as she looked at her crumbling magic array. At this moment, it was as if her eyes had just been opened to a whole new world.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng was quite shocked as he looked at the disintegrating fourfold magic array.

A fourfold magic array!

That was a magic array that even Mythic monsters could not destroy. Yet, a piece of equipment in its passive state was destroying such a magic array. It was no wonder the Disintegration Set was considered as one of the Nine Great Legendary Sets in God’s Domain.

Despite the Disintegration Armor being damaged, it still possessed such frightening capabilities. One could just imagine how powerful the Founding Emperor of the Orc Empire was when he wore the complete Disintegration Set. Based on this, the legends of the Founding Emperor fighting against Gods were not exaggerations at all.

“I don’t have the ability to suppress the power this Disintegration Armor is releasing. Do you wish to take this armor away, or let me recast it for you right now?” Seliora asked, smiling as she looked at Shi Feng.

Take it away? Shi Feng smiled bitterly. If Seliora couldn’t suppress the Disintegration Armor’s power, he would be a fool if he thought even for a second that he could. He immediately replied, “I’ll have to trouble Lady Seliora, then.”