Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1598 - Exterminate Heaven’s Burial

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Chapter 1598 – Exterminate Heaven’s Burial

Star-Moon Kingdom, Pyroxene Hills:

As one of the many Level 50 maps in Star-Moon Kingdom, it housed plenty of ancient ruins, even if it weren’t particularly resource-rich. Hence, many Guilds and adventurer teams in the kingdom loved to explore the map and its ruins.

The Pyroxene Hills was also home to some rare herbs and ores. Many independent players came to harvest these materials while grinding.

Currently, two groups of players clashed outside one of the Pyroxene Hills’ dilapidated ruins. All of the players were high-leveled, with the lowest at Level 50, and the strongest players at Level 52. One of the two groups wore Heaven’s Burial’s Guild Emblem, while the other players wore Zero Wing’s.

“Amazing! So, this is a team battle between Guilds?”

The players passing by could not help but pause to watch the battle. They were captivated.

Compared to the PvP battles between independent players they had seen before, this battle was on a level of its own.

When independent teams clashed, the fight usually involved a dozen players or so, most of which focused on their own fights. It was more apt to call these battles free-for-alls, rather than team battles. There was no coordination between any of the players. Normally, a single expert could change the course of the skirmish.

However, battles between Guild teams were a different story. These battles were akin to wars on ancient battlefields. Each team had clear leadership, and Guild teams focused on coordination among team members, seeking the enemy’s weak points to strike. In such battles, individual experts had very little effect on the outcome.

For a time, Heaven’s Burial and Zero Wing’s members fought. Spells and arrows flew across the battlefield as the healers in the back desperately cast one Healing Spell after another.

However, as the battle drug on, Zero Wing’s frontline melee players began to fall.

Despite starting with the same number of players, Heaven’s Burial clearly had the advantage due to its frightening number of experts.

Generally, five or six expert players would lead a 100-man Guild elite team.

Yet, Heaven’s Burial’s elite team had more than 30 experts. In contrast, Zero Wing’s team only had 15. Not only were expert players stronger than elites individually, but they also had better coordination, and they could easily find their opponents weak points.

As one player from Zero Wing fell after another, the battle became more one-sided. In the end, Zero Wing’s team was forced to retreat.

Unfortunately, Heaven’s Burial’s players clearly had no intention of letting their enemies get away as they chased after the fleeing players. Although Heaven’s Burial suffered around 20 casualties, the team had annihilated the players from Zero Wing.

“Leader, Zero Wing’s members are a bunch of weaklings. Had the Guild Leader given the command to attack earlier, Heaven’s Burial would’ve long since dominated Star-Moon Kingdom.”

“That’s right! Even if Zero Wing is powerful, it can only strut before first-rate Guilds. It’s nothing to Heaven’s Burial!”

The players from Heaven’s Burial laughed as they admired the weapons and equipment scattered across the ground.

Zero Wing’s time as Star-Moon Kingdom’s overlord was over, and Heaven’s Burial wasn’t the Guild it had been in the past. Now, every aspect of the Guild was formidable. In total, Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater had dispatched over 8,000 experts and spread them across multiple teams to ambush Zero Wing’s members. They had even dispatched top-tier and peak experts.

With so many expert-led teams on the hunt, they would kill any Zero Wing member that dared to show up in the various leveling maps.

Shortly after the team from Heaven’s Burial left, another 20-man team from Zero Wing arrived on the battlefield.

“Damn it! We are too late again!” Shadow Sword cursed as he surveyed the tattered battlefield.

The leveling map he had been tasked to secure was simply too large, and Heaven’s Burial had too many teams in the map. There was a limit to how many players he could save. Sometimes, the enemy ambushed far-away teams, and by the time he arrived, the fight would be over. He couldn’t help but feel powerless.

Moreover, his leveling speed had sharply decreased since he had focused on hunting down Heaven’s Burial’s teams.

“Commander Shadow Sword, we just received a message from Vice Guild Leader Aqua. She wants all members who want to level to gather in these four high-resource maps. She’s also ordered these specific Dark Gods Legion members to gather in White River City’s Guild Residence immediately,” a Level 50 Ranger reported as he handed Shadow Sword a list.

“Gather in these four maps? Is this a joke?” Shadow Sword gaped at the four specified maps.

While it would make defense and reinforcement easier if they gathered their Guild members in a few select areas, the four maps were spread out. Sending their members to these maps was the equivalent of splitting the Guild’s power, making it easier for Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater to slaughter them.

“The Vice Guild Leader has said that this is an order from our Guild Leader.” The Ranger nodded solemnly.

“An order from the Guild Leader?” Hearing this, Shadow Sword was even more confused. “I understand. We’ll head to our assigned map right away. Any Dark Gods Legion members on the list should return to the Guild Residence immediately.”

While Shadow Sword’s team prepared for the trip to another map, Zero Wing’s Guild members, who were scattered across Star-Moon Kingdom, followed the same orders. Naturally, such a massive shift attracted the attention of the kingdom’s various large Guilds.

“What is Zero Wing trying to do?” Daybreak Fog was baffled as she read the latest report a subordinate had sent her.

“Hahaha! Truly foolish! Do they think this will scare us?” Singular Burial chuckled at the report. “Notify our generals and dispatch our forces to these four maps. Tell them to move in 100-man units or less. Do not start any large-scale fights with Zero Wing. I want to see how Black Flame intends to cope with so many teams!”

He had discovered Black Flame’s capabilities long ago. Not only did the man wield large-scale destruction Spells, but he also possessed a large-scale Silencing Skill. In battles involving thousands of players, these abilities worked wonders. Even if Heaven’s Burial won due to its numeric advantage, the Guild would suffer drastically, and that wasn’t something he wished to see.

Had Zero Wing gathered its members in a single map, he wouldn’t have dared to send his Guild members. Of course, he’d be more than happy to see Zero Wing do just that since only so many resources were available in a single map. If every Zero Wing member cowered in one area, even if it were a high-resource map, there wouldn’t be enough resources to go around. Ultimately, it would damage the Guild members’ leveling speed.

However, to ensure that its members could level normally, Zero Wing had split its players across four, high-resource maps that were fairly far from each other. With Zero Wing’s limited number of experts, it could only dispatch a few to protect each area. As long as Heaven’s Burial continued to start small-scale battles, Zero Wing would fail to keep up with the enemy Guild’s numeric advantage. If this drug on, it would only be a matter of time before Zero Wing crumbled.

Meanwhile, in Zero Wing’s Residence in White River City…

One hundred players wearing the core members’ Guild Emblem sat in the Residence’s meeting room. The lowest level among the crowd was Level 50, while the highest had reached Level 52. All of these players could rank among the top regarding levels in any Guild. As for their combat standards, the weakest among them had reached the middle stage of the Trial Tower’s sixth floor, and the most powerful had reached the seventh floor.

None of these players dared to utter a word as they watched the cloaked man before them, reverence and admiration filling their gazes.

This cloaked man was none other than Black Flame, Zero Wing’s Guild Leader and an expert of his own legends.

“Since everyone’s here, let’s get straight to business,” Shi Feng said as he glanced at the players in the room. Once he verified that there were enough players, he continued, “From now on, I have an extremely important task for you, but before carrying it out, you’ll have to sign a confidentiality contract. If you don’t wish to sign, you may leave, and I’ll find a replacement. If you have any questions, ask now.”

“A confidentiality contract?”

“Guild Leader, can you tell us what kind of task we’ll be doing?”

Everyone stirred for a moment when they heard Shi Feng mention a confidentiality contract. They were all profoundly curious about what Shi Feng had in store for them, and not a single player among the crowd showed any signs of abstaining from the challenge.

“I’m sure you are all aware that Heaven’s Burial has caused our Guild quite a bit of trouble lately. The task I have for you is very simple; you’ll annihilate Heaven’s Burial!”