Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1597 - Improved Conqueror’s Armor

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Chapter 1597 – Improved Conqueror’s Armor

Despite being a Master Forger, Shi Feng didn’t have a particularly high success rate with forging the Conqueror’s Armor.

Although God’s Domain had plenty of support tools, these tools would become less effective with more complex items. In fact, most support tools were nullified when producing an Epic item. Only a small number of support tools could help a player craft an Epic item.

Shi Feng hadn’t expected, despite having barely over a 30% success rate, he would actually forge a successful Conqueror’s Armor on his first try. Moreover, he had triggered the Blacksteel Insignia’s strengthening effect.

After gazing at the armor for a moment, Shi Feng clicked to inspect its Attributes.

Immediately, the system analyzed the Conqueror’s Armor’s statistics.

System: Blacksteel Insignia’s effect triggered; Attributes increased.

System: Conqueror’s Armor has been forged successfully. Forging Proficiency increased by 4 points. Obtained 3,000,000 EXP.

[Conqueror’s Armor] (Chest Piece, Plate Armor, Fine-Gold Rank)

Level 50

Equipment Requirement: Strength 730 and Agility 730

Defense +2,350

Strength +75, Endurance +84, Agility +72

Additional Passive Skill-

Life Sacrifice: The wearer will receive more power as their HP decreases to a maximum of 15% Strength and 25% Attack Speed.

Additional Active Skill-

Basic Strength Battle Array: Activation requires five or more players wearing the Conqueror’s Armor. Upon activation, wearer’s Strength increases by 25%, Agility by 15%, Endurance by 15% and physique by 10%. Grants Basic Perception Sharing buff. Stamina and Concentration consumption rates increase by 400%. Maintaining the battle array costs one Magic Crystal every five minutes.

The Blacksteel Insignia is really quite amazing. Not only did it improve the armor’s Basic Attributes, but it also boosted one of the armor’s Skills slightly. Although this Conqueror’s Armor still is not a match for Level 50 Dark-Equipment individually, it is not far from it. Shi Feng was delighted as he read the Conqueror’s Armor’s Attributes.

Level 50 was a major turning point in God’s Domain.

Top-tier equipment past this level would become incredibly difficult to obtain. Even Level 50, 100-man Team Dungeons only dropped Level 50 Fine-Gold Equipment and Set Equipment at best. Generally, players could only obtain Level 50 Dark-Gold Equipment from super-large-scale Team Dungeons.

On its own, the improved Conqueror’s Armor was only slightly less valuable than a piece of Epic Equipment of the same level, but if he had five pieces of the improved version of this armor, each piece would be worth as much as a piece of ordinary Epic Equipment.

Unlike the improved Conqueror’s Armor, Epic Equipment only provided powerful boosts to Basic Attributes and a few powerful Skills. On the other hand, the Conqueror’s Armor’s Basic Strength Battle Array could improve players’ combat standards as well as Basic Attributes and physique. The only flaw was the armor’s level limit. At best, players could use the armor until Level 60. Most Epic Equipment, in contrast, could be used past Level 100.

Gazing at the improved Conqueror’s Armor before him, Shi Feng’s passion to forge the armor ignited.

If he could mass-produce the Conqueror’s Armor and equip a 1,000-man legion, the result would be mind-blowing.

If he geared a legion of 1,000 expert players in the Conqueror’s Armor, he’d have a legion of Refinement Realm experts instantly!

Such a legion would be unstoppable on the battlefield.

He’d even dare to challenge a true super-first-rate Guild head-on with such a force, not to mention Heaven’s Burial.

Dreaming of such a powerful legion, Shi Feng continued to forge one Conqueror’s Armor after another, not resting for a moment.

Since Shi Feng had nearly 100 Advanced Forgers to handle the most time-consuming process—smelting and refining—he could complete each forging attempt in roughly ten minutes. As he became more familiar with the process, he was even able to work faster than that.

Perhaps he had used all of his luck during the first attempt because unfortunately, the next four attempts all failed. In the blink of an eye, he had wasted over 200 Gold in materials. If any other trading firm suffered such a loss, they’d likely halt production immediately, but Shi Feng was unfazed.

If equipment with Basic Battle Arrays were that easy to produce, the various Super Guilds wouldn’t have struggled so much in the past, mass-producing such equipment.

However, as Shi Feng continued his forging attempts, he became increasingly familiar with drawing the crucial Advanced Magic Array. He’d even use Divine Providence to improve his success rate later.

Although Luck was insubstantial, it could, more or less, affect production success rate.

Before Shi Feng had realized it, he had already gone through 300 material sets.

In the end, he had successfully forged 96 pieces of Conqueror’s Armor. His overall success rate was slightly higher than the theoretical success rate the system had given him, and among the 96 chest pieces, Shi Feng had forged another three pieces of improved Conqueror’s Armor, securing a total of four improved chest pieces.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng’s experience bar had risen steadily due to his diligent work to craft the Conqueror’s Armor. His leveling speed was three to four times faster than God’s Domain’s other peak experts.

Although his leveling speed was impressive, there likely wasn’t another player in God’s Domain who would dare to replicate Shi Feng’s leveling method. The 300 material sets Shi Feng had used were worth 15,000 Gold in total, and this was only the current market value. Players would likely have to pay far more than that if they tried to purchase the materials in bulk.

As Shi Feng was about to use up the remaining two dozen or so material sets, Aqua Rose contacted.

“Guild Leader, Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater have suddenly increased the force they’ve mobilized against us. They’ve organized 100-man teams to ambush our Dungeon raiding teams. Our casualty count is rising rapidly. We’ve already lost over 5,000 lives since they bolstered their forces…

“Although we’ve tried to retaliate, we’re too outnumbered. We simply can’t keep up with all of the attacks. Should I recall our Guild members from the Dungeon raids and grinding in the high-resource maps for now and concentrate on leveling up in a few safe maps?”

Due to Zero Wing City’s rise in popularity, Aqua Rose was relatively confident that Zero Wing would survive the war with Heaven’s Burial, but now Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater had dispatched more experts to ambush their players in the various high-resource maps they occupied. The two Guilds even targeted their 100-man elite and expert teams. This had never happened before.

The wisest move right now would be to gather their members in a few, specific leveling maps close to each other. Although this would limit their members’ leveling speed, it would provide more security. Zero Wing could also send their limited number of experts as reinforcements far faster.

“They’re finally done sitting by, huh?” Shi Feng frowned. He hadn’t thought that Heaven’s Burial would attempt to end this war so soon. Immediately, he commanded, “I like your suggestion. We need to concentrate our forces, but move them to the targeted, high-resource maps, instead.”

“But the Level 40 and 50 high-resource maps are too far apart. If a battle breaks out, our reinforcements will need some time to get there.” Aqua Rose had also considered the idea, but it wasn’t a wise move. Zero Wing had a limited number of experts, and they weren’t enough to cover multiple maps that were so far apart.

“It’s fine. Just do as I say. Leave the rest to me.” Shi Feng simply smiled, not bothering to offer any further explanation. “Select 100 skilled plate-armor classes from the Dark Gods Legion and send them my way. They have to be Level 50 or higher.”

“One hundred people?”

Aqua Rose could not figure out what Shi Feng intended to do. Currently, only a few of Zero Wing’s players were capable of standing against Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater’s experts. If they wanted to suppress the enemy’s teams, they’d have to form a team of the Guild’s Tier 2 players. Even a 100-man expert team’s ability to turn the tide of battle would be limited.

But since Shi Feng had given the command, she had no choice but to follow it.