Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1596 - Budding Threat

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Chapter 1596 – Budding Threat

The Holy Grail’s Power of Evolution did not have a 100% success rate. Moreover, the success rate would drop as Shi Feng chose higher-ranked items. The cost would also increase. Even if the evolution failed, the Holy Grail would still have a 10-day Cooldown.

Although the Blacksteel Insignia was only Fine-Gold rank, it was an extremely precious support tool for forgers. It was far more valuable than ordinary Dark-Gold items. Hence, in Shi Feng’s opinion, the success rate for evolving the Blacksteel Insignia would be on par with evolving a Dark-Gold item to Epic rank.

If the evolution failed, not only would he permanently lose 1,000 HP, but he’d also have to wait another ten days before he could attempt to evolve the Blacksteel Insignia again.

This was not a desired outcome.

Following which, Shi Feng took a deep breath as he clicked to inspect the Blacksteel Insignia’s Attribute Panel.

[Blacksteel Insignia] (Dark-Gold rank)

Unique Equipment

User restriction: Ye Feng

The Blacksteel Insignia is the highest medal of honor amongst the Blacksteel Dwarves. After equipping it, Forging success rate increased by 10%, Proficiency has a 15% chance to increase by 1 extra point. When forging, there is a 3% chance to increase the forged item’s Attributes.

Shi Feng breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the Blacksteel Insignia’s Attributes. Ecstasy then gripped his heart.

The Dark-Gold ranked Blacksteel Insignia is amazing! No wonder the evolution required so much HP! The Blacksteel Insignia’s upgraded Attributes shocked Shi Feng.

Not only had the bonus forging success rate risen from 5% to 10%, but the chances of increasing a forged item’s Attributes had also increased from 1% to 3%. Now, he’d have a considerably higher chance of improving his crafted items’ Attributes.

In God’s Domain, producing higher-rank items would become exponentially more difficult. Although it wouldn’t be a direct rank increase, the Blacksteel Insignia could raise a Fine-Gold item’s Attributes to be only slightly inferior to a piece of Dark-Gold Equipment of the same level. This meant that the Blacksteel Insignia’s wielder could forge items one rank stronger than their intended rank.

After dealing with the Blacksteel Insignia, Shi Feng returned to the Candlelight Trading Firm to forge the Conqueror’s Armor.

Meanwhile, an army of over 3,000 players, all Level 46 or higher, assaulted an Orc Fortress within the Orc Empires.

Although the Orcs defending the fortress were around Level 60 and ranked between Elite and Grand Lord, they fell, one after another, under the players’ fierce assault.

Unfortunately, the players also suffered casualties.

“Focus on dodging the Boss’s Skills! Ranged players, destroy the fortress’s Defense Turrets!” Singular Burial commanded from the rear of the army.

As the Orcs worked to strengthen their empire’s defenses, they had constructed temporary fortresses as resting points for the armies. Because of this, more Orcs operated around these temporary fortresses, troubling the players in the area.

Meanwhile, the Orcs’ mines were usually surrounded by several temporary fortresses. If players wanted to secure an Orc Mine, they’d have to deal with the fortresses first.

Singular Burial was confident that he could secure the Orc Mine, which many of God’s Domain’s superpowers drooled over, once Heaven’s Burial dealt with the temporary fortresses. Once they succeeded, Heaven’s Burial wouldn’t have to worry about Coins or Magic Crystals.

Daybreak Fog, who wore a cyan mage robe, suddenly approached Singular Burial and quietly reported, “Guild Leader, our spies in Zero Wing have reported that the Guild has somehow obtained a teleportation function that allows players to teleport from Zero Wing City to the border between the Orc Empire and Star-Moon Kingdom. With this teleportation function, players can save a massive amount of time. In fact, many players have already used the service, contributing to Zero Wing’s wealth. Moreover, we’ve received news that plenty of Guilds have begun negotiations to ally with Zero Wing. By the looks of it, they plan to sell Level 45 top-tier equipment to the Guild. I’m afraid this will affect our plans severely at this rate.”

According to previous reports, Zero Wing should’ve been on its last leg, yet due to Zero Wing City’s teleportation function, Zero Wing had pulled itself out of its predicament. In fact, the teleportation service had become so profitable that Zero Wing was now able to continue its war of attrition against them.

This was not good news.

The long-term attrition war was a painful burden on Heaven’s Burial’s finances and development.

They had already suffered significant casualties thanks to Zero Wing’s bounty. This had impacted the Guild members’ leveling speed. Moreover, Guild members had to stay alert for ambushes in the fields. Many players who had originally wanted to join Heaven’s Burial had begun to change their mind.

If they did not deal with Zero Wing quickly, their Guild’s development would stagnate, and they wouldn’t be able to keep up with God’s Domain’s other superpowers even with Ancient Rock City.

“Zero Wing is a tenacious cockroach!” Singular Burial could not help but frown. Immediately, he commanded, “Notify Young Master Lei and tell him that it’s time for his Thunder Legion to take action. Contact Blackwater as well; tell them that if they still want a share of the Orc Mine, they should send more top-tier experts and help us finish off Zero Wing quickly!”

“We’re taking action now?” Daybreak Fog was stunned. She hadn’t expected Singular Burial to switch tactics so soon.

Until now, their experts usually attacked in small groups, fleeing the moment they killed Zero Wing’s members and minimizing their casualties. However, if they started team battles in the fields, they would suffer more casualties even if they dealt greater damage to their enemy. That was why they had avoided doing so thus far. Now that Singular Burial had approved team battles, he had proven that Zero Wing was a major threat to their Guild. Thus, he decided to put a swift end to this war, regardless of cost, and exterminate the budding threat before it did permanent damage.

“Mhm. I want to see how long Zero Wing can hold on!” Singular Burial nodded. Zero Wing’s sudden transformation had exceeded his expectations and left him with no other choice, but he also wanted to use this opportunity to show Zero Wing how wide the gap was between their expert counts.

Star-Moon Kingdom, White River City, in a Special Forging Room located on the Candlelight Trading Firm’s top floor…

Shi Feng sat alone beside a furnace, repeatedly swinging a hammer as he forged the Conqueror’s Armor. To sharpen his focus, he had even used the precious Soul Water.

The Conqueror’s Armor required a lot of materials, including over ten main materials and over twenty support materials. Every material needed to be smelted carefully. Just the smelting and refining all of the involved materials took more than half an hour.

If Shi Feng had gone through the entire forging process alone, he would’ve only had time to forge a few pieces of the Conqueror’s Armor each day.

Fortunately, he could rely on Candlelight’s Advanced Forgers to help him with the smelting and refining processes, saving him plenty of time.

Fortunately, with the improved Blacksteel Insignia, Shi Feng’s forging success rate had broken past the 30% threshold.

Fusing, stacking, fusing, stacking…

As he continued to fuse and shape the extracted materials, the Conqueror’s Armor began to take shape. Once the armor was perfect, Shi Feng released a deep sigh of relief and began to draw the Advanced Magic Array.

Due to the Soul Water’s effects, Shi Feng was able to complete the Advanced Magic Array naturally and without pause.

The instant he completed the Advanced Magic Array, the Conqueror’s Armor released a mesmerizing, crimson glow.

This is the first Conqueror’s Armor I’ve forged, and I’ve already triggered the strengthening effect? Shi Feng’s excitement grew as he watched the crimson light, completely different from the usual glow on Fine-Gold Equipment.