Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1594 - Surging Towards Zero Wing City

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Chapter 1594 – Surging Towards Zero Wing City

Star-Moon Kingdom, Star-Moon City:

Light flashed in the Teleportation Hall as a team of 20 players arrived in the lively Star-Moon City. When these players appeared, many players in the hall turned to look.

All of these 20 players’ levels were impressively high, and they were well-equipped. The lowest level among them was Level 47, while the most inferior equipment was Level 45 Fine-Gold rank. The pair leading the team, a man and a woman, were even more awe-inspiring; both were Level 49 and wore nothing but Level 45 Dark-Gold Equipment…

Not even first-rate Guilds’ experts could compare to this team. Most surprisingly, none of these experts wore a Guild Emblem, showing that they were all independent players.

“What a powerful team. Who are they?”

“Don’t you see the flaming fox logo sewn on their cloaks? They’re members of Firecloud Fox, one of the top 50 adventurer teams in the Black Dragon Empire. That Shield Warrior in the lead is Remnant Cloud, Firecloud Fox’s commander. He is one of the Black Dragon Empire’s top 100 Shield Warriors. I’ve heard that several first-rate Guilds in the empire have offered high prices to recruit him, but he’s refused every one.”

“Since they’re from an adventurer team in the Black Dragon Empire, why are they here in Star-Moon Kingdom?”

“Because of Stone Forest Town. The town’s Battle Arena is a perfect place for experts like them to train. I’ve also heard that Firecloud Fox plans to move its headquarters to Zero Wing City. Although Zero Wing City’s Battle Arena isn’t as effective as the one in Stone Forest Town, the city’s Mana density is much higher.”

When the players in the Hall saw Firecloud Fox’s members, they all fell into heated discussions. Some players, members of other adventurer teams, gazed at Firecloud Fox’s members with envy and admiration. Even first-rate Guilds fought to recruit these experts; it was an honor that few adventurer teams received.

“It really is annoying to travel to and from the Orc Empire every time. Commander, can’t we grind somewhere else next time?” Graceful Moon, Firecloud Fox’s vice commander, suggested, paying no attention to the gossip around her. Turning to Remnant Cloud, she continued, “The Orcs’ invasion is getting worse, and over the past few days, we’ve come across more and higher-quality Orcs. It’ll definitely affect our leveling speed.”

“In your dreams. If we don’t continue questing in the Orc Empire and kill Heaven’s Burial’s members, how are we supposed to earn the money for our Mounts?” Remnant Cloud snapped. “Although the Orcs’ upgrade had affected our leveling speed, opportunities like this don’t happen often. Alright, enough complaining. Let’s head to Zero Wing City to claim our bounties.”

“I get what you’re trying to say, but you’ve seen the difference for yourself. Those Orcs are growing more powerful. At first, we usually only encountered Elite ranked Orcs, but now, we’ve run into Chieftains left and right. Their combat standards have improved, as well. I’m willing to bet that we’ll need to waste several more hours to cross the border the next time we try to enter the Orc Empire,” Graceful Moon grumbled.

Despite the short distance between Star-Moon Kingdom’s border towns and the Orc Empire’s border, their adventurer team had spent a significant amount of time crossing the border due to Orc patrol squads. To make matters worse, the quantity and quality of patrol squads continued to increase as well. Now, they spent half of their travel time on fighting the Orc patrol squads.

“Alright, if they’ve grown stronger by the time we try to cross the border again, we’ll find another location to grind and quest. In any case, our adventurer team has earned quite a bit. With today’s haul, we should have enough to purchase a private house in Zero Wing City,” Remnant Cloud said. After giving the matter some more thought, he saw the logic in Graceful Moon’s concerns.

While earning money was important, it wouldn’t do them any good if it came at the cost of their leveling speed. If the Orcs guarding the border grew even stronger, leveling in the Orc Empire would no longer be worth it. In fact, based on what information he had, several adventurer teams, which were only slightly weaker than Firecloud Fox, had already given up on the Orc Empire and opted to grind in other maps. These other adventurer teams’ level speed was now slightly faster than his own team’s.

As Remnant Cloud and his companions prepared to head to Zero Wing City, they overheard nearby players discussing their destination.

“Is Zero Wing for real?! Zero Wing City can actually do that?!”

“It can’t be true. How could a city possibly teleport players to any location within 4,000,000 yards? If that were possible, wouldn’t players be able to teleport to their desired leveling areas instantly?”

“Zero Wing made the announcement personally. Why wouldn’t it be true? Players would see through it immediately if this were some kind of ruse. Besides, didn’t you see it? The teleportation fee is absurd. Ordinary players barely earn anything each day. If we want to use the teleportation function, we’ll have to hand over a whole day’s earnings to Zero Wing.”

“Zero Wing is too strong! It actually secured something like this, too! As expected of our kingdom’s number one Guild!”

The players on Star-Moon City’s streets debated Zero Wing’s latest announcement. Meanwhile, the numerous adventurer teams in the city burned with excitement over the news.

Zero Wing City’s location was no longer news to Star-Moon Kingdom’s players.

The city wasn’t far from the frontlines of this war between the Orc Empire and Star-Moon Kingdom. For the most part, only a large forest separated the city from the frontlines. Being able to teleport to any location within 4,000,000 yards of the city would allow players to travel beyond the kingdom’s border, bypassing many of the Orc patrol squads. This would save players plenty of travel time and allow them to avoid quite a bit of danger.

The teleportation’s cost was the only downside. If players teleported across the maximum range, one trip would cost 20 Silver per person…

However, the price was definitely worth the trip for capable adventurer teams. They could easily earn back several times the money they had spent with the time they saved. After all, Zero Wing had placed a bounty on Heaven’s Burial’s members. They could earn back the teleportation fees by killing a bunch of the Guild’s members easily. Moreover, the Orc Empire’s maps had far more resources than most of Star-Moon Kingdom’s. They’d also be able to increase their leveling speed.

“Commander, it seems that we’ll have to save a bit more Coins to buy a private house in Zero Wing City,” Graceful Moon said, chuckling after she read Zero Wing’s announcement.

“Zero Wing isn’t giving us a chance! How wonderful would it have been if they had sold their private housing before this announcement?” While Remnant Cloud celebrated the news, he also felt a sting in his pockets.

Zero Wing City had already offered amazing benefits, but now it also informed the public of its teleportation function. Needless to say, adventurer teams and experts who wanted to level in the Orc Empire would flood Zero Wing City. To players like them, the teleportation function was a major resource, and 20 Silver Coins wasn’t a significant expenditure. As long as they obtained one or two pieces of equipment to sell, they would easily earn back what they spent. Furthermore, players could purchase a membership to receive a 20% discount.

In fact, Star-Moon Kingdom’s players wouldn’t be the only ones interested in Zero Wing City’s teleportation function. Players from other kingdoms and empires would likely visit Zero Wing City to travel to the Orc Empire. As it was, the Orcs guarding all of the empire’s borders were growing stronger.

As Remnant Cloud fussed over how to earn enough money to purchase a private house in Zero Wing City, the adventurer teams and players in said city were in an uproar. These players, who had initially planned to walk to the Orc Empire, changed their minds immediately and made their way to the nearest Four Towers of Elements. They then spent 20 Silver to travel across Star-Moon Kingdom’s border.

As more players proved the power of the Four Towers of Elements’ teleportation function, more adventurer teams and expert players applied for the teleportation membership. One short hour after Zero Wing announced the teleportation function, 1,042 players had become members, contributing over 20,000 Magic Crystals.

In total, over 2,000 players had used the teleportation function. Naturally, not everyone wanted to pay a portion of their teleportation fees in Magic Crystals.

After subtracting the maintenance and energy costs, Zero Wing had earned 12 Silver Coins off of every player that had teleported over the maximum distance. In a single hour, Zero Wing had made over 240 Gold in pure profit.

However, the truly frightening result of Zero Wing’s latest announcement was the number of players who visited Zero Wing City. In just one hour, Zero Wing City’s player population had shot past the 2,000,000-threshold. Many of these players belonged to adventurer teams from other kingdoms and empires, and in the end, Zero Wing had also earned a fortune from the entrance fees…