Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1593 - Zero Wing City's True Power

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Chapter 1593 – Zero Wing City’s True Power

After the first batch of Lunar Potions had sold, none were available in the various Auction Houses. Because of this, regret ravaged the players who had failed to win the potions.

“Crap! The Lunar Potions have sold out already?! I just got here!”

“Damn it! I knew I shouldn’t have waited! If I had just bought two or three bottles, our team would have had enough for an expedition!”

Many players had assumed that the Lunar Potions had come from some Guild or trading firm. After all, no single player would be able to sell 100 bottles at a time. If that were the case, there was a high likelihood that another batch would show up in the Auction Houses sooner or later.

However, even after over half an hour, no one had posted any new Lunar Potions…

Meanwhile, Melancholic Smile, who was currently in the Candlelight Trading Firm, was elated.

The speed at which players are buying the potions is really frightening. With this, we won’t need to worry about not being able to sell the potions in bulk. When Melancholic Smile received the proceeds from her subordinates, she brimmed with confidence regarding the large number of Moonlight Flowers in her possession.

Although the Candlelight Trading Firm produced a large number of items each day, not all of these items sold the moment they were put up for sale. They needed to let the market slowly digest some of these items. In fact, some items might never sell, collecting dust in the trading firm.

However, the Lunar Potion was a different story. This first round of sales had proven that, as long as the Candlelight Trading Firm crafted Lunar Potions, the market would devour their stock.

Meanwhile, the Candlelight Trading Firm had almost 100 Advanced Alchemists. With enough materials, mass-producing the Lunar Potions would be a piece of cake for these alchemists.

In fact, while the first batch of Lunar Potions had sold, Silent Wonder and the others had brewed over 2,000 new bottles.

With this production speed, the Candlelight Trading Firm should earn around two or three hundred Gold per hour. With 48 hours per day in God’s Domain, the firm could make over 10,000 Gold per day with the Lunar Potions alone.

Although this amount of money couldn’t change the war’s overall situation, it was enough to resolve Zero Wing’s current predicament.

When Melancholic Smile gave the command to sell the second batch of Lunar Potions, an intense competition raged in the various kingdoms and empires’ Auction Houses. The players that had previously adopted a wait-and-see attitude discarded the notion. They did everything in their power to get their hands on the potions for fear that they’d miss this opportunity.

The Lunar Potion’s prices soared once again. The highest price during the first batch had climbed to 17 Silver, 50 Copper, but now it rose to 19 Silver per bottle. By the time the 2,000 Lunar Potions sold out, Melancholic Smile had earned an additional 300-plus Gold.

Meanwhile, Aqua Rose was swamped with work in Zero Wing City.

“Big Sis Aqua, we’ve paid out over 1,300 Gold since we’ve updated the bounty. Including the remaining funds we have set aside, we won’t last another two days,” Yaya worriedly reported as she examined the bounty claims summary in her hands.

“It’s increased by so much?” Aqua Rose could not help but frown.

The increased bounty claims were far higher than she had expected. She had hoped that they would last a few more days in this war with the income from Zero Wing City and the Guild’s remaining funds, but it seemed that wouldn’t be possible.

Even if Heaven’s Burial didn’t mobilize its army, Zero Wing would crumble if it ran out of money. The Guild’s reputation would be in tatters.

To make matters worse, Heaven’s Burial’s Ancient Rock City became more popular as time passed. Not only could players level up in the area, but they could also earn Contribution Points to purchase valuable items. In contrast, Zero Wing City’s location was only suitable for leisure right now.

“Big Sis Aqua, under the Guild Leader’s orders, the Candlelight Trading Firm has sent a representative with Coins and items. Apparently, these should help us hold out for a little while longer,” Yaya suddenly announced.

“They’ve sent funds? Good! I’ll head over to meet them immediately!” Aqua Rose breathed a sigh of relief when she heard that Shi Feng had sent additional funds. She ran to the Guild Hall’s lobby to receive the Coins and items.

Although she didn’t know how Shi Feng had obtained the additional funding, another forty or fifty thousand Gold would help Zero Wing endure this war for a few more days. During that time, they could organize an auction to sell some of Zero Wing City’s private housing. That might allow them to continue this fight with Heaven’s Burial. They might even be able to put an end to this war. Heaven’s Burial invested quite a bit of money each day as well, and no one wanted to see this drag on.

However, when Aqua Rose saw the Coins Melancholic Smile’s subordinate had traded to her, she was dumbfounded. For a moment, she wondered if she had misread the total.

Five hundred Gold!

To a small Guild or adventurer team, 500 Gold might be a considerable amount of money, but to Zero Wing, this was nothing more than pocket change. It was far from enough to pull Zero Wing from its current predicament.

Is this supposed to help me hold out for another half an hour? Aqua Rose was speechless as she stared at the 500 Gold.

But when Aqua Rose noticed the nine Mana Barrier Crystals in her bag and inspected their Attribute Panels, her eyes began to glow.

Everlasting Magic Crystals? Aqua Rose couldn’t believe her eyes. She immediately contacted Shi Feng and asked, “Guild Leader, just where did you get these Mana Barrier Crystals? Do you have more of them?”

God’s Domain’s various Guilds and players were all in desperate need of Magic Crystals, and Zero Wing was certainly no exception, yet not only were these Mana Barrier Crystals the equivalent of 100 Magic Crystals, but they could also be used repeatedly. This was akin to having a miniature Magic Crystal vein.

Furthermore, these Mana Barrier Crystals only needed 48 hours to replenish their energy. They basically gave Zero Wing a stable income of 900 magic Crystals per day. If they stored the Mana Barrier Crystals in a location with sufficient Mana density, their Cooldowns would be even shorter. Although the Mana Barrier Crystals could not be used in places like the Divine Colosseum, they were extremely valuable.

“You’ve already received them?” Seeing Aqua Rose’s excitement, Shi Feng smiled bitterly as he said, “Mana Barrier Crystals are extremely rare items. Obtaining more is impossible at the moment.”

Naturally, Aqua Rose was a little disappointed to hear this.

If they had 50 or 60 Mana Barrier Crystals, Zero Wing would be set for life.

However, after giving the matter some thought, she found it reasonable. If it were possible to obtain something as valuable as Mana Barrier Crystals in large quantities, it would throw God’s Domain’s market into chaos.

“Use the nine Mana Barrier Crystals to operate the Four Towers of Elements’ teleportation array for now. With the Mana Barrier Crystals and some additional Magic Crystals, we should be able to sustain the teleportation array’s consumption easily.” Shi Feng could sympathize with Aqua Rose’s desire for the Mana Barrier Crystals, but they simply weren’t that easy to obtain. “Let the public know that Zero Wing City will activate a teleportation function that can transport players anywhere within 4,000,000 yards of the city. The cost will be 5 Silver Coins per 1,000,000 yards per person. At the same time, set up a membership system for the teleportation function. Those who wish to become members can pay a one-time membership fee of 20 Magic Crystals. In return, they’ll get a 20% discount when using the teleportation function.”

Currently, Stone Forest Town and Team Dungeons were Zero Wing’s main income source for Magic Crystals, but both Stone Forest Town and Zero Wing City needed a lot of Magic Crystals to operate. Furthermore, the Guild had to sustain the daily Magic Crystal allocation for its members. It was practically impossible to sustain the Four Towers of Elements’s teleportation function with the Guild’s current Magic Crystal income.

Although not every player would pay 20 Magic Crystals to become a member, Zero Wing would be fine as long as it earned enough Magic Crystals to sustain the Four Towers of Elements’ teleportation function.

“Alright, I’ll get it done right away!” Aqua Rose nodded excitedly.

She had waited to launch of the Four Towers of Elements’s teleportation function for a long time. Unfortunately, Zero Wing hadn’t had enough Magic Crystals to sustain the teleportation array until now. Now that they had the Mana Barrier Crystals, they could finally show off Zero Wing City’s true power.