Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1592 - Frantic Purchase

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Chapter 1592 – Frantic Purchase

After receiving Shi Feng’s instructions, Melancholic Smile promptly left the Special Forging Room and contacted every Advanced Alchemist in the Candlelight Trading Firm, passing on the order to begin the Lunar Potion’s mass-production.

At the same time, Melancholic Smile retrieved the stockpiled Lunar Potions from the trading firm’s warehouse and had her subordinates sell them in Zero Wing’s Advanced Auction House and White River City’s Auction House.

In addition, she sent a few other players to the Black Dragon Empire and other kingdoms to sell the potions.

Not only could they sell the Lunar Potions quickly by doing so, but they could also maintain the market value.

Meanwhile, in another of the Candlelight Trading Firm’s Special Forging Rooms, Shi Feng took out the Philosopher’s Stone, which he had retrieved from his Private Warehouse earlier, and began to synthesize Mana Barrier Crystals from the Mana Barrier Crystal Fragments.

Shi Feng had obtained a total of 45 Mana Barrier Crystal Fragments from his latest trip to the World Summit. If he had NPC alchemists help synthesize the Mana Barrier Crystals for him, they’d only have a 40% success rate, and each attempt required ten crystal fragments. He’d be lucky to end up with two Mana Barrier Crystals. On the other hand, the Philosopher’s Stone provided a 100% synthesis success rate.

However, something unexpected and shocking happened when Shi Feng synthesized the first batch of crystal fragments. After placing only five crystal fragments into the Philosopher’s Stone, a complete Mana Barrier Crystal had appeared on the table before him.

What?! I only need five crystal fragments to form a complete crystal?! Shi Feng was astounded as he stared at the Mana Barrier Crystal on the table.

If he only needed five crystal fragments, he could synthesize nine complete Mana Barrier Crystals.

Meanwhile, teleportation arrays like those in White River City’s Teleportation Hall needed five Magic Crystals for each activation. Hence, they would also need five Mana Barrier Crystals to operate normally.

As for the Four Towers of Elements’ teleportation function, it only needed three Magic Crystals. Originally, Shi Feng had planned to activate the teleportation function only after he had gathered enough Mana Barrier Crystals. After all, it was simply impossible to sustain the teleportation arrays’ consumption with Zero Wing’s current Magic Crystal income. Now, however, it would seem that that was no longer necessary.

Fortunately, he could use nine Mana Barrier Crystals interchangeably. Moreover, in addition to the Mana Barrier Crystals’ self-recovery ability, each Mana Barrier Crystal contained as much Mana as 100 Magic Crystals.

Shi Feng immediately contacted Melancholic Smile and had her send Aqua Rose the synthesized crystals and a message to activate the Four Towers of Elements’ teleportation functions.

Once he finished with the Mana Barrier Crystals, Shi Feng took out the Conqueror’s Armor Forging Design and began to study.

Unlike Basic Forging Designs, players couldn’t learn Advanced Forging Designs with the click of a button.

Advanced Forging Designs also contained special forging techniques and magic arrays. Players needed to learn all of these details themselves.

This thing is really complex. After looking through the Conqueror’s Armor’s production process, Shi Feng was astonished. It’s no wonder why players struggled so hard to produce equipment with battle arrays in the past. So, the process of creating the battle arrays involves Advanced Magic Arrays. Fortunately, I didn’t leave the Conqueror’s Armor’s production to Cocoa and the others. Otherwise, it’d take even longer to craft the armor.

Basic Magic Arrays in God’s Domain were quite complex, and even experts needed a considerable amount of time to grasp the skills required to craft them. Needless to say, Intermediate Magic Arrays were even more complex. Otherwise, Shi Feng wouldn’t have left the Secret-Silver ranked Secret Technique Tablet in the Guild’s Warehouse instead of putting it to use. Even now, Zero Wing didn’t have enough players who could draw the Intermediate Magic Arrays.

Throughout Zero Wing, only Shi Feng knew how to draw Advanced Magic Arrays thus far. Everyone else was still a long distance away from being able to draw them effectively.

Fortunately, the required Advanced Magic Array isn’t too difficult to draw. I should be able to learn it in a few hours. Shi Feng breathed a sigh of relief after examining the necessary Advanced Magic Array.

Although he could already draw Advanced Magic Arrays, there were simple and complex versions. Shi Feng could draw the simple arrays in a handful of hours, but he might not be able to learn a complex Advanced Magic Array yet with his current standards.

If he couldn’t draw the required Advanced Magic Array, he wouldn’t be able to forge the Conqueror’s Armor.

Although it appeared as though Zero Wing and Heaven’s Burial were competing via wealth, in reality, that wasn’t the case. The true competition still lay among the Guilds’ experts.

Due to Lei Jingyang’s partnership with Heaven’s Burial, the Guild had recruited a lot of expert players. Now, Heaven’s Burial also had the assistance of a large number of Blackwater’s experts. As a result, the gap between Zero Wing and Heaven’s Burial’s strengths had grown.

Unfortunately, Zero Wing didn’t have enough Tier 2 experts to deal with the enemy’s overwhelming numbers. Even if Shi Feng took up arms personally, there was very little he could do to change the situation.

But it would be a different story if Zero Wing had the Conqueror’s Armor. If five elite players wore the armor, they would immediately rise to expert status. They might even become more powerful than ordinary expert players.

If Zero Wing equipped their ordinary expert players with the armor and activated the Basic Strength Battle Array, they’d be as strong as the Guild’s first-rate experts. If all five worked together, they might even display more overall combat power than five Refinement Realm experts working together.

Refinement Realm experts!

Even in Super Guilds, experts of such caliber were invaluable. In current first-rate Guilds, such experts would rank among the top in strength.

While Shi Feng studied the Conqueror’s Armor’s Advanced Magic Array, Melancholic Smile posted every Lunar Potion she had on hand for sale in the various empires and kingdoms’ Auction Houses. She only sold 100 bottles in each location, setting the minimum bid at 10 Silver per bottle, slightly cheaper than market value.

When these potions went public in the various Auction Houses, they attracted many Guilds and teams’ attention.

“Someone’s actually selling so many Lunar Potions?!”

“So cheap!”

“This is wonderful! With these potions, our team can finally explore the ancient ruin we found!”

Excited, players furiously began to bid on the Lunar Potions.

To the current adventurer teams and Guilds, ruin exploration had become a golden opportunity to make a fortune, but without the Lunar Potion or something similar, exploring the dark ruins was troublesome. Every ruin had its own traps, and locating these traps in the dark was dangerous.

If players triggered these traps, even an expert-led team could suffer severe damage or be annihilated. Compared to the risk of triggering these traps, the Lunar Potion’s cost was nothing. After all, players would need several days to recover a lost level at this stage of the game.

As players discovered the Lunar Potions in the Auction Houses, the potion’s prices quickly skyrocketed.

10 Silver, 40 Copper!

10 Silver, 70 Copper!

11 Silver, 20 Copper!

After a few short minutes, the average price had reached 12 Silver, 50 Copper. Meanwhile, this increase was just the beginning.

In the end, players only stopped contesting for the Lunar Potions after the prices reached 17 Silver, 50 Copper. This was already far beyond the current market value.

Although not every Lunar Potion had sold for 17 Silver, 50 Copper, on average, they had sold for 16 Silver, 40 Copper or more. After deducting the processing fees, Zero Wing still earned a considerable profit. In the end, Melancholic Smile had made a massive 262 Gold from the 2,000 Lunar Potions she had sold…

Fortunately, she had barely dented the market’s demand for the Lunar Potions. Two thousand potions weren’t nearly enough to quench players’ thirst in a single kingdom, much less multiple kingdoms and empires.