Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1590 - Shi Feng Returns

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Chapter 1590 – Shi Feng Returns

Outside of the Epic Shrine Shi Feng had previously entered, the space before the Shrine’s doors shattered. A figure began to emerge from the spatial tear, clumsily falling to the ground.

“Three challenges is the limit?” Shi Feng gave the Epic Shrine’s doors a bitter smile. “This World Summit is really stingy.”

He had thought that he could challenge the Epic Shrine’s trials as long as he still had enough time remaining, but it seemed that that wasn’t the case. Even if he had enough time, he could only enter three Epic Shrines per visit.

In addition, there was a 10-day Cooldown after he used his three changes, which would only decrease while he was in the World Summit and included all Epic Shrines.

But after giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng found it reasonable.

The World Summit was a land of treasure. Even Fragmented Legendary items were available here, let alone Epic items. As players reached higher levels, they’d grow stronger, and in turn, they’d be able to earn more time from the entrance test. If the system allowed players to visit the Epic Shrines without limit, they’d ruin God’s Domain’s economy. It was only normal for the system to create limitations. These restrictions were particularly important when dealing with players who wielded special items.

Take Shi Feng’s Moloch’s Ring for example. While Demon Players had to complete a large number of rare and challenging quests to earn visitation rights to the World Summit, Shi Feng could simply teleport here. With Moloch’s Ring, Shi Feng had to face far fewer challenges to obtain the World Summit’s treasures.

Forget it. In any case, I’ve achieved my goal. It’s about time that I return, Shi Feng thought as he gazed at the three God Crystals in his bag. He then took out a White River City Return Scroll and activated it.

Although he still had more than enough time to visit a few Dark-Gold Shrines, he had spent quite a bit of time away from the God’s Domain continent already. Now that he had achieved his goal, and gained an unexpected windfall, he had no reason to linger in the World Summit. It was far more important for him to complete the “Recast the Disintegration Armor” quest. Otherwise, he’d have to deal with the constant annoyance of the Mutated Orcs that would target him in the fields, restricting his movement.

With a flash of light, Shi Feng vanished from the World Summit.

Star-Moon Kingdom, White River City:

When Shi Feng opened his eyes, he stood in White River City’s Teleportation Hall.

As Shi Feng moved along the city streets, he noticed that White River City had far more players than several days ago. Many of the new arrivals were merchant players, and plenty of well-known adventurer teams had traveled here from other kingdoms and empires.

Players’ average level had also visibly increased. Now, many of the players exploring White River City had reached Level 45. Shi Feng even spotted Level 46 and 47 independent players.

In addition, the sight of players atop Mounts had become more common in the city. During his last visit, only expert players had owned Mounts, but now, many elite players had Mounts of their own.

However, with the increase of White River City’s player population, Shi Feng discovered quite a few cloaked players that stood out from the crowd. What made these players stand out in Shi Feng’s eyes was their interest in the players that wore Zero Wing’s Guild Emblem. Killing intent would flash in their eyes whenever they spotted a Zero Wing member. By the looks of it, Zero Wing’s members were just as wary of these cloaked players. It felt as if a fight would break out between them at any moment.

As Shi Feng pondered the city’s new, strange atmosphere, Aqua Rose contacted him.

“Guild Leader, you’ve finally returned.” Aqua Rose was visibly excited when she saw Shi Feng’s face.

“What’s going on in White River City? Why do I feel like the city is polluted with killing intent?” Shi Feng asked as he glanced around him.

“That’s… It’s all because of Blackwater and Heaven’s Burial. Roughly ten hours ago, they doubled the bounty on our Guild members. It’s tempted many Dark and independent players from other kingdoms and empires to take action against us. Now, everyone’s hunting our Guild members. Some have even found opportunities to strike while in White River City. At this point, other players have ambushed and killed dozens of our core members…” Aqua Rose helplessly explained.

While Shi Feng had been gone, Zero Wing’s expenditures had grown massively due to the war with Heaven’s Burial and Zero Wing City’s construction costs. Zero Wing had spent practically every Coin it earned from the Candlelight Trading Firm, Stone Forest Town, and Zero Wing City in one way or another. The Guild had no way to keep up with the increased bounty.

“How generous of Blackwater and Heaven’s Burial!” Shi Feng was astonished.

By doubling the bounty, each of Zero Wing’s normal members was worth 40 Silver, while elite members were worth 2 Gold, and killing a core member could earn a player 20 Gold.

Twenty Gold!

Not even the majority of God’s Domain’s experts earned 20 Gold per day, yet now, one could earn that many Coins by killing one of Zero Wing’s core members. In addition, players would earn a piece of top-tier equipment when they killed one of these core members.

It was no wonder why other kingdoms and empires’ Dark Players had set their sights on White River City. After all, White River City housed the highest number of Zero Wing members. Besides, these Dark Players wouldn’t have an opportunity to strike in Stone Forest Town or Zero Wing City.

Without the ruling Guild’s approval, players couldn’t wear Black Cloaks in Guild Towns and Cities. The ruling Guild usually killed anyone who wore a Black Cloak without any repercussions. The only places in which these players could strike were the fields and White River City. Of the two options, it was easier to find Zero Wing members in the city.

Although it was risky to attack another player in an NPC city, the potential profits were just as high. Countless Dark and independent players would be willing to take the risk.

“Guild Leader, we’ve almost run out of Guild funds. We are also running out of top-tier weapons and equipment for trade. The situation had disheartened many of our Guildmates. We really cannot afford to allow this situation to continue. Why don’t we change the direction of our Guild’s development a little and send more members to the Black Dragon and Apocalypse Empires?” Aqua Rose suggested.

Although Zero Wing made a lot of Coins from Stone Forest Town and Zero Wing City, there was a limit to how much top-tier equipment they could purchase. Furthermore, due to the constant fighting with Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater’s experts, Zero Wing’s ability to gather top-tier equipment and rare materials from Team Dungeons had weakened. If this persisted, it was only a matter of time before Zero Wing crumbled.

“No! Since Heaven’s Burial and Blackwater want to increase their bounty, we’ll increase ours as well! We’ll see who will remain standing in the end!” Shi Feng said, shaking his head. “Also, notify Melancholic and have her prepare these materials for me. Gather every Advanced Forger we have, as well.”

“But we have very little spare capital remaining. If we increase our bounty, we’ll run out of funds very quickly,” Aqua Rose said worriedly.

Currently, Zero Wing’s emergency funds only amounted to 22,000 Gold. This even included the rent they had received from merchant players in Zero Wing City. If they increased the bounty on Heaven’s Burial’s members, that might not even last them one more day.

If Zero Wing couldn’t pay the bounties, its reputation would suffer.

“Relax. I have a way to deal with the money problem. Just make the announcement.” Shi Feng simply smiled in response to Aqua Rose’s question. He then disconnected the call and made his way towards the Candlelight Trading Firm.