Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1587 - Mysterious Expert

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Chapter 1587 – Mysterious Expert

Players bustled about on the streets of a Guild Town, protected by tall walls. Quite a few of these players were architects, busily construction all types of buildings.

From the top floor of an open-air restaurant in the town, a middle-aged man in dark-gray armor quietly watched these architects. A flame-shaped shield rested beside his chair.

Suddenly, a young man burst into the room, running up to the middle-aged man.

“Uncle Yuan, something big has happened,” the young man excitedly reported. “We just received news that Skyhawk, one of the Flower of Seven Sins’ commanders, has been killed.”

The middle-aged man in question was none other than the Secret Pavilion’s Yuan Tiexin. He had already reached Level 50 and wore the Level 50 Fine-Gold ranked Landslide Set, a set equipment for Shield Warriors which could only be obtained from Level 50, 100-man Team Dungeons.

“Skyhawk has been killed?” Yuan Tiexin turned towards the young man in astonishment. “How is that possible? Did someone organize an expert team to ambush him? No, that can’t be right. We’re talking about one of the Seven Sins commanders here. The Flower of Seven Sins definitely won’t take such a blow lying down.”

Skyhawk was one of only seven commanders in the Flower of Seven Sins. His individual strength even ranked near the top in the assassination organization.

Yuan Tiexin found it truly hard to believe that a handful of players could kill such an expert. The only possibility was that some superpower had organized a small army to ambush the man. They’d also need various powerful tools to ensure that he couldn’t escape.

“No…that’s not the case. Based on what we’ve heard, it seems that Skyhawk and two of his close aides attempted to rob another player. In the end, that player turned the tables, and the three lost their lives,” the young man explained, stammering.

“Skyhawk led his men to kill a player, but ended up dead instead? How is that possible?” Yuan Tiexin was even more shocked.

Not only had Skyhawk died, but he had also been killed by a lone player. The man had even had the numerical advantage in the situation.

No matter how Yuan Tiexin considered the younger man’s words, they sounded like a joke.

“It’s true. Here’s a video of the battle,” the young man said as he hurriedly relayed the recording.

The video had been recorded some distance from the battlefield, so the fight’s details weren’t clear. However, Skyhawk’s Mana Cutter was. There was no doubt that the Berserker wielding the broken blade was indeed Skyhawk.

“What powerful Skills!” Although Yuan Tiexin could not see the entire process of the battle clearly, he could, more or less, deduce the reason that Skyhawk’s party had lost. “Just who is that player?”

“We’re already doing our best to investigate this matter. Unfortunately, we can only glean a limited amount of information from the video. Although the Flower of Seven Sins should have access to more details, our spies in the organization are too low-ranked to gain access to the information. The Guild Leader has already asked us to find this expert as quickly as possible, and he has stated that we cannot allow the Flower of Seven Sins to reach the player before we do.”

“I understand. I’ll do my best to look into the matter.”

After Yuan Tiexin finished with the video, he became interested in the mysterious expert who had killed Skyhawk’s 3-man party. He immediately ordered his subordinates to investigate the battle video.

Meanwhile, God’s Domain’s other superpowers began their own investigations.

At this point, Shi Feng, who was wholly ignorant of the commotion he had caused, reached the World Summit’s Epic Shrine area.

Compared to the Dark-Gold and Fine-Gold areas, the Epic area was void of players. The majestic Epic Shrines in the area remained unoccupied. Shi Feng didn’t need to worry about any competition over the Shrines.

The God Crystals aren’t as valuable as Epic items, but the Shrine’s difficulty increases with altitude. Correspondingly, the Shrines should offer more treasures. I may be able to find God Crystals in the lowermost Shrines. After a quick inspection of the Epic Shrines dotting the mountainside, Shi Feng began his mission.

The lowermost region of the Epic area had a total of 21 Epic Shrines. Shi Feng did not put too much thought into the matter and approached the closest shrine.

When he reached the shrine’s entrance, Shi Feng placed a hand on the doors before him.

System: Inferior Legendary Shrine Key detected. You are qualified to open the doors of the Epic Shrine. Do you wish to spend 1,000 minutes to open them?

Shi Feng clicked “Agree” without hesitation.

Immediately, the shrine doors swung open, allowing Shi Feng to enter.

The moment Shi Feng stepped into the Shrine, he felt as if he had entered a different world.

He stood on a platform above the clouds, and from time to time, Shi Feng spotted flying beasts soaring by. These monsters were all frighteningly strong, and even the weakest among them was a Level 150 Great Lord. Some of these flying beasts were even Level 180 Mythic monsters…

Any one of these monsters could easily extinguish Shi Feng’s life.

Multiple, humanoid statues had been erected in the center of the platform, and dazzling items in translucent, crystal boxes had been placed before each statue. Even from this distance, Shi Feng could tell that every one of these items was extraordinarily valuable.

When Shi Feng tried to approach one of the statues to inspect the items before it, the sound of another system notification reached his ears.

System: You may choose one item before the numerous statues. As long as you fulfill the requirements, you may obtain the item you desire. If you fail to complete the requirements within the given time limit, you will be teleported out of the Shrine automatically.

Sure enough, the system won’t let players take these items easily. Shi Feng wasn’t particularly surprised.

Although every Shrine in the World Summit offered its own rewards, not every shrine granted players a reward upon entry. Some required players to pass certain tests. The Shrine of the Lord of Destruction, which Shi Feng had previously visited, was one such example.

If players did not choose the appropriate Shrines based on their strength, they might walk away empty-handed.

A total of twelve statues occupied the platform. Among the items before the statues, four were damaged items, and there were five pieces of intact Epic Equipment, two Epic Weapons, and one Epic item.

According to the acquisition difficulty in God’s Domain, the Epic item would be the most difficult to obtain, while the damaged items would be the easiest. It was relatively easy to determine the various statues’ difficulty levels.

However, none of this mattered to Shi Feng. After all, he was not here for practical items. The God Crystals were his only goal.

Please, let this be a God Crystal. Shi Feng then approached one of the statues with a damaged item.

The moment he made his choice, the stone statue before him began to crack. The cracked stone fell to reveal a stalwart man wielding a two-handed sword and wearing golden armor.

[Shrine Knight] (High Human, Tier 4 Sword Emperor)

Level 100

HP 20,000,000/20,000,000

The moment the Shrine Knight appeared, Shi Feng felt an unprecedented pressure bear down on him.

Normally, NPCs’ combat techniques were far stronger than monsters of the same level and tier. Furthermore, the NPC before him was a High Human…

High Humans were unlike the current humans populating the God’s Domain continent. High Humans had long since gone extinct in God’s Domain.

Long ago, the Gods had blessed High Humans, and their Life Rating was much higher than their ordinary, current cousins. They were bona fide humanoid monsters. In fact, the legends that spoke about humans who had slain Dragons didn’t refer to current humans, but High Humans. Current humans’ Life Rating was far lower than Dragons’, and not even a Tier 5 NPC would be a match for an ordinary Tier 5 Dragon.

However, High Humans could fight and defeat Dragons.

As another example of how powerful High Humans were, the Tier 4 Shrine Knight before Shi Feng could easily kill Mythic monsters of the same level as if they were ants.