Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1586 - Demon King’s Horn

Chapter 1586 – Demon King’s Horn

Although Shi Feng had only spoken after Skyhawk’s HP had reached zero, players would retain their senses for a short moment after they died in God’s Domain. Only, players weren’t able to move.

“You…” Skyhawk nearly spat blood when he heard Shi Feng’s statement.

Had he had use of his Skills, Shi Feng’s mindless, brutish attacks wouldn’t have claimed his life outright even without activating his Berserk Skill.

However, Skyhawk’s HP had already reached zero. Even if he wanted to say something, he couldn’t. He could only wait, hateful, as the system gradually sent him out of the World Summit.

When the spectating crowd saw Skyhawk’s corpse on the ground, they gulped audibly as they turned towards the Swordsman beside said corpse.

Shi Feng was too strong!

This was the first time that they, as expert players, had realized that players could dominate a battle by relying on Skills, not just Basic Attributes and techniques.

Despite facing three peak experts simultaneously, Shi Feng had killed all three by relying on his Skills. Shi Feng’s Skills were so powerful that Skyhawk’s party hadn’t been able to retaliate in the slightest.

First, Shi Feng had suppressed his opponents with a Domain Skill. He then used a Silencing AOE Skill and another Skill that allowed him to instant-kill a Guardian Knight. In the end, he had relied on his doppelgangers to fight a two-on-one battle. With his numerous Skills, he had crushed any advantage his opponents had possessed.

After this battle, these expert players realized how important Skills and Spells actually were.

Now, they understood that Skills and Spells could make up for their imperfections, furthering their combat powers.

Even when struggling with an overwhelming disadvantage, they could rely on the synergy of powerful Skills and Spells to turn the tide of battle.

Shi Feng was proof of this.

“Skyhawk died, just like that. He’s definitely going to get an earful when he reports back to the main headquarters,” Brute Spear could not help but laugh as he watched Skyhawk’s body gradually disappear. “We really have to thank this mysterious expert.”

As the Sin of Wrath’s commander, everyone in the Flower of Seven Sins recognized the man’s strength. He had achieved quite a bit in the organization.

This was also why Skyhawk was so dissatisfied with Hidden Soul, who had recently been promoted to the Sin of Pride’s commander due to her connections. Hidden Soul faced a lot of pressure in the organization, but now that Skyhawk had died during an attempted robbery, he would lose quite a bit of influence.

“Mysterious expert?” Hidden Soul could not help but shake her head. Smiling bitterly, she said, “He is no mysterious expert. In fact, you know him.”

“I know him?” Brute Spear was confused.

“If I’m not mistaken, he is Maple Leaf,” Hidden Soul said as she stared at Shi Feng’s distant figure. “Although he had hidden his appearance under a Black Cloak, one of the Doppelganger Skills he used during the fight is the same Skill Maple used in the entrance test.”

“He’s Brother Maple?” Brute Spear turned to Shi Feng with wide eyes, shocked. He couldn’t believe it.

Not only was Shi Feng ridiculously powerful against monsters, but he was equally powerful in PvP.

“Commander, if we can deepen our relationship with Brother Maple, wouldn’t we have a better chance of retrieving the item?” Brute Spear suggested excitedly.

“Mhm. But this isn’t the time to ask him,” Hidden Soul said after giving the matter some thought. “He has just killed Skyhawk. Even if Skyhawk can stomach this grievance, the Elders aren’t likely to turn the other way. They’ll do everything to learn as much as they can about him. It won’t be too late to contact Maple once the Elders have discovered his true identity.”

After giving the matter some thought, Brute Spear understood Hidden Soul’s reasoning.

The Flower of Seven Sins was a mysterious organization, which everyone in the virtual gaming world feared and revered. Meanwhile, news of a mysterious player killing a commander like Skyhawk would leak, sooner or later. The other superpowers would laugh at and ridicule the Flower of Seven Sins. If the organization wanted to maintain its reputation, it couldn’t sit still and do nothing. Otherwise, the organization’s prestige would plummet.

While the watching players discussed Shi Feng and the battle, the Swordsman began to collect the loot Skyhawk and his party had dropped.

Skyhawk, Ridiculous, and Ink Hunter were all bona fide peak experts. Every weapon and piece of equipment they used was the best of the best.

When Skyhawk had died, not only had he dropped Level 45, Dark-Gold plate-armor gloves, but he had also dropped a horn that radiated dense, demonic power. As it lay on the ground, it increased the demonic power in the air by several-fold.

“What’s this?” Shi Feng picked up the horn curiously and inspected it.

[Demon King’s Horn] (Epic Rank Consumable)

This horn carries the power of a living Demon King. Activating the horn will allow you to execute an attack with the power this Demon King had during his life. Activating the Demon King’s power will cost 30,000 Magic Crystal. (Can be used two more times.)

Shi Feng was dumbfounded when he read the Demon King’s Horn’s description. A moment later, ecstasy gripped his heart.

An Epic Consumable!

This item was far rarer than an ordinary Epic item, and it was obvious that Skyhawk had purchased it with his Shrine Points. However, it seemed that the Berserker had been in so much of a hurry to kill Shi Feng that he had ignored the Restriction Period. In the end, Skyhawk had dropped the Demon King’s Horn.

When Skyhawk realized that he had lost this item, he would die from regret.

Not even Shi Feng could help but pity Skyhawk a little.

Needless to say, Skyhawk had spent most, if not all, of the Shrine Points he had earned from the Divine Staircase on this item. If Shi Feng had been in his place, he wouldn’t have spent his points on the horn. After all, it was merely a Consumable item. It would disappear once its usage counts had been spent.

However, Shi Feng had to admit that the item could exert an astounding amount of power due to its limited usage counts. With it, a player could use all of the potential of an Epic item in an instant.

In God’s Domain, Demon Kings were Tier 5 existences. Although their Life Ratings were lower than Fallen Angels, they were still Tier 5 creatures. On their own, they had enough combat power to devastate an entire kingdom.

Quite a few Demon Kings had roamed God’s Domain in Shi Feng’s previous life. These Demon Kings had significantly changed the kingdoms they had risen in. To defeat these Demon Kings, the various local Guilds had made astronomical sacrifices.

Could that fellow have intended to raid a Mythic monster? Shi Feng wondered as he gazed at the Demon King’s Horn.

Since the Demon King’s Horn allowed a player to use a Demon King’s power, the player could launch an attack of a Tier 5 creature.

A Tier 5 attack could even wound a Tier 5 monster severely if not dealt with properly. To current players, however, Tier 5 monsters were practically invincible. No player would be foolish enough to challenge a Tier 5 creature at this stage of the game.

The only reason why Skyhawk would purchase this item was to face a Tier 4 Mythic monster.

Although Mythic monsters were still insurmountable to current players, it was possible to take one down with the help of the Demon King’s Horn and a few other powerful items.

Now that Shi Feng had obtained the Demon King’s Horn, he had gained another trump card, which was even stronger than the Elemental Sources, to deal with Mythic monsters in the future. He could even use it to deal with the Final Boss in a Level 50 super-large-scale Team Dungeon. The only problem was the high requirement of Magic Crystals to activate the Demon King’s Horn…

Not just any Guild could afford to part with 30,000 Magic Crystals. Not even Zero Wing could afford the expenditure. Many aspects demanded Magic Crystals of the Guild. Right now, Zero Wing couldn’t even afford to spend 10,000 Magic Crystals, let alone 30,000…

Forget it. It’s better than not having it at all.

After pondering the situation for a moment, Shi Feng decided to set the Demon King’s Horn aside for now, continuing towards the World Summit’s Epic area.

Meanwhile, news of Shi Feng’s single-handed annihilation of Skyhawk’s party spread like wildfire, quickly reaching the various superpowers’ ears.