Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1582: Domain Improves

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Chapter 1582 – Domain Improves

Shi Feng’s desire for the Disintegration Armor was intense.

After all, it was a set piece of one of the Nine Great Legendary Sets in God’s Domain.

He had only heard rumors about the Nine Great Legendary Sets in the past.

He knew that these nine sets were far stronger than ordinary Legendary Set Equipment; they could be considered the best among the various Legendary Set Equipment in God’s Domain.

Generally, among the various pieces of a set equipment, the chest piece was the most important.

As long as he could repair the Disintegration Armor, its benefits would be far beyond that of ordinary Legendary Equipment.

Although the Disintegration Armor hadn’t fully recovered, its statistics were frightening.

[Disintegration Armor] One piece of the Legendary Set Equipment the Orc Empire’s Founding Emperor had crafted. The wearer of this armor will gain even greater strength than that of Titans. They will also fall into an endless cycle of madness. However, the Disintegration Armor had been damaged beyond repair during the great war, and now leaks the Disintegration Power within. The Disintegration Power will taint any player that carries this item. It has also been tainted by an evil power, making it impossible to recast the armor. (At present, 75% of the armor is still tainted by an evil power.)

[Disintegration Field] Disintegrates all Skills and Spells within a 100-yard radius (Skills and Spells at Tier 2 and below will be nullified, while Skills and Spells above Tier 2 will be weakened by 70%). All entities within range of the Disintegration Field will sustain a 40% reduction to Basic Attributes, physique, and Stamina in addition to a 400% increase to their Stamina and Concentration consumption rates. No Cooldown.

Despite removing a quarter of the evil power, the Disintegration Armor’s power had grown significantly. He didn’t dare to imagine how powerful the Disintegration Field would become once he removed the remaining evil power.

Disintegration Field’s ability to weaken Skills and Spells above Tier 2 by 70% was outrageous. Such suppression would basically cripple any Skill or Spell it encountered. The Skill or Spell would likely deal even less damage than a normal attack, and that’s not even including the 40% reduction to Basic Attributes.

Only three more to go. Shi Feng could not help his grin as he looked at the remaining evil power in the armor.

Although he had spent more time on the Divine Staircase than any other player, he had earned a lot of time in the entrance test. He still had 5,724 minutes he could use to explore the World Summit. If he spent this time wisely, he shouldn’t have any issues acquiring three more God Crystals. Opening an Epic Shrine only cost 1,000 minutes, and excluding travel time between shrines, he could activate up to five Epic Shrines.

As long as three of these Epic Shrines contained God Crystals, he could remove the remaining evil power that tainted the Disintegration Armor.

Once he had a plan, Shi Feng stopped wasting his time. After storing the Disintegration Armor, he dashed towards the Epic Shrine area.

Shi Feng ascended the World Summit’s mountain far faster than he had during his previous visit even though he was still suffering a Weakened state from activating Twofold Berserk.

After climbing the mountain for a little over an hour, he had made it past the Bronze area and was already past the Mysterious-Iron area.

During his climb, he had spotted many players who tried to make the most of their remaining time as they entered as many low-rank shrines as possible.

Unlike the Dark-Gold and Epic Shrines, which cost 400 minutes and 1,000 minutes to activate, respectively, lower-ranked shrines were relatively cheap to activate. The Bronze and Mysterious-Iron Shrines, in particular, only cost 50 minutes and 100 minutes to activate.

Just as Shi Feng was about to reach the Secret-Silver area, three figures moved to intercept him.

Leading this trio was none other than the Flower of Seven Sins’ Skyhawk.

“What a coincidence! We meet again,” Skyhawk said, smiling at the cloaked Shi Feng.

“A coincidence?” Glancing at Skyhawk and his two companions, who currently wore sneers, Shi Feng said, “I’m wearing a Black Cloak like many of the players in the World Summit. Quite a few of them are Swordsmen as well. Aside from using a Tracking Scroll, I don’t think you have any other methods of differentiating me from anyone else.”

“Such a quick and astute observation is only to be expected from the expert that earned enough SPs to purchase a Bloodline,” Skyhawk praised and clapped. “You are correct. To find you, I used one of the only two Tracking Scrolls I had on hand. Are you willing to sell us the Bloodline now?”

Tracking Scrolls were extremely rare and precious items in God’s Domain. They were treasures used to hunt players.

If Shi Feng had merely obtained an Epic Weapon or piece of Equipment from the Divine Staircase, he would not have bothered to waste a Tracking Scroll on the Swordsman.

However, Shi Feng carried a Bloodline. Skyhawk would even willingly spend ten Tracking Scrolls to hunt this Swordsman down.

“What if I refuse?” Shi Feng asked.

“Refuse?” Skyhawk could not help but laugh at Shi Feng’s question. “You can refuse, but the Flower of Seven Sins always gets what it wants. Or do you think that you can actually escape our pursuit?”

Skyhawk’s statement had been quite loud, and his words quickly caught the attention of nearby players who came and went from the Secret-Silver area.

“What’s going on?”

“Members of the Flower of Seven Sins are actually robbing someone! Is this for real?!”

“That person sure is unlucky.”

The passing players sent Shi Feng looks of sympathy.

Although they weren’t certain that Skyhawk and his companions were actually from the Flower of Seven Sins, they outnumbered their target. Moreover, their weapons and equipment were exceptional. These three players definitely weren’t ordinary experts. Shi Feng would clearly be at a disadvantage if the trio decided to take action.

“Commander, those people seem to think that Flower of Seven Sins’ members are robbing someone,” a savage-like man, who had just descended from the Secret-Silver area, reported to the cold beauty beside him as he looked towards Shi Feng. “The other members in the World Summit should be in Skyhawk’s party. Should we go and take a look?”

“There’s no need. It’s Skyhawk’s party,” the woman said as she looked at the man with a broken, massive, pitch-black blade across his back.

If Skyhawk weren’t preoccupied, he would notice that the cloaked savage and the cold beauty were none other than Brute Spear and Hidden Soul.

“Seriously? What exactly happened? Why are they resorting to theft?” Brute Spear could not help but gape at the distant Berserker.

The Flower of Seven Sins only had seven commanders. Meanwhile, Skyhawk commanded the Sin of Wrath, an existence that stood among the Flower of Seven Sins’ upper echelons. Normally, Skyhawk felt it beneath himself to attack someone for an Epic item, yet this man was trying to rob someone.

If news of this reached the organization, it would cause chaos.

“I don’t know, but this is quite interesting. Let’s head over and find out what’s going on.” When Hidden Soul saw Skyhawk ready to take action, interest bubbled in her heart.

However, this interest was not directed towards Skyhawk, but Skyhawk’s target.

A player daring enough to offend Skyhawk had to be extraordinary.

Immediately, these two players approached the battle to get a better grasp of the situation.

Meanwhile, Skyhawk’s party burst into action.

As companions that frequently fought alongside each other, the trio had long since reached an instinctual understanding of the party’s battle formation. Immediately, Ridiculous, the tall, robust Guardian Knight, charged towards Shi Feng. Meanwhile, Skyhawk took advantage of the Ridiculous’s large frame, shielding himself as he stealthily circled to Shi Feng’s side. As for the Cleric, Ink Hunter cast a Truth Shield on Ridiculous. At the same time, he used Soul Cloud to assist in battle.

Instantly, the trio formed a well-coordinated, three-pronged attack. If not dealt with properly, this attack would even instant-kill a peak expert.


Ridiculous shouted as he radiated a golden glow, activating Justice Roar and forcing Shi Feng to attack him. At the same time, he swung his one-handed axe at the Swordsman, utilizing the dazzling glow from his body to hide his attack.

However, as Ridiculous swung his axe, an energy pulse radiated from Shi Feng, extending across 100 yards before dissipating. Everyone within range suddenly found themselves under an intense suppression.

Skyhawk, Ridiculous, and Ink Hunter’s Basic Attributes began to plummet as exhaustion settled in their bones.

Disintegration Field!