Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1581: Disintegration Armor Recovers

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Chapter 1581 – Disintegration Armor Recovers

Overhearing Skyhawk’s request, the players inside the Divine Hall could not help but turn to look at him with shocked expressions.

“What? That guy is actually someone from the Flower of Seven Sins?”

“Sure enough, even a superpower like the Flower of Seven Sins is highly interested in Bloodlines.”

“I wonder if that person will agree to trade his Bloodline away?”

“Why wouldn’t he agree? That’s the Flower of Seven Sins we’re talking about! It’s the strongest assassination organization in the virtual gaming world! Who would dare defy them?”

The surrounding onlookers started a quiet discussion among themselves as they looked at Skyhawk.

The Flower of Seven Sins was known by practically everyone in the virtual gaming world. However, the members of the Flower of Seven Sins always took action covertly, so most players had only ever heard about the organization and knew that it specialized in commissions for assassination. As long as one could afford the price, the Flower of Seven Sins would dare to take action even against Super Guilds.

Moreover, every member of the Flower of Seven Sins was an expert among experts. Even Super Guilds felt fearful of some of the organization’s experts.

Meanwhile, regarding the matter of Shi Feng acquiring a Bloodline, although the onlookers felt very envious of him, they also knew that any player capable of exchanging for a Bloodline was definitely no ordinary expert. Hence, there was very little chance they could steal the Bloodline from Shi Feng. However, it would be a different story if the Flower of Seven Sins was the one asking for it.

The Flower of Seven Sins dared to take action against even the old monsters of Super Guilds. Although Shi Feng was someone capable of acquiring a Bloodline, the Flower of Seven Sins would still consider him an insignificant existence.

Just as everyone was wondering what kind of decision Shi Feng would make, Shi Feng rolled his eyes at the arrogant Skyhawk.

“I’m not interested in this transaction. You’d best look for someone else,” Shi Feng said before continuing towards the main entrance of the Divine Hall.

Bloodlines were limited items in God’s Domain. Although they were available for exchange at the Divine Staircase, every Bloodline was unique. Once one was taken, its listing would no longer appear at the Divine Staircase.

In addition, players wouldn’t be allowed to exchange for items of similar rank and type in the future, which implied that players could exchange for only one Basic Bloodline at the Divine Staircase in their lifetime. If Shi Feng wished to exchange for another Bloodline in the future, his options would be only Advanced Bloodlines and Peak Bloodlines. The same rule applied for Epic and Fragmented Legendary items as well. Players were limited to only one such item.

Hence, Shi Feng naturally wouldn’t be so foolish as to trade away his Bloodline.

Moreover, even if he could exchange for an unlimited number of Bloodlines, he still wouldn’t trade the Dark Iron Bloodline away. Bloodlines were incomparably precious. Aside from the Divine Staircase, Shi Feng had no idea where he could obtain a Bloodline with absolute certainty. Hence, if he managed to get his hands on additional Bloodlines, he would naturally give it to the other members of his Guild. Only a fool would try to sell their Bloodlines away.

Upon Shi Feng’s departure, Skyhawk’s complexion darkened immediately.

“That guy’s dead! He actually dared offend someone from the Flower of Seven Sins!”

“As expected of an expert. If it were me, I definitely would’ve chosen to trade away the Bloodline.”

Everyone could not help but send Shi Feng looks of pity and worship as they watched the Swordsman leave the Divine Hall.

When it came to tracking and investigative capabilities, the Flower of Seven Sins could rival even the Secret Pavilion. If the organization wanted someone dead, there was almost no escaping the organization’s grasp. Hence, if given a choice, independent experts would rather provoke a Super Guild than the Flower of Seven Sins.

“Commander, that person sure is arrogant! He actually dares disrespect the Flower of Seven Sins!” the Guardian Knight belonging to Skyhawk’s party said as he approached Skyhawk, shock and anger on his face as he looked at Shi Feng’s departing figure.

“Since he refuses to trade it to us, we’ll just take it away from him by force.” Skyhawk sneered as he looked at Shi Feng. “Did you use the Tracking Scroll?”

“I did. For the next twelve hours, no matter where he runs to, we’ll be able to find him.” The Guardian Knight smiled and nodded. Taking a look at his system map, he continued, “He seems to be heading for the World Summit.”

In God’s Domain, while it was indeed true that only Rangers and Assassins possessed tracking abilities, other players could rely on special Magic Scrolls to track players.

Meanwhile, as these special Magic Scrolls did not deal any damage, even when used on a player, the said player would not notice the tracking marker and neither could they remove it. Unless the targeted player logged out of the game, they could be located regardless of where they went.

The only flaw of these special Magic Scrolls was that they could not be used repeatedly on the same target. Once a player was marked, no other tracking marker could be placed on them within the next 48 hours.

“What a confident person. Notify Ink Hunter and have him get ready. We’ll take action on the World Summit,” Skyhawk ordered.

In the World Summit, only the foot of the mountain was a safe zone. Once players ascended the mountain, the prohibition on attacking other players no longer applied. There, players could fight each other however much they wanted. Only, once a player was killed on the World Summit, although they would not lose a level, they would drop an item and be sent directly out of the World Summit regardless of how much time they had remaining.

Since Bloodlines were categorized as limited items, after players exchanged for a Bloodline, they could not use it immediately. They needed to wait three hours for the restriction to end. Meanwhile, if players were killed during this restriction period, they would drop the Bloodline with a 100% certainty.

“Understood!” The Guardian Knight licked his lips in anticipation as he contacted their Cleric companion.

Meanwhile, after Shi Feng ascended the World Summit, he did not make a beeline for the area where the Epic Shrines were located. Instead, he found a secluded spot and retrieved the Disintegration Armor and God Crystal from his bag.

Hopefully, it doesn’t require too many. Shi Feng took a deep breath as he chose the Fusion option in the system interface.

In the Divine Staircase’s exchange menu, God Crystals were considered only unique items and not limited items. However, players had a cap of one God Crystal per visit to the World Summit. If Shi Feng wished to exchange for another God Crystal, he could do so only on his next visit.

After he chose to fuse the Disintegration Armor and God Crystal, the magic circuits carved on the Disintegration Armor released a dazzling silver glow. At the same time, the Disintegration Power the armor radiated intensified. A short moment later, a stream of evil, pitch-black energy flowed out of the Disintegration Armor.

This pitch-black energy felt as if it could corrode all items in existence. In fact, it even began corroding the ground, air, and even space around the Disintegration Armor.

What a strong power! Shi Feng involuntarily retreated three steps in a hurry as he looked at this pitch-black energy, deeply afraid of getting tainted by this corrosive energy.

However, shortly after this pitch-black energy started corrupting its surroundings, the space around it began trembling. The boundless energy permeating the entire World Summit actually started dispelling this pitch-black energy. In the blink of an eye, it obliterated the pitch-black energy.

The World Summit truly is a place created by Gods. Shi Feng could not help his surprise as he looked at the formerly decayed grass and air that had reverted to their original states.

The corrosive energy was capable of suppressing even the Disintegration Armor’s mighty Disintegration Power. Yet, when this pitch-black energy came into contact with the energy in World Summit, it got wiped out almost instantly.

Meanwhile, after this pitch-black energy was removed, a small change occurred to the Disintegration Armor.

The formerly dull and tattered armor was actually glowing right now. Although it still had some physical damage and the magic circuits engraved on it remained dim and powerless, the Disintegration Power it exuded had become much more resplendent than before. Even Shi Feng, the owner of the Disintegration Armor, felt intense pressure coming from it.

He immediately walked up to the Disintegration Armor and checked its statistics again.

What amazing Attributes! Shi Feng could not help but grow ecstatic as he looked at the Disintegration Armor’s new statistics.