Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1579: Redeeming a Bloodline

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After Shi Feng entered the 36th Divine Shrine, the monsters he came across were mostly Chieftains. Meanwhile, the monster patrol squads he encountered were mainly led by Level 60 Lords, with a few led by High Lords.

Even an expert player would not dare to pick a fight if they came across such monster patrol squads; their only option would be to run away.

In addition, the traps found inside the Divine Shrine had increased in both quantity and quality. Now, every trap was more than capable of killing a player instantly. If players lacked the strength to cope with the traps and patrol squads simultaneously, it was basically game over for them.

To Shi Feng, however, these monster patrol squads were no problem whatsoever. Only, having to deal with both the traps and monsters at the same time consumed a lot of his time and Stamina.

Fortunately, he had Life Essences to help replenish his Stamina. Hence, he still managed to arrive at the teleportation array of the 36th Divine Shrine relatively easily.

From the 35th Divine Shrine onwards, the Guardian Bosses had become Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species. Even if Shi Feng had enough Magic Crystals to execute threefold suppression, he was not confident of defeating such a foe.

A casual hit from a Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species could heavily injure Shi Feng even if he succeeded in blocking the attack. If he failed, needless to say, he would be killed instantly.

As a result, Shi Feng had to resort to Heavenly Dragon’s Power and Life Domain to keep himself alive. He then used the doppelganger summoned through Phantom Kill to activate the teleportation array. After the teleportation array was ready, he swapped positions with his doppelganger and promptly left the 36th Divine Shrine.

Although Shi Feng failed to kill the Guardian Boss, passing the 36th Divine Shrine still granted him a total of 4,000 Shrine Points.

Through this method, he smoothly ascended the Divine Staircase all the way up to the 40th Divine Shrine, causing a huge commotion among the players in the World Summit.

After all, the second-ranked player only managed to clear the 33rd Divine Shrine.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng directly chose to give up on the challenge after passing the 40th Divine Shrine.

The reason for this decision was the Guardian Bosses no longer being Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species, but Mythic monsters, instead, from the 40th Divine Shrine onwards. Whether it was in terms of Strength, speed, or combat standards, a Mythic monster surpassed a Grand Lord ranked Archaic Species by a wide margin. Against a Mythic monster, Skills such as Abyssal Curse and Disintegration Field had minimal effect.

Even after Shi Feng had used Heavenly Dragon’s Power, the Guardian Boss of the 40th Divine Shrine still managed to overwhelm him. Had Shi Feng made even the slightest mistake during the fight, he would’ve definitely been killed instantly. In the end, he was left with no choice but to resort to Twofold Berserk. However, even after he did so, against an unsuppressed Mythic monster, it had taken him everything he had just to keep his life. Fortunately, he was able to hold out long enough for his doppelganger to activate the teleportation array, and he succeeded in leaving the 40th Divine Shrine.

However, after activating Twofold Berserk, he had also entered a Weakened state, which had a very long duration.

As this method of clearing the Divine Shrines was simply too time-consuming, Shi Feng decided that it was better to give up and use his remaining time to explore the other Shrines on the World Summit.

After Shi Feng chose to leave the Divine Staircase, he arrived back at the Divine Hall located at the bottom of the World Summit.

There are so many people!

Upon arriving at the Divine Hall, he discovered that most of the Demon Players he encountered at the World Summit’s main entrance were currently present in the Divine Hall.

“Buying Demon Potions, 150 Gold per bottle! Willing to use Level 45 top-tier weapons and equipment to exchange as well!”

“Purchasing set pieces for Level 50 Dark-Gold or Fine-Gold Set Equipment! Prices negotiable!”

Among the players present inside the Divine Hall, very few were here to exchange for items using their Shrine Points. Instead, the majority of the players were purchasing items exchanged using Shrine Points. Rather than an exchange center, the Divine Hall looked more like a marketplace right now.

At this moment, a cloaked player approached Shi Feng and asked, “Fellow friend, you just came out from the Divine Staircase, right? If you still have points remaining after you’re done exchanging for the items you want, I’m willing to purchase those points at a high price. I’ll buy 20 points for one Gold. I’ll buy ten points for one Gold if you have over 1,000 points, ten points for two Gold if you have over 3,000 points, and ten points for three Gold if you have over 5,000 points. How about it?”

Hearing the cloaked player’s words, Shi Feng was inwardly astonished.

The purchase price was simply too frightening.

If players had over 5,000 points on hand, that meant passing the first Divine Shrine alone could already earn them six Gold Coins. If they defeated the Guardian Boss as well, they could make a total of 21 Gold from clearing the first Divine Shrine.

“Sorry, but I don’t have that many points to spare,” Shi Feng replied, shaking his head. He then headed straight for the exchange counter, showing no intention of trading away his points for Coins.

After all, he did not have a lot of Shrine Points on hand. Currently, he had accumulated a total of only 146,360 points.

Given Shi Feng’s lack of interest, the cloaked player had no choice but to search for willing sellers.

When Shi Feng arrived before the exchange counter, a female Demon NPC smiled at him and asked, “Hello, sir, may I know what item you wish to exchange for?”

“Bloodlines!” Shi Feng replied.

“Bloodlines?” The Demon NPC revealed a shocked expression when she heard Shi Feng’s answer. Very quickly, however, she nodded and said, “Alright. Here is a list of Bloodlines available for exchange.”

Although Shi Feng and the female Demon NPC did not speak loudly, everyone present in the Divine Hall was an expert. They also possessed considerably good physiques. Moreover, they were very familiar with the high-ranking items available for exchange at the Divine Hall. Hence, upon hearing the word “Bloodline,” they turned to look at Shi Feng, who stood before the exchange counter, their ears immediately perking up.

“What?! That person is actually trying to exchange for a Bloodline?! Even the cheapest Bloodline requires 100,000 points!”

“Previously, I heard that the monsters that managed to pass the 31st Divine Shrine only obtained 32,540 points. They are far from reaching 100,000 points. That guy should just be taking a look at the available Bloodlines.”

“No, that might not be the case. I checked the Ranking List just now and saw that someone has already cleared the 40th Divine Shrine. He might be that person.”

“Still, even if he cleared the 40th Divine Shrine, it shouldn’t be possible for him to accumulate so many points.”

At this moment, everyone looked at Shi Feng with eyes filled with curiosity.

After all, to them, 100,000 Shrine Points was an astronomical amount.

It seems nobody else has discovered it yet?

From the hushed discussions Shi Feng overheard, he couldn’t help but pity these expert Demon Players. In order to save time, these players had chosen the fastest method to clear the Divine Shrines and missed out on the opportunity to obtain the points for killing the Guardian Bosses.

However, he also wasn’t so kindhearted as to announce this fact. Following which, he focused his gaze on the list of Bloodlines the NPC provided him.

There was a total of 33 different Bloodlines available for exchange.

Among them, 23 were Basic Bloodlines, eight were Advanced Bloodlines, and two were Peak Bloodlines.

In his two lives playing God’s Domain, this was the first time Shi Feng saw so many Bloodlines gathered in one place. Meanwhile, any single one of these Bloodlines could cause any expert in the past to go crazy over it; even apex experts would have been willing to pay any price to acquire one of these Bloodlines.