Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1578: Basic Strength Battle Array

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He’s finally dead. Shi Feng breathed out a sigh of relief when he saw the Lizardman Chief disappearing.

After going berserk, the Lizardman Chief was simply too powerful. Not only was the Realm Lord’s Strength overwhelming, but his attacks also carried the Mana Erosion effect. Every time Shi Feng clashed with the Realm Lord, although he appeared to have the advantage, in reality, his HP also decreased by a significant amount. At this moment, Shi Feng’s HP had already fallen below 25%…

Had the Lizardman Chief been able to endure a few more attacks, the one to die in that battle would have been Shi Feng, instead.

Meanwhile, after the Lizardman Chief died, over a dozen items had dropped to the ground, including three pieces of Level 55 Fine-Gold Equipment, four pieces of Level 55 Secret-Silver Equipment, eight rare materials, and two Mana Barrier Crystal Fragments. For a Level 60 Grand Lord, this loot was quite satisfactory.

Not to mention, aside from all these items, the Realm Lord had also dropped three design fragments. When Shi Feng saw these design fragments, his eyes immediately glowed. After all, these design fragments were meant for none other than the Conqueror’s Armor Design.

With this, I’ll be able to start producing Level 50 Fine-Gold Equipment that has a Basic Battle Array added to it. Shi Feng smiled as he looked at the three design fragments.

He then combined the nine design fragments, forming a complete forging design.

[Conqueror’s Armor Forging Design] (Advanced Design, Fine-Gold Rank)

When learned, you will be able to produce the Level 50 Magic Rune Armor. Every piece of armor produced will have a magic array carved on it. Five pieces of armor can be used to form a Basic Strength Battle Array.

[Conqueror’s Armor] (Chest Piece, Plate Armor, Fine-Gold Rank)

Level 50

Equipment Requirement: Strength 700 and Agility 700

Defense +2,150

Strength +64, Endurance +72, Agility +60

Additional Passive Skill-

Life Sacrifice: The lower the wearer’s HP, the greater the power they will receive. Increases to a maximum of 10% Strength and 20% Attack Speed.

Additional Active Skill-

Basic Strength Battle Array: Requires five or more players wearing the Conqueror’s Armor to activate. Upon activation, increases wearer’s Strength by 25%, Agility by 15%, Endurance by 15%, and physique by 10%. Grants Basic Perception Sharing buff. Stamina and Concentration consumption rates are also increased by 400%. Maintaining the battle array costs one Magic Crystal every five minutes.

The effects of this Basic Strength Battle Array sure are powerful. Shi Feng could not help his astonishment after reading through the Conqueror’s Armor’s introduction.

He had seen many Basic Battle Arrays before. Meanwhile, a Basic Battle Array would be considered excellent if it increased the Attribute it specialized in by 20%. Normally, though, most Basic Battle Arrays only increased their specialized Attributes by 15%. The Conqueror’s Armor’s Basic Strength Battle Array, however, actually increased Strength by 25% and two other Basic Attributes by 15%. There was also the 10% improvement to physique. The effects of the Basic Strength Battle Array could already rival the transformation effects of Demon Players.

In fact, the Basic Strength Battle Array provided even greater improvements to a player’s combat power than a Demon Player’s Demon state did.

After all, the battle array’s Perception Sharing buff allowed players to eliminate their defensive blind spots. This, in turn, would improve a player’s combat standards significantly. Moreover, coordination between players wearing the Conqueror’s Armor would also become much better, and they would be able to execute much more frightening attacks.

If a party of five elite players was equipped with the Conqueror’s Armor, they might be able to defeat even a party of five ordinary experts.

This was the reason the various large Guilds had been extremely desperate to obtain equipment with battle arrays in the past. Moreover, the Basic Strength Battle Array was only a Basic Battle Array. If the Conqueror’s Armor had an Intermediate or Advanced Battle Array instead, it could provide even more frightening improvements to a player’s combat power.

In the past, it was also because of some special battle arrays that many insignificant small Guilds had managed to survive despite not subordinating themselves to a large Guild.

Currently, the value of the Conqueror’s Armor Design was worth even more than Fragmented Legendary items.

After going through the Lizardman Chief’s loot, Shi Feng approached the stone altar and carefully picked up the Gold Tablet placed on top of it.

Shi Feng was very curious to find out just what kind of combat technique the tablet recorded.

To all players, Secret Technique Tablets were precious treasures that they could use to learn combat techniques from. Moreover, the higher the rank of a Secret Technique Tablet, the more powerful the combat technique one could learn from it.

In fact, in order to obtain a Gold Tablet, an NPC had gone as far as to commit robbery in the middle of Blackwing City.

After suppressing the excitement in his heart, Shi Feng clicked to inspect the Gold Tablet.

[Secret Body Technique]

The pattern engraved on this tablet is too vague and incomplete, and no information can be deciphered. However, some kind of divine power hides within this pattern. If one gathers all of the stone tablets, this vague and incomplete pattern can be restored.

Current tablet count (1/3)

A Secret Body Technique? Shi Feng’s eyes glowed as he looked at the Gold Tablet.

It was common knowledge that among the various combat techniques available in God’s Domain, combat techniques focused on the physical body were the most valuable. Moreover, just like Void Steps, such techniques were suitable for both physically and magically oriented classes. Even if one failed to grasp the combat technique completely, they would still be able to improve their control over their own bodies.

After he finished inspecting the Gold Tablet, before he could even store it away, a golden light suddenly shone down on him.

“This is…” A pleasant feeling filled Shi Feng’s body as he was enveloped in this golden light. He also fully recovered all the Stamina and Concentration he had exhausted previously.

System: Congratulations! You have exceeded your own limits and achieved an Exploit acknowledged by the Gods.

System: Congratulations! You are the first player to have achieved an Exploit on the Divine Staircase. Rewarding 15,000 Shrine Points.

“So, this is an Exploit?” Shi Feng could not help but feel joyous when he saw the proof of having achieved an Exploit appearing in his status window. “Also, 15,000 Shrine Points? The system sure is generous.”

Unlike Shrine Points, one’s accumulated Exploits would not reset upon leaving the World Summit. They would remain until players spent them or deleted them deliberately.

Meanwhile, the more valuable items available at the Divine Staircase, such as Bloodlines and Fragmented Legendary items, all required Exploits to exchange for. Otherwise, even if one had the necessary Shrine Points, they would only be able to stare at their desired items, helpless to do anything.

Moreover, due to the system reward this time, Shi Feng’s accumulated Shrine Points had finally broken past the 100,000-point threshold. He was now qualified to exchange for the cheapest Bloodline.

After thinking up to this point, Shi Feng could not help but quickly leave the 30th Divine Shrine.

When he appeared back on the Divine Staircase, a series of system notifications entered his ears.

System: Congratulations! You have passed the Divine Shrine. Rewarding 1,500 Shrine Points.

System: Congratulations! You have passed the Divine Shrine within the time limit. Rewarding 1,500 Shrine Points.

System: Congratulations! You have killed the Guardian Boss within the time limit. Rewarding 4,000 Shrine Points.

After including these rewards, Shi Feng’s total Shrine Points reached 109,360.

However, he still had no intention of ending his challenge. After getting sufficient rest, he immediately proceeded to the next Divine Shrine.

Although he currently no longer had enough Magic Crystals to use World Projection for the subsequent Guardian Bosses, even if he could not beat the Guardian Bosses, he was more than capable of maneuvering past them. In any case, he was not required to defeat the Guardian Bosses in order to clear the Divine Shrines and ascend the Divine Staircase.

Hence, while avoiding battle with the Guardian Bosses, Shi Feng cleared one Divine Shrine after another.

Meanwhile, as he was rapidly accumulating more Shrine Points, some players out on the World Summit had also started to notice something odd.

Previously, the highest record on the Ranking List displayed before the various Divine Shrines was only at the 33rd Divine Shrine. Now, however, someone had already reached the 35th Divine Shrine.

Moreover, this person showed no signs of slowing down as they sped through the 35th Divine Shrine and entered the 36th.

“Who is this person?” Skyhawk, who had just exited the 33rd Divine Shrine, revealed a surprised expression as he looked at the Divine Shrine Ranking List.

As one reached further Divine Shrines, not only would they face much more difficult Bosses, but the traps set up inside the Divine Shrines also became increasingly powerful. In fact, Skyhawk had spent two of his seven attempts on clearing the 33rd Divine Shrine. Furthermore, he had already planned on giving up trying to pass the 34th Divine Shrine altogether.

As for the 35th Divine Shrine, he did not even dare think about clearing it. After all, the Divine Staircase’s difficulty increased substantially every five levels. Despite that, there was actually someone who had successfully done so already and was challenging the 36th.