Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1573: Domineering Aqua Rose

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“Blackwater? Why are they here?”

Aqua Rose grew curious as she read Yaya’s message. It had been quite some time since Zero Wing had dealt with the Blackwater Corporation. According to her information, Abandoned Wave’s actions had only been the Blackwater Corporation’s attempt to test God’s Domain’s waters. Afterward the events with Zero Wing, Blackwater quickly gave up on Abandoned Wave, and the man had vanished without a trace.

Blackwater then focused its development in the distant Iron Empire, taking control of the empire after forcing several superpowers out of the competition. Logically, Blackwater should have no reason to leave the safety of the Iron Empire and travel all the way to Star-Moon Kingdom to seek out Zero Wing. Hence, Aqua Rose found the situation strange.

However, Aqua Rose decided to send Yaya to entertain Blackwater’s representatives while they waited in one of the Guild Residence’s reception rooms. She then dropped what she was doing and made her way to meet these individuals.

A man and a woman waited in one of the elegant Guild Residence reception rooms in Zero Wing City. Zero Wing’s elite members, who had been sent to wait on these two, stood quietly in the corner of the room, clearly tense.

These elite members weren’t tense just because of the two visitors’ extraordinary identities, but because of the chilling aura they radiated. They could not help but feel like they stood before a pair of lions as they involuntarily shuddered.

Moreover, both representatives were very high-leveled; the man was a Level 49 Elementalist, and the woman was a Level 48 Shield Warrior. Even the most inferior piece of equipment these two wore was Level 45 Dark-Gold rank. The male Elementalist even wore three pieces of Epic Equipment, appearing as if he were wrapped in a constant layer of fire. In fact, due to this man’s presence, the reception room’s temperature had risen quite a bit.

When Aqua Rose and Yaya entered the room, the man’s aura flared with even greater intensity. It was clear he wanted to intimidate Aqua Rose. Unfortunately for him, his biting-cold aura had no effect on the Zero Wing Vice Guild Leader.

“Hello, I am Aqua Rose, one of Zero Wing’s Vice Guild Leaders. May I know what business Blackwater has with our Guild?” Aqua Rose asked, smiling at the male Elementalist with the intimidating aura.

“As expected of Zero Wing’s Vice Guild Leader, your Guild’s reputation is well-deserved,” the male Elementalist praised when he saw the lack of hesitation in Aqua Rose’s response to his intimidation. “I had thought that our Guild Leader’s decision to send us as representatives was unnecessary. However, it seems that Zero Wing indeed qualifies for such a move.”

“Thank you for the praise. Now, may I know what business your Guild has with Zero Wing?” Aqua Rose calmly repeated, paying the male Elementalist’s arrogance no heed.

Moreover, the man before her earned his arrogance. Aside from the fact that this man was backed by the Blackwater Corporation, he radiated an aura that felt dangerous to Aqua Rose. After her promotion to Tier 2, she rarely felt such a feeling from other players, and any player who felt this way was a peak expert, capable of holding important positions in Super Guilds.

“My name is Falling Fire, the vice commander of Blackwater’s third main force. I have come here with a message for Zero Wing from our Guild Leader: hand over Youlan and her companions, which you have chosen to shelter, and half of Zero Wing City’s profits. Do that, and we can ignore the previous events. Otherwise, deal with the consequences at your risk,” the man named Falling Fire informed Aqua Rose. Smiling, he continued, “Although your Guild has performed well in a few major wars thus far, your strength is only effective against small Guilds. We’ll give you one day to consider our offer. I’ll be waiting for your reply.”

“Hand over Youlan and the others?” As Aqua Rose listened to Falling Fire’s message, she came to understand the gist of the situation. When she realized what Shi Feng had done, she was flabbergasted. It was no wonder why Youlan had seemed so worried. It turned out that she was wanted by Blackwater.

“That’s right. You only have one day to consider. As for Zero Wing City’s profits, I’ll send specialists to keep an eye on your city.” Falling Fire nodded.

In his opinion, Blackwater had no reason to go out of its way to warn Zero Wing. With the Guild’s strength, it could easily flatten this small, upstart Guild.

While Zero Wing’s past performance had been astonishing, that only held true for first-rate Guilds and smaller. To superpowers like Blackwater, Zero Wing was insignificant.

Furthermore, Zero Wing was currently preoccupied with its war against Heaven’s Burial.

“One day to consider handing over Youlan’s group and half of Zero Wing City’s profits?” Aqua Rose could not help but laugh when she heard Falling Fire’s words. “I see. I understand now. Since that is the case, you two may return to your Guild.”

“What do you mean by that?” Falling Fire’s expression darkened when he saw the woman’s smile.

“What do I mean? Have I not made myself clear enough? You can return, and tell that Guild Leader of yours that he can forget obtaining 50% of Zero Wing City’s profits. As for Youlan’s group, they have already joined Zero Wing. You’re even less likely to take them from us. If Blackwater is looking for an opponent, although Zero Wing is very weak, we are more than willing to keep you company!” Aqua Rose said straightforwardly. “Watch your step on your way out. I won’t be sending you off.”

When Aqua Rose finished speaking, the reception room was deathly silent.

Falling Fire stared at Aqua Rose in shock. He even wondered if he had heard her wrong.

Zero Wing was in the middle of a war of attrition with Heaven’s Burial. Now, it dared to declare war on Blackwater…

Even Yaya, who silently stood beside Aqua Rose, gaped in astonishment.

She had never realized that her Vice Guild Leader was so domineering!

The Blackwater Corporation was a titan both in and out of God’s Domain. In the real world, it was an incredibly famous international corporation. In God’s Domain, it had successfully wrestled control of the Iron Empire from several superpowers. Zero Wing simply couldn’t compare.

“Good! Very good! Since Zero Wing dares to cast aside the opportunity we’ve presented, you can wait until we remove your name from God’s Domain!” Falling Fire sneered at his host. Immediately, he and the Level 48 female Shield Warrior stood and left the room.

After the duo from Blackwater left, Yaya turned to Aqua Rose with a reverent expression.

“Big Sis Aqua, you’re so amazing! You even slapped Blackwater in the face! The look on that guy’s face just now was priceless!” Yaya said with admiration flashing in her eyes.

“That’s right! It felt wonderful putting those bastards in their place. However…how am I supposed to report this to the Guild Leader?” Aqua Rose felt a headache begin to brew. For a moment of satisfaction, she had declared war on Blackwater without consulting Shi Feng.

Zero Wing City was just starting to get on the right track. The wealth the city earned even allowed Zero Wing to fight Heaven’s Burial on equal footing, but if Blackwater joined the fray, Zero Wing would be at a severe disadvantage.

Meanwhile, back in the World Summit’s Divine Staircase…

Shi Feng had finally defeated the tenth Divine Shrine’s Guardian Boss, a Level 60, Lord ranked Five-headed Demon Snake. Before landing the killing blow, he had made sure to activate Divine Providence.

When the Five-headed Demon Snake died, items rained from the sky.

Normally, Level 50 monsters and above had significantly reduced drop-rates. However, the Demon Snake had dropped over 20 items. No Lord ranked monster of this level should be capable of dropping so many.

“A jackpot?” Shi Feng was overjoyed when he saw the loot on the ground.

He had only used Divine Providence to increase his chances of obtaining Mana Barrier Crystal Fragments, yet he had triggered a jackpot. He truly hadn’t expected such a bountiful reward.

In God’s Domain, jackpots were exceedingly rare from monsters past Level 50, much less from Realm Lords.