Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1571: Realm Lord

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Chapter 1571 – Realm Lord

As soon as Shi Feng set foot in the pitch-black shrine, his environment transformed. It felt as if he had just stepped through a teleportation gate and arrived in an entirely different space.

A dark forest loomed before him, and the howling of wolves occasionally echoed in his ears. In the darkness of night, he faintly saw pairs of crimson eyes flicker in the treetops.

This is…a survival battle? Shi Feng wondered as he observed his surroundings. Although it was night here, his vision was unaffected. He could see around him as clearly as if the sun hung above him.

Shi Feng spotted over a dozen Werewolves armed with crossbows and in excellent equipment standing in the trees around him. In addition, he spotted another dozen or so Werewolves with spears and greatswords beneath the trees’ cover, radiating an intense killing intent.

All of these Werewolves were Level 55 or above, with the highest at Level 58. They ranged between Elites and Special Elites. If an ordinary player attempted to take all of these monsters on by themselves, they’d definitely be torn apart.

As Shi Feng observed these Werewolves, the sound of a system notification reached his ears.

System: Clear this Divine Shrine to obtain a reward.

When the system notification ended, a system map appeared in the corner of Shi Feng’s vision. A teleportation point had been marked on the map in the heart of the forest. It was obvious that he had to reach said teleportation point to leave the Divine Shrine.

However, before Shi Feng could examine the map closely, the Werewolves in the treetops began to attack, the triple-loaded crossbows releasing their bolts at him simultaneously. At the same time, the Werewolves on the ground began to close in, forming a tight encirclement around him.

How troublesome. It seems that the system banned Teleportation Skills, as well. I guess I have no choice but to run to the target. When Shi Feng had noticed the Werewolves’ attacks, he had attempted to use Space Movement, teleporting to the destination directly. Unfortunately, Teleportation Skills were prohibited in the Divine Shrine. He had no choice but to unsheath Killing Ray and retaliate.

A rain of bolts from above might be troublesome to ordinary players, but to Shi Feng, the bolts were practically negligible. He easily dodged the bolts and appeared before a Level 56 Elite Werewolf in the blink of an eye. He lightly swung Killing Ray at the melee-focused Werewolf.

Shadow Blade!

Numerous streaks of shadows cut past the Elite Werewolf, each hit dealing several tens of thousands of damage. Like a cannonball, the two-meter-tall Werewolf’s body shot backward and slammed into the Werewolves behind it. The monster only returned to the ground after flying over twenty yards. By the time it landed, however, its HP had reached zero. Its body turned to ash and disappeared, leaving several Copper Coins in its place…

These monsters actually drop loot? Shi Feng was slightly confused to see the Copper Coins on the ground.

He had assumed that he’d be striving for nothing here. This was a kind of test, and tests normally didn’t provide loot.

However, Shi Feng did not bother to kill the other Werewolves. Instead, he swiftly maneuvered out of the circle of Werewolves, heading straight for the teleportation array in the forest’s heart.

Combat players like Shi Feng were no stranger to survival battles in God’s Domain. These situations were common in Dungeons. If players focused on defeating the monsters in survival battles, they’d only get caught up in an endless cycle of combat, wasting their time. Shi Feng, of course, didn’t have a lot of time to waste, and even if he could kill these monsters easily, he’d still consume Stamina. If he ran out of Stamina midway through a battle, he’d become a sheep for the slaughter no matter how powerful he was.

As he headed deeper into the forest, the Werewolves went into a frenzy, chasing after him. However, Shi Feng was simply too fast, and even the Special Elite ranked Werewolves could only watch as the distance between them and their target grew until the Swordsman eventually left their sight…

After a few more minutes of running, Shi Feng reached the teleportation array in the heart of the forest.

However, before he could approach the array, he felt a chill crawl down his spine. The cause of this creeping sensation was none other than a one-eyed Werewolf with a massive greatsword that guarded the teleportation array.

A Realm Lord? Shi Feng stared at the one-eyed Werewolf in shock.

This one-eyed Werewolf was over three meters tall, and although it was only a Level 58 Special Elite, the Mana circling it was extraordinary. It felt like this land’s protected child.

[Specter Werewolf (Realm Lord)] (Humanoid Creature, Special Elite) Level 58 HP 4,200,000/4,200,000

In God’s Domain, the title of Realm Lord did not represent a monster’s rank or Bloodline. Rather, it was a buff that greatly enhanced the monster’s Skills and Spells. Monsters with this title also had strengthened physiques and HPs. Basically, they were Boss-like existences among monsters of the same level and rank.

Realm Lords were not particularly rare in God’s Domain, but they were usually only found in Level 50-plus, resource-rich maps. They protected these resource maps, and as long as they remained in their designated maps, they could display far more combat power than monsters of the same level and rank.

Normally, player teams avoided Realm Lords as much as possible.

Fighting these monsters simply wasn’t worthwhile. Despite being so much stronger than monsters of the same level and rank, Realm Lords didn’t offer additional or better loot.

Is the Divine Shrine itself some sort of opportunity? After a moment of surprise, Shi Feng’s lips curled into a smile.

When players had first discovered Realm Lords in the past, they had avoided these monsters as much as possible. Unfortunately, some battles were unavoidable, and players had been forced to kill certain Realm Lords.

As players had killed more Realm Lords, they discovered something astonishing.

The Mana Barrier Crystal Fragment!

Only Realm Lords dropped this item, and there was no way to obtain the crystal fragments from other monsters.

On its own, the Mana Barrier Crystal Fragment did not possess much of a function. At most, it could be used as a support material when crafting weapons and equipment, but when players synthesized the Mana Barrier Crystal Fragments into Mana Barrier Crystals, their value rose by over a hundredfold.

The Mana Barrier Crystals were the various NPC cities’ main power source for their Teleportation Magic Arrays. Not only did the Mana Barrier Crystal contain a frightening amount of Mana, but it could also replenish itself by absorbing the Mana around it. Only, the Mana Barrier Crystal required a considerably long time to replenish itself. However, this replenishment time would vary depending on the Mana density around it. In an ordinary environment, for example, an empty Mana Barrier Crystal would require 48 hours to recover fully.

To put it simply, a Mana Barrier Crystal was akin to an everlasting Magic Crystal. It was the perfect power source for teleportation arrays. With enough Mana Barrier Crystals, one could operate a teleportation array for no cost.

It was easy to imagine how valuable these Mana Barrier Crystals were.

After all, Mana Barrier Crystals were not that easy to obtain, yet the various large Guilds and players were in dire need of them.

Meanwhile, the Special Elite ranked Realm Lord before Shi Feng was a walking Mana source. Without hesitation, he charged forward, showing no intentions of circling the Specter Werewolf and leaving the Divine Shrine.

As Shi Feng boldly approached, the Specter Werewolf howled in anger. It raised its greatsword and swung the massive weapon at the impudent intruder.

Over a dozen magical wind blades formed before the Specter Werewolf and shot towards Shi Feng. The attacks were spread out, making it impossible for Shi Feng to dodge them all.

Fortunately, the Disintegration Armor wasn’t currently suppressing Shi Feng’s Basic Attributes. In other words, his Strength was even higher than a Great Lord’s of the same level. Hence, although the Specter Werewolf’s Realm Lord status enhanced its wind blades, and the attack nearly rivaled the power of a Tier 2 Spell, they were insignificant to Shi Feng.

Sword’s Orbit!

A galaxy of stars formed around Shi Feng, striking down the approaching wind blades. Shi Feng didn’t even pause as he continued towards the Specter Werewolf.

Thunder Flame Explosion!

Flame Burst!

When Shi Feng reached the Specter Werewolf and began to bombard it with attacks, the Special Elite’s 4,200,000 HP drained like flowing water. Despite the Specter Werewolf’s struggles to fight back, it was powerless to change its fate. In the end, Shi Feng’s swords devoured its HP. It then collapsed, transforming into a dark mist and scattering in the wind. The berserk Mana, which had surrounded the Specter Werewolf, calmed as a result.

At the same time, a pair of Level 50 Bronze plate armor boots, a dark crystal shard, and several dozen Copper Coins appeared on the ground.

Although the loot was not particularly impressive, Shi Feng’s eyes glowed when he saw the dark crystal shard.

This shard was none other than the Mana Barrier Crystal Fragment.