Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1570: Life Rating

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Chapter 1570 – Life Rating

Serena’s appearance immediately attracted the attention of every player in the World Summit.

In truth, it was difficult not to notice her.

Serena was a Tier 5 Fallen Angel. When she wasn’t deliberately trying to suppress her aura, she could immobilize Tier 1 players with that alone. Even Shi Feng was afraid of Serena despite standing so far away from her. The Fallen Angel’s presence dominated the area as if she owned it.

“Since someone has obtained the Inferior Legendary Shrine Key, activate the Divine Staircase!” Serena’s voice echoed throughout the World Summit. Every player in the World Summit could hear her clearly. “If you wish to obtain power, perform Exploits that even the Gods will acknowledge!”

When Serena fell silent, the World Summit began to tremble. One pitch-black shrine after another rose from the ground. They hovered in the air and were connected by pitch-black staircases. This spiral chain of shrines extended to the World Summit’s peak.

The formation of these spiraling shrines had lasted several minutes, and throughout the process, not a single player had moved from where they stood as they watched these shrines form in awe.

“Why did an NPC suddenly show up?”

“What is this NPC trying to do?”

“Could this be an event?”

“What’s the Divine Staircase?”

When the spiraling shrines were complete, a grounded, pitch-black shrine manifested among the many Bronze Shrines. The various players launched into a heated discussion about what this could be. Everyone was curious about the Divine Staircase Serena had mentioned.

Shortly after, quite a few players approached the first black shrine.

An Inferior Legendary Shrine Key? Is Hidden Soul’s party responsible for triggering this Divine Staircase? Skyhawk, who was already relatively high up the mountain, looked at the new pitch-black shrines with shock and envy. Not only had Hidden Soul earned a large amount of time, but she had also obtained an Inferior Legendary Shrine Key. Thinking up to this point, he immediately commanded his companions, “Let’s go! We have to take a look at the new shrine!”

At this point, he could do nothing about the Inferior Legendary Shrine Key. After all, it was a bound item. But he could get a clear idea of the Divine Staircase’s function.

When players reached the grounded shrine, they examined the rules on the stone monument beside it. These players instantly revealed excited expressions.

“God! This Divine Staircase is amazing!”

“Damn it! If I knew something like this would happen, I would’ve waited to come to the World Summit!”

These players gazed at the stone monument as if they were looking at a peerless treasure.

How generous! Shi Feng was just as surprised when he read the Divine Staircase’s rules.

Unlike the Shrines around the World Summit, the Divine Staircase’s Shrines didn’t require corresponding keys or time to unlock. Rather, players had to rely on their own power to ascend to the next shrine.

Since it didn’t cost time to climb the Divine Staircase, players could explore its shrines as long as they had time remaining. However, the number of times they could climb the Divine Staircase depended on the type of Shrine Key the players carried.

Players could only climb the Divine Staircase once if they had a Bronze Shrine Key, while Mysterious-Iron Keys would allow players to climb the staircase twice. Secret-Silver Keys granted players three entries, Fine-Gold Keys granted four, Dark-Gold Keys granted five entries, Epic Keys would allow players to climb seven times, and Inferior Legendary Keys allowed players access to the Divine Staircase ten times. However, once players exhausted their entries, they’d be forced out of the World Summit regardless of how much time they had remaining.

Meanwhile, each time players cleared a pitch-black shrine, they would earn a corresponding number of Shrine Points. They could then use these Shrine Points to purchase various items available in the World Summit. Players didn’t need any specific qualifications to purchase these items; as long as they had the required number of points, they could buy any item they wanted.

Shi Feng wouldn’t have been overly surprised if the items available were merely top-tier weapons and equipment, even Epic Weapons and Equipment. The World Summit had plenty of Epic Shrines, and as long as players cleared the Epic ranked entrance test, they could easily obtain Epic items from the appropriately ranked shrines.

What surprised Shi Feng was the fact that players could use these SPs to improve their Life Rating!

It was common knowledge in God’s Domain that improving one’s Life Rating was extremely difficult. Improving one’s Life Rating wasn’t just a matter of a stronger physique. Rather, it was a life transition. For example, if one compared an Archaic Species to a normal human being, the Archaic Species’ Basic Attributes would be several times higher than a human’s of the same level. This was the difference of a higher Life Rating.

This was also why Archaic Species became more difficult to deal with as they rose in level.

Although players could improve their Life Ratings by upgrading their tiers, the improvement was minuscule. For example, an ordinary Tier 5 player’s Life Rating was only slightly higher than an ordinary Tier 1 player’s. This was also the reason that Tier 5 players were significantly weaker than Tier 5 monsters.

The Attribute difference wasn’t much during the early levels, and players could easily close the gap with top-tier weapons and equipment. However, as players rose in levels, particularly after passing Level 100, the advantage of a higher Life Rating would become apparent and would only become more evident as players progressed in the game.

At which point, players might be able to kill other players of higher tiers, but they’d be dreaming if they thought they could take out monsters of higher tiers.

Only after reaching Tier 6 would players truly transition. Tier 6 players’ Life Rating was worlds apart from ordinary Tier 5 players. At Tier 6, players would also qualify to challenge Tier 6 Gods.

Meanwhile, players could actually improve their Life Ratings with the Shrine Points from the Divine Staircase. Why wouldn’t Shi Feng be shocked?

Based on his knowledge, the players that had managed to improve their Life Ratings by other means than upgrading tiers had been exceedingly rare even after ten years in God’s Domain. Even if players found some way to do so, it would be incredibly difficult, and they’d have to rely on luck and strength.

In the past, God’s Domain’s various superpowers had fought frequently over such opportunities. By securing such an opportunity, they could give their players a better chance of reaching Tier 6. In fact, the benefits of improving one’s Life Rating were even more valuable than ordinary Legendary items.

Shi Feng had never thought that the Divine Staircase before him would be such an opportunity.

However, when he saw the price of improving one’s Life Rating, he was speechless.

Even the cheapest Bloodline required 100,000 Shrine Points and one Exploit.

Passing the first pitch-black Shrine only awarded 10 SPs. Although the others would award more, one still had to pass a considerable number of Shrines to accumulate enough SPs to purchase the Bloodline. Furthermore, Shi Feng had no idea of how to perform an Exploit, and the rules didn’t mention anything about it.

Even if he collected 100,000 SPs, without an Exploit, he wouldn’t be able to purchase a Bloodline to improve his Life Rating.

Meanwhile, players could purchase various other items, such as potions, designs, recipes, Mounts, siege weapons, God Crystals, and other precious items. There were even Fragmented Legendary items up for trade.

Naturally, the Fragmented Legendary items were extremely expensive. Even the cheapest cost 70,000 SPs, while the more expensive items could cost up to 240,000 SPs and three Exploits…

Moreover, players had to spend the SPs they earned with each visit as their counter would reset to zero when they returned. Fortunately, Exploits were permanent and would only disappear when players spent them or deliberately deleted them. In other words, if players had a certain item in mind, they had to earn enough SPs in one visit to purchase it.

Even so, the crowd before the first black shrine drooled over the prospects of treasure.

After all, Fragmented Legendary items were practically illusory to current players. In fact, there hadn’t been any news of a Super Guild obtaining one thus far.

Suddenly, many players dashed into the first Shrine and began their ascension.

Shi Feng didn’t dawdle either, entering the shrine before him. This was a rare opportunity to secure a Bloodline for himself, and he had plenty of time. It’d be a huge waste if he didn’t attempt it.