Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1568 - Mysterious Demon Expert

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Chapter 1568 – Mysterious Demon Expert

Shi Feng’s sudden interference stunned every watching player.

“Impossible! That’s a Grand Lord!”

“What did he do?”

Grand Lords had an overwhelming Strength advantage against Tier 1 players of the same level. At this stage of the game, aside from peak MTs, players could barely block a Grand Lord’s attack after activating a Berserk Skill.

Yet, not only had Shi Feng blocked the Purgatory Puppet’s attack, but he had also sent it flying…

Before anyone could react, Shi Feng moved again and appeared before the other Purgatory Puppet. His Sacred Sword curved past the puppet’s four sabers and struck the Grand Lord’s chest.

Like a bullet, the Purgatory Demon’s body shot backward upon coming into contact with Killing Ray, smashing into the ground after flying across over a dozen yards. At the same time, a damage of over -20,000 appeared above its head.

In the blink of an eye, Shi Feng had successfully pulled Hidden Soul from her precarious situation.

Shi Feng then used the Aura of Water’s Life Domain, recovering 10% of both Hidden Soul and Brute Spear’s HP every second for 30 seconds.

Before Hidden Soul could say anything, Shi Feng got ahead of her and said, “We don’t have time. I’ll make things simple. We need to deal with these two Purgatory Puppets before our Berserk Skills end. Otherwise, they’ll whittle us down until we die. From now on, I’ll tank both Grand Lords while you attack with everything you’ve got.”

Although the Purgatory Puppets had far less HP than a normal Grand Lords, they still had a base HP of 27,000,000. Even after the Mana Soul Crystals and Disintegration Field’s suppression, both Purgatory Puppets had retained 60% of their Basic Attributes, putting their HPs at 16,200,000. This meant that they would recover 162,000 HP every five seconds. Even if all three players attacked the two Grand Lords with everything they had, it would take a considerable amount of time to defeat them. Furthermore, only two of them would be free to fight the Purgatory Puppets as Brute Spear was busy with the Great Lord ranked Magisteel Puppets.

They had to make good use of every second they had.

Fortunately, after stepping up to the altar, the Disintegrated debuff suppressing Shi Feng’s Basic Attributes had disappeared, which allowed him to fight at his peak. Even so, he needed to activate a Berserk Skill to suppress a Grand Lord of the same level. Once his Berserk Skill’s duration ended, fighting the Purgatory Puppets would become far more troublesome.

Hearing this, Hidden Soul realized the severity of the situation. She nodded and mentally pushed away the questions plaguing her mind.

By this time, the two Purgatory Puppets had recovered from Shi Feng’s attacks, staring at the Swordsman with emotionless, crimson eyes. The Grand Lords then released out an angry bellow, their sabers flashing as they emitted scorching, emerald flames.

This move was none other than the Purgatory Puppet’s trademark move—Purgatory Blade!

“It seems the Purgatory Puppets are finally getting serious. It’ll be even more difficult to take them down now.”

When the spectating crowd saw the emerald flames dance on the sabers, they unconsciously gulped.

Not only did Purgatory Blade increase the might of the Purgatory Puppets’ attacks significantly, but it also improved the Grand Lords’ attack range and Attack Speed. Skyhawk’s party had relied on their Guardian Knight’s Lifesaving Skill to stand against the Purgatory Puppet’s Purgatory Blade, and Skyhawk had used a portion of the thorny vines he had summoned with his Tier 3 Domain Skill to help block the attacks. Only after doing so had Skyhawk’s party managed to survive through the Purgatory Blade’s 20-second duration.

However, Shi Feng’s party did not include an MT. It didn’t have any healers, either. Defending against the Purgatory Puppet’s Skill would be far more difficult for their party. The Grand Lords’ attack range bonus from the Skill was also terrifyingly vast, making their attacks impossible to dodge.

“I’ll aggro one,” Hidden Soul hurriedly declared after seeing the Grand Lords activate Purgatory Blade. “It is impossible for non-MT classes to tank both at the same time.”

Their party’s situation wasn’t like Skyhawk’s. Skyhawk’s party had only faced one Purgatory Puppet, whereas their party had to deal with two. When Skyhawk’s Purgatory Puppet had used Purgatory Blade, even the Guardian Knight nearly died after activating a Lifesaving Skill. Needless to say, the Grand Lords’ attacks would annihilate any other class.

“No! I can hold both of them by myself! You just need to focus on dealing damage!” Shi Feng said, grinning as he dashed at the two approaching Purgatory Puppets. At the same time, he activated the Abyssal Blade’s Phantom Kill.

Suddenly, Shi Feng split into two copies of himself. Each copy then moved to take on a Purgatory Puppet.

“A doppelganger?” Hidden Soul was stunned when she saw Shi Feng split into two. She had never considered that he would have such a Skill.

Although a doppelganger’s Basic Attributes were than the main body’s, a doppelganger’s death wouldn’t affect the player. Hence, using the doppelganger to waste a Purgatory Puppet’s Skill was definitely a wise decision. If the player controlled their doppelganger properly, it might even last through the Purgatory Blade’s 20-second duration without mishaps.

As Hidden Soul pondered, she was shocked yet again.

Both Shi Feng and his doppelganger brandished their swords and clashed with the Purgatory Puppets’ emerald sabers. When the opposing weapons collided, not only did Shi Feng and his doppelganger successfully block the attacks, but they also held their ground. In the end, both Shi Feng and his doppelganger blocked every one of the dozen or so attacks each Purgatory Puppet launched. Although the two Swordsmen lost some HP as the emerald fire burned them, the damage was insignificant with Life Domain’s recovery effect.

Seeing this, the spectating crowd was dumbfounded.

“What’s going on? Is that really a doppelganger? Aren’t doppelgangers supposed to have weaker Attributes than the main body? That doppelganger seems just as powerful as the main body!”

“Crap! That guy can actually keep up with the Purgatory Puppets’ rapid attacks while controlling both his body and his doppelganger! What kind of reaction speed does he have?!”

“Amazing! No wonder they dared to challenge two Purgatory Puppets!”

“An expert! He is definitely one of God’s Domain’s monster-level experts! Does anyone know who that is?”

“I know quite a few expert Demon Players, but I’ve never seen such a powerful Swordsman.”

As the battle on the altar progressed, the crowd’s interest in Shi Feng grew exponentially. This was the first time they had ever seen a Swordsman block two Grand Lords of the same level by himself.

Many of the Demon Players present even considered trying to befriend Shi Feng.

The competition was far more intense between Demon Players than it was between ordinary players. They placed far more value on strength. This was due to the extreme difficulty of the quests Demon Players had to complete. If they could befriend a Demon expert like Shi Feng, the man might even help them with their quests. With his help, they could rise through the demonic noble ranks.

“Isn’t he the player that Hidden Soul randomly invited into her party? How is he so strong?” Skyhawk was astounded as he watched Shi Feng hold his ground against two Purgatory Puppets. The strength Shi Feng displayed was simply terrifying. “Is he some trump card Hidden Soul deliberately hid?”

Experts of Shi Feng’s caliber were incredibly rare, not to mention a Demon Player of such caliber. In Skyhawk’s opinion, Hidden Soul must know Shi Feng personally.

While the spectating crowd voiced their opinions of Shi Feng, the two Purgatory Puppets steadily lost HP.

Once Purgatory Blade ended, Shi Feng could occasionally launch counterattacks while blocking the Grand Lords’ strikes. Every one of his ordinary attacks easily dealt over -20,000 damage, while his Skills dealt over -60,000. When he used Skills such as Shadow Blade and Flame Burst, his damage soared past -100,000 per hit.

Meanwhile, Hidden Soul attacked one of the two Purgatory Puppets in a frenzy. From time to time, when most of her powerful Skills were on Cooldown, she attacked with Tier 2 or 3 Magic Scrolls. As a result, the Purgatory Puppet she targeted lost HP rapidly.

Midway through the battle, though, the duration of Shi Feng’s doppelganger ran out. As a result, Shi Feng was forced to deal with two Purgatory Puppets personally. Fortunately, he had an advantage over his enemies with his Attributes, so he could still tank the two combat puppets without much issue. Only, his DPS suffered as a result.

Fortunately, under Hidden Soul’s full-powered assault, the duo defeated one of the Purgatory Puppets after five minutes of continuous fighting. Defeating one also alleviated the pressure on Shi Feng. Since he used the Power of Darkness, the Attribute enhancement remained intact even after fighting for so long. In contrast, Hidden Soul’s Berserk Skill had long since ended, and she had no choice but to transform into her Demon form to increase her combat power.

When Phantom Kill’s Cooldown ended, Shi Feng summoned his doppelganger once more, significantly increasing their total DPS.

In the end, Shi Feng still had one minute with Power of Darkness by the time the final Purgatory Puppet collapsed.

As for the remaining Great Lord ranked Magisteel Puppets, Shi Feng’s Basic Attributes were far superior even without a Berserk Skill. Furthermore, his Berserk Skill was still active.

Following which, Shi Feng easily pushed around the Magisteel Puppets. When the final Magisteel Puppet died, the crowd below the altar fell silent. These players only recovered from their daze after a few seconds.

Shi Feng and his two companions heard the sound of a system notification.