Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1563: Zero Wing City’s Grand Opening

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Chapter 1563 – Zero Wing City’s Grand Opening

The resulting response to the announcement of Zero Wing’s opening paled in comparison to the announcement regarding Ancient Rock City. Due to small information leaks, players had already discovered Zero Wing City’s location in Witch’s Hill. The resource maps near Witch’s Hill were ordinary and held little attraction for the majority of Star-Moon Kingdom’s players.

“Zero Wing City has already opened? This is good news.”

“Zero Wing must be trying to earn money to stand against Heaven’s Burial. It’s a pity that there’s nothing valuable about the city’s location. At most, the city has more space to accommodate players. It likely won’t hold up to Stone Forest Town’s performance.”

“I’d rather go to Stone Forest Town instead. I’ve heard that you even have to pay a 30-Copper entrance fee to get into Zero Wing City. That’s insane! Not even Ancient Rock City charges an entrance fee! What’s so special about Zero Wing City that warrants an entrance fee?!”

“That’s right. If I were an expert, I wouldn’t visit Zero Wing City, either. Besides, there’s a ton of experts in Stone Forest Town. If I want to improve via duels, Stone Forest Town is undoubtedly the better choice.”

Although news of Zero Wing City’s opening had spread across Star-Moon Kingdom, very few players were interested in the city. Instead, the majority of the kingdom’s players focused on a way to travel to the Orc Empire so they could earn Contribution Points to purchase set equipment and Mounts.

Zero Wing City would likely only be useful after they reached Level 50 or 60.

“Does Zero Wing really think it can contend with Heaven’s Burial just by having a city in Star-Moon Kingdom?” Galaxy Past was confused as he read the latest report on Zero Wing. “Do they really plan to fight to the bitter end?”

While a Guild City could generate more income than a Guild Town, the necessary investments were much higher. Zero Wing had only recently completed Zero Wing City, and the city’s infrastructure wasn’t yet perfected. The city still lacked the benefits of Stone Forest Town, not to mention Ancient Rock City.

Ancient Rock City was an Orc City; it already had all of the essential facilities. The city only lacked a teleportation array. However, Ancient Rock City’s location was absolutely perfect. Countless players in multiple kingdoms and two empires had already set their sights on the Orc Empire’s inner region. Heaven’s Burial could make a fortune just from the repair and accommodation fees, not to mention the daily Consumable items it sold.

Galaxy Past wasn’t the only one with such thoughts. When Star-Moon Kingdom’s upper echelons heard the news, they, too, thought that Zero Wing was trying to buy time. Otherwise, the Guild wouldn’t push out a half-completed Guild City.

“Big Sis Aqua, although we’ve already spread the news, everyone still seems more interested in Ancient Rock City. Thus far, only a few merchant players and adventurer teams have contacted us about garrisoning in Zero Wing City,” a Level 29 female Summoner reported to Aqua Rose helplessly. The female Summoner wore a light purple dress with a 1-star Merchant’s Insignia pinned above her left breast.

Before the announcement of Ancient Rock City’s opening, plenty of merchant players had contacted them about conducting business in Zero Wing City. Various well-known adventurer teams had also expressed their interest in purchasing private houses. Unfortunately, before they had prepared the necessary contracts, Heaven’s Burial had opened Ancient Rock City to the public. In the end, these merchant players and adventurer teams had abandoned Zero Wing City, making their way toward the competing Ancient Rock City…

“It’s fine. Catching everyone’s attention is enough for now. We just need to wait.” Aqua Rose had expected this situation, so she wasn’t surprised in the least by the public’s reactions. “If the merchant players and adventurer teams contact us again, tell them that these are our conditions.”

“This…” The female Summoner was momentarily speechless as she read the list of conditions Aqua Rose had given her.

They’d be lucky enough if they found any merchant players interested in renting Zero Wing City’s Shops. The new conditions Aqua Rose proposed were simply absurd.

Initially, they had only planned to charge 120 Gold per week for the Shops in Zero Wing City’s outer areas. This was already expensive compared to the rental prices in Guild Towns. The high potential Shops’ rental had been set at 200 Gold per week, and those in the city’s core would’ve cost 300 Gold per week.

Very few merchant players could afford such a high price. Normally, only Guilds’ trading firms could afford these Shops’ rent. Without sufficient sales, merchants might not even earn back the cost of their items after taking into account the weekly rent.

Yet, Aqua Rose had raised the fees. If the merchant players were to find out about this, they would most likely choke from anger.

Now, each Shop in the outer areas would cost 240 Gold per week, while Shops with high potential had risen to 400-500 Gold per week. Shops in the city’s core would cost 700 to 1,000 Gold to rent per week.

These prices were insane…

They’d be seeking fools to rent Zero Wing City’s Shops, rather than merchant players!

With 1,000 Gold, one could purchase a relatively valuable Shop in another Guild’s town, yet in Zero Wing City, one could only rent a Shop for a week. Only a fool would accept such a deal.

“We’re sticking with these conditions. Whether they want to rent the Shops or not is up to them,” Aqua Rose informed the hesitating female Summoner seriously.

“I understand.” The female Summoner had no choice but to nod. Aqua Rose was the boss, not her.

As news of Zero Wing City’s grand opening spread, some curious players made their way towards the city.

Once players had reached their levels, the 30-Copper entrance fee wouldn’t hamper their development too much. At worst, they’d only pay the city one visit.

Evernight City, Teleportation Hall:

As always, Evernight City’s Teleportation Hall was crowded with players.

“Boss, are we really going to Zero Wing City?” a Level 42 male Assassin asked the mighty-looking Swordsman before him. “Barely anyone is visiting the city right now. Didn’t we come to Star-Moon Kingdom to improve our techniques? What’s the point of visiting an empty city?”

“Are you dumb? Don’t you know how popular Stone Forest Town is right now? If we go to Stone Forest Town, we’ll have to wait for a long time before we can rent a combat room. Moreover, our aim is to spar with members of our team, not other experts. Zero Wing City’s environment might not be as good as Stone Forest Town’s, but no one’s there right now. We can rent the combat rooms there for special training. Once we’ve trained, we can visit Stone Forest Town,” the Level 44 Swordsman said, laughing.

Their adventurer team would have no trouble covering the 30-Copper entrance fee for each of their members. Time was far more precious than the small expenditure.

Hearing the Swordsman’s reasoning, the other team members agreed with their commander. Right now, their goal was to train in a high-Mana environment.

Following which, the adventurer team’s members followed the Swordsman as they teleported to Zero Wing City.

“What a bunch of fools. They’re actually going to Zero Wing City to train. Do they not know that Zero Wing City was only recently built? How could the Mana density there possibly compare to Stone Forest Town’s? Even if they have to waste some time while they wait in Stone Forest Town, it’s better than going to Zero Wing City.” When some of the players in the Teleportation Hall saw the adventurer team teleport to Zero Wing City, they could not help but laugh.

However, in Zero Wing City…

Even after non-Zero Wing players arrived, the spacious Teleportation Hall was eerily silent despite the hundred-plus players within. Only after some time did sound echo throughout the building.

“What’s going on? Why is the Mana density so high?”

“It is quite high. I’ve been to Stone Forest Town before, so I know how the Mana density is there, but Zero Wing City’s Mana density is at least 30% higher.”

“Wait! Look! It isn’t just the Mana density that’s higher! My Stamina and Concentration recovery rates have increased significantly, as well!”

“Huh?! Guys, look at your experience bars! Mine actually shows the Double EXP Buff!”

“This is amazing! I had only expected to rest and train here, but I can even accumulate the Double EXP buff?! The 30 Copper Coins were definitely well-spent!”

The players that had just arrived in Zero Wing City quickly noticed the city’s Mana and its benefits, and they were ecstatic.

Thirty Copper Coins wasn’t even a fraction of the cost of a hotel room in Stone Forest Town, yet after spending the few coins, they could constantly accumulate the Double EXP buff regardless of where they were in Zero Wing City. They could also recover their Stamina and Concentration far faster. And these effects would last throughout their stay. They didn’t even have to rent a room in a hotel.