Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1562: The Power of the Four Towers of Elements

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Chapter 1562 – The Power of the Four Towers of Elements

“What’s going on with the city’s Mana?”

When the players in Zero Wing City felt the change in the Mana density around them, they felt an indescribably pleasant sensation. However, this pleasant sensation didn’t originate from bathing in high amounts of Mana, but from a power that nourished their souls.

While everyone lost themselves in the sensation, a few Guild members noticed a change to their experience bars.

The Double EXP buff indicator, which usually only appeared after they rested in a Private Room, had actually popped up near their experience bars…

“This can’t be real, right? We can actually accumulate the Double EXP buff just by staying in the city?”

“That’s not all! My Stamina and Concentration recovery rates are as high as when I recover in a hotel!”

Very quickly, more players inside the city discovered the peculiarities from bathing in the city’s Mana.

So, this is the power of the Four Towers of Elements? Aqua Rose could not help but grow ecstatic as she stared at one of the Four Towers of Elements erected before her.

She had been curious about Shi Feng focusing on an Advanced Construction like the Four Towers of Elements rather than setting up the city’s basic infrastructure. He had even decided to open Zero Wing City to the public soon. Now, she finally understood his decisions.

Although Zero Wing City still lacked many basic features a city ought to have, this special Mana density was enough to secure Zero Wing’s position in Star-Moon Kingdom. No Guild Town could ever rival Zero Wing City with its advantages, whether it was in terms of Guild development or the ability to attract players.

Not only would Zero Wing City’s incredibly high Mana density be helpful to combat players, but it would also benefit Lifestyle players. The city’s Mana also allowed players to accumulate the Double EXP buff and improved their Stamina and Concentration recovery rates.

These benefits might not attract players seeking to adventure in the Orc Empire, but to players who wanted to develop in Star-Moon Kingdom, Zero Wing City would be a holy land. Moreover, it was considerably easy for players to travel to Zero Wing City. Zero Wing had already garrisoned in Evernight City, and they could open a teleportation channel between Evernight City and Zero Wing City at any time.

“Aqua, make a trip to Evernight City and set up the teleportation array linking Zero Wing City and Evernight City. Once you’re done, announce the link to the public,” Shi Feng, who had just emerged from the tower after drawing the final magic array, ordered.

“Alright, I’ll head out immediately.” Aqua Rose nodded, clearly excited. She then took out a Return Scroll and teleported back to White River City.

Meanwhile, Youlan, who stood beside Aqua Rose, was still immersed in the city’s ambient Mana, unable to calm her pounding heart.

Is this Zero Wing’s true power? Youlan could not help but raise her head and look at Shi Feng, indescribable shock filling her heart.

She had to admit that Zero Wing was truly awe-inspiring.

She finally understood why Shi Feng didn’t fear the Blackwater Corporation.

In response to the surprised expression on Youlan’s face, Shi Feng merely chuckled. After all, this was only the beginning.

Next, we’ll need to build even more hotels and Mana Towers. Shi Feng smiled at Zero Wing City’s numerous empty plots of Land.

In reality, the Four Towers of Elements’ effects weren’t as simple as everyone assumed. It was an Advanced Construction that required Seven Luminaries Crystals, after all.

Not only would players enjoy double the recovery rates when resting in hotels, under the towers’ influence, but the Double EXP buff’s accumulation rate would also double. With this, Zero Wing City’s normal hotels were even more effective than 1-star Private Rooms in Guild Residences.

Naturally, this improved the effect of Guild Residences’ Private Rooms in Zero Wing City as well.

This perk would make it far easier for players who strove to level up. Although players could only accumulate up to one level of the Double EXP buff, that was extremely valuable. Just being able to accumulate the Double EXP buff while resting was amazing. This was especially true for independent players.

But this was only the tip of the iceberg.

The Four Towers of Elements’ truly impressive aspect was their ability to increase the distance of teleportation.

Although the teleportation distance to and from a city was determined on the city’s scale and Mana density, the towers’ minimum teleportation range was 3,000,000 yards. At such a distance, one could easily cross three or more leveling maps. It covered even more distance than the Seven Luminaries Ring’s Space Movement. The only downside was its significant cost. Teleporting every player required a significant amount of Mana, the supply of which had to be in the form of Magic Crystals. The Four Towers of Elements’ cost was nearly as much as a Teleportation Magic Array’s. However, unlike the Four Towers of Elements, the latter allowed players to teleport across extremely large distances.

Even so, the various large Guilds in the past had tried everything they could to obtain this function.

Naturally, this function made it extremely convenient to travel to nearby leveling maps. As long as a map was within the towers’ teleportation range, players could teleport after registering the proper coordinates, saving countless hours of travel time. Not only would players be able to level up far more quickly, but they could also explore further locations without hampering their development.

According to Shi Feng’s estimates, the Four Towers of Elements should be able to teleport players up to 4,000,000 yards away with Zero Wing City’s current standards. This meant that players could travel even further away than Bewildering Forest Town in an instant. Players could teleport to the border between Star-Moon Kingdom and the Orc Empire.

If he constructed a Mana Tower, the symbol of Guild Cities, in Zero Wing City, the Four Towers of Elements might even be able to teleport players into the Orc Empire.

If teleporting directly into the Orc Empire were possible, players seeking to travel to the empire to level could do so via Zero Wing City. It would save players a lot of time, and they could avoid the Orc patrol squads guarding the empire’s borders.

Zero Wing City’s value to the public would soar.

However, constructing the Mana Tower also wasn’t easy.

Unlike the Magic Tower, which was a defensive structure, the Mana Tower was a support building unique to cities. Unfortunately, despite the fact that Guild Cities could construct Mana Towers without the design, the construction required extremely rare and valuable materials. The Mana Ore, in particular, was incredibly difficult to obtain.

Normally, obtaining Mana Ore wouldn’t be a problem for Shi Feng. It was entirely possible to purchase large quantities from the market. However, due to the Orc Empire, collecting 5,000 pieces of Mana Ore had become challenging.

It seems that I’ll have to deal with the Disintegration Armor as soon as possible. Shi Feng could not help but glance at the Disintegration debuff in his status window. As long as this debuff remained, he’d have a lot of trouble dealing with many issues. Following which, he turned to Youlan and said, “Youlan, from now on, I’d like you to manage Zero Wing City and Stone Forest Town’s Candlelight Trading Firm. If you need any help from the Guild, you can look for Aqua Rose. I’ve already told her.”

“You want me to take on such an important role?” Youlan was stunned.

She had never dreamed that Shi Feng considered her so important, allowing her to manage the trading firms in two integral locations. Stone Forest Town’s trading firm was one of Zero Wing’s main sources of income. As for the trading firm in Zero Wing City, there was no doubt that it would rake in even more income than Stone Forest Town.

“Mhm. I trust in your abilities.” Shi Feng nodded. He had seen Youlan’s management skills long ago. Moreover, Youlan was a 3-star Merchant.

Youlan fell silent as she evaluated the man before her. She simply could not understand what was going through Shi Feng’s mind.

Normally, no Guild would allow an outsider, who had recently joined the Guild, to take on such an important management role, yet Shi Feng had done so without hesitation…

“Alright, but I won’t be responsible if things go south,” Youlan said, smiling.

Shi Feng couldn’t help but laugh at Youlan’s reply. He then notified Aqua Rose and had the two women work out the finer details amongst themselves. He then returned to Zero Wing’s Residence and collected some Consumables and Magic Scrolls from the Guild Warehouse. He then used Moloch’s Ring to teleport to the Dark Den’s central region.

Meanwhile, Aqua Rose began to spread the news of Zero Wing City opening to the public throughout Star-Moon Kingdom.