Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1561: Mana Rain

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Chapter 1561 – Mana Rain

After Aqua Rose quoted Shi Feng on Star-Moon Kingdom’s forums, the players had originally focused on Heaven’s Burial’s declaration shifted their attention to her post.

The title of the post was eye-catching.

If you want a fight, we’ll give you a fight!

“This is insane! Zero Wing must’ve lost its mind!”

“Is this for real? Zero Wing actually dares to pull something like this?”

“Isn’t Zero Wing afraid of Heaven’s Burial whittling them down to nothing?”

“Amazing! As expected of Zero Wing!”

“Hmph, Zero Wing is just trying to save its reputation by doing something like this. Even if Zero Wing blacklists the players that target its members, what can it do if those people use Black Cloaks?”

“That’s right! This also gives us more opportunities to earn money. The bounties on both sides are the same. Heaven’s Burial also has more members than Zero Wing, and they’re weaker. If you really want to earn money, killing Heaven’s Burial’s members is the way to go.”

Zero Wing’s response to Heaven’s Burial’s provocations shocked the players on the forums. They were also delighted.

After all, they just gained another source of income. Now they could target more than just Zero Wing’s members. They could even head to the Orc Empire to level up and earn for Contribution Points while grinding for Heaven’s Burial members.

When the various major powers saw Zero Wing’s reply, they laughed at Zero Wing’s foolishness.

Of all the things Zero Wing could’ve chosen to compete with Heaven’s Burial in, the Guild had chosen wealth.

Zero Wing was overestimating itself and seeking self-destruction!

“Just what is Zero Wing trying to do? Is it really intent on duking it out with Heaven’s Burial?” Galaxy Past felt confused when he saw this message.

In his opinion, Zero Wing should still have methods of dealing with Heaven’s Burial’s bounty. Although the result wouldn’t change regardless of what Zero Wing did, they could buy some time, using it as an opportunity to look for other methods, such as seeking collaborators.

Although Zero Wing’s situation was perilous, with the Guild’s current foundations, there should be plenty of major corporations and superpowers willing to acquire the Guild. After all, Zero Wing’s Stone Forest Town still held the Battle Arena and Advanced Auction House, which could rake in plenty of resources for a considerable time. The Guild still had great potential for growth. Moreover, Zero Wing and Phoenix Rain, who now had control over a portion of Thunder Island, were connected.

When Singular Burial received news of Zero Wing’s declaration, his expression darkened.

“Guild Leader Singular, it seems that Zero Wing is aiming for mutual destruction. Do you need my Thunder Legion to pay Zero Wing a visit?” Lei Jingyang said, smiling when he read Aqua Rose’s forum post.

He had commanded the Thunder Legion, a collection of experts, for many years. The legion was particularly fond of ambushes and assassinations in the field.

Ordinary players might not be able to deal with Zero Wing’s 100-man teams, but they would be child’s play to the Thunder Legion.

“No need. Since Zero Wing dares to make such a move, I want to see how long they can last against!” Singular Burial said, sneering.

If Zero Wing had turtled, he might have needed Lei Jingyang’s help.

Although Zero Wing’s bounty on Heaven’s Burial would cause him a lot of trouble, he’d also be able to remove Zero Wing from Star-Moon Kingdom much sooner than he had hoped.

He also refused to believe that Zero Wing’s financial strength could surpass his.

At this moment, a slightly chubby, middle-aged man approached Singular Burial and reported, “Guild Leader, the city’s basic infrastructure has been repaired. The NPC guards we hired have arrived as well. We can open Ancient Rock City to the public at any time now. Many adventurer teams and merchant players have requested to garrison and set up stalls in the city.”

“Good. Open the city to the public. Let the players waiting outside the city come in,” Singular Burial commanded hurriedly. He was joyful when he heard that they finished the city’s infrastructure. “Gather the adventurer teams and merchant players, and I’ll go meet them.”

The so-called basic infrastructure referred to smithies and hotels. These buildings provided essential services to the adventurer teams grinding in the Orc Empire. With these businesses, Heaven’s Burial could collect a lot of repair fees and accommodation fees.

Moreover, his people were constantly perfecting Ancient Rock City. In the future, Heaven’s Burial could sell various Consumable items as well, earning a fortune.

The Orc Empire was a neutral map. Players had great difficulty traveling to and from the empire. If players wished to stay in the empire for long periods, basic Consumable items were a must. As long as Heaven’s Burial sold these Consumable items, a large number of players would come to purchase them. They wouldn’t have to worry about a lack of customers.

Zero Wing’s Stone Forest Town simply couldn’t compare to the wealth Heaven’s Burial could collect from Ancient Rock City.

“Understood! I’ll have them gather in Ancient Rock City immediately!” The middle-aged man then turned and left to notify the various adventurer teams and merchant players.

When Ancient Rock City opened to the public, news of this spread like wildfire, reaching the ears of the neighboring kingdoms and empires in a matter of minutes.

The Orc Empire had only had three Guild Towns in the past. Moreover, all three had been in the Orc Empire’s outer region, making it troublesome to grind for Contribution Points. Players had still needed to travel to the empire’s inner region due to the low number of monsters in the outer area. As a result, many players dismissed the idea of traveling to the Orc Empire entirely.

However, now that a Guild City occupied the empire’s inner region, not only would players save on travel time, but they could also accept quests more easily. After all, cities offered far more quests than towns. Moreover, the rewards of these quests were more abundant.

Meanwhile, in the distant Zero Wing City, Aqua Rose frowned as she read through the reports her subordinates had sent.

Ancient Rock City’s popularity had far exceeded her expectations. Based on the latest reports, over 2,000,000 players were moving into the Orc Empire. Needless to say, these players would visit Ancient Rock City when they needed to recuperate. Many more players from the neighboring countries were also preparing for their trip to the Orc Empire.

With so many players, one could just imagine the wealth Ancient Rock City would generate.

As Aqua Rose racked her brain for a solution, she felt the space around her suddenly tremble. Moreover, these tremors steadily intensified. It felt as if the space around her would shatter at any moment.

“This is…”

Aqua Rose lifted her head to look towards the Four Towers of Elements. The four towers seemed to be the epicenters of these tremors.

Suddenly, a fourfold magic array appeared above each of the Four Towers of Elements, radiating an aura so powerful that even an expert like Aqua Rose couldn’t help but shudder in fear.

A short moment later, a link formed between the four fourfold magic arrays hovering above Zero Wing City’s four corners. A towering pillar of light then emerged from each of the arrays, rising endlessly into the sky.

These four light pillars represented the four main elements: earth, water, wind, and fire!

As the light pillars rose, a frightening amount of Mana began to gather above Zero Wing City. The pillars gathered Mana from tens of thousands of yards around the city, and very quickly, the Mana around the city became so dense that it transformed into a white mist. As the mist gathered above the city, it began to condense into droplets and rained down, washing Zero Wing City in liquid Mana.

Everyone in Zero Wing City was dumbfounded.

None of them had ever felt such dense Mana before. Their minds were clearer than ever.

However, this Mana Rain did not last long. The sky above the city soon returned to its normal state, and the Mana density in the city began to decrease.

Even after the city’s Mana density stabilized, Zero Wing City’s Mana was far denser than in Stone Forest Town. At the very least, Zero Wing City’s Mana density was 30% higher than in the Guild Town…