Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1557 - Empire Changes

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Chapter 1557 – Empire Changes

Orc Empire, Ancient Rock City:

Although Ancient Rock City had once been an abandoned city, the city had recovered to its former glory after the Orcs returned to manage it. Towering, twenty-meter-high walls surrounded the city. Magic runes also strengthened the walls. Not even players with extremely high Agility would be able to climb them.

A large number of Orcs also patrolled the walls, and a defensive magic array encased the city and its stone barrier. With such tight defenses, not even a fly should think of sneaking into the city.

However, over 100,000 elite players had gathered a short distance away from Ancient Rock City. These players stood at attention in orderly formations, ready to move out at a single command. Every one of these players wore Heaven’s Burial’s Guild Emblem, and even the lowest among them was Level 40.

A legion of several thousand players atop warhorses stood near the head of this elite army. Even from afar, one would feel an intense pressure weigh down on them.

Aside from Heaven’s Burial’s members, rows of NPC mercenaries stood among the army’s frontline. The weakest of these NPCs was Level 60, Tier 1, while the strongest were Level 70, Tier 2 NPCs.

“Just what are Heaven’s Burial’s people trying to do? Do they really think they can get past Ancient Rock City’s defenses with so little strength?” The various large Guilds’ upper echelons watching from the sidelines were confused as Heaven’s Burial geared up to attack the Orc city.

Although the Orcs in Ancient Rock City were not particularly high-leveled, with the majority averaging around Level 65, and the highest at Level 72, players would still have a disadvantage with the level difference. Furthermore, the city’s Orcs greatly outnumbered Heaven’s Burial’s forces. Ancient Rock City should be home to over 700,000 Orcs at least. Among them, there was no lack of Great Lords and Grand Lords.

Heaven’s Burial’s 100,000-strong elite army and 5,000 NPC mercenaries would barely serve as a warm-up for the Orcs.

“Guild Leader Singular, it seems our siege has attracted quite a few flies,” Lei Jingyang commented, smiling as he surveyed the spectating large Guilds.

Over ten Guilds had gathered to watch Heaven’s Burial siege Ancient Rock City. Together, these Guilds had dispatched over 200,000 players. The combined force already surpassed Heaven’s Burial’s numbers.

If these large Guilds ambushed their army at a crucial moment during the siege, they would deal a fatal blow.

“Isn’t this just as we expected?” Singular Burial asked, laughing.

“That’s right. Though, it’s a pity that Zero Wing isn’t here. Otherwise, we could band together and take the Guild out,” Lei Jingyang said, sighing.

“Alright, it’s almost time to take action. It’s about time we teach these Guilds who rules over this neutral map!” Singular Burial coldly announced after glancing at the system clock.

“Guild Leader, leave it to me! With these sacrifices, we’ll have a guarantee of capturing Ancient Rock City!” Flame Blood said as he took a black crystal ball from his bag. He then began to chant an incantation.

Suddenly, violent roaring filled the surrounding forest. Even the various large Guilds watching from outside the forest clearly heard the monsters.

Suddenly, ferocious monsters with sharp fangs and claws surged out of the forest and charged for the various Guilds’ armies.

“Evil Beasts!”

The upper echelons paled when they saw the monster tide sweep towards them.

They were no strangers to Evil Beasts. After all, they had all watched as Evil Beasts had assaulted Stone Forest Town twice. During the two sieges, they had learned just how powerful Evil Beasts were.

The Evil Beasts charging towards them were all Level 45 and above. Although they were not as strong as those that had attacked Stone Forest Town, they were powerful nonetheless. Furthermore, three Level 60 Mythic ranked Evil Earth Dragons led the Evil Beast army.

“Crap! Everyone, use your Return Scrolls!”

The various Guilds’ upper echelons gave the command to retreat the moment they saw the Evil Beasts. However, when they tried using their Return Scrolls, they found them ineffective. In the end, they could only watch as the Evil Beasts stormed closer.

“Damn it! We’ve been tricked! Everyone, get ready to fight and pull back!”

“How dare Heaven’s Burial do this?! Aren’t they afraid that our Guilds will band together to exact our revenge!?”

Only now did the various large Guilds realize that this had been a trap, but all they could do was give the command to retreat from the battlefield. If they fought the Evil Beasts, they would only suffer even greater losses.

Although these Guilds had a total of 200,000 members with them, the Evil Beast army, which was not suppressed by any magic arrays, had an overwhelming advantage.

Even as the various large Guilds bombarded the Evil Beast army with large-scale destruction Spells, all they accomplished was clearing out the Elite and Special Elite ranked Evil Beasts. The Chieftain rank and above Evil Beasts took barely any damage.

In contrast, the Evil Beasts wiped out these players…

The Grand Lord ranked Evil Beasts easily massacred groups of players as they moved through their enemies’ lines. Even when top-tier experts tried to pin these Grand Lords down, their efforts accomplished very little. As for the Mythic ranked Evil Earth Dragons, they were no different than walking disasters. A single hit could take the lives of hundreds of players. When the three Evil Earth Dragons working together, they were practically unstoppable as they mowed through the player armies.

In the end, these Guilds’ upper echelons could only watch as their Guild members were exterminated.

“Heaven’s Burial, our Guilds will not let you get away with this!” The upper echelons realized that there was no escape. They glared and shouted at Singular Burial’s group.

“Let us get away with this?” Singular Burial could not help but laugh. “It seems like you still don’t understand your situation! Haven’t you realized that the moment you arrived here, you became a stepping stone for Heaven’s Burial? From now on, the Orc Empire will become Heaven’s Burial’s domain! Whatever we say, goes!”

Previously, they hadn’t dared to massacre players openly because they had been afraid of the various large Guilds targeting them. However, they had since solidified their foundations. With over 200,000 elite players as sacrifices, they could grow their Evil Beast army to new heights. Once Ancient Rock City became Heaven’s Burial’s base of operations, not even God’s Domain’s superpowers would be a threat to their Guild.

As the large Guilds’ members continued to die, Flame Blood used the dead players to create Evil Beasts and Demons. Moreover, as the Evil Beasts killed the enemy players, their levels rapidly rose. By the time the various large Guilds were annihilated, five more Grand Lord ranked Evil Beasts had evolved into Mythic ranked Evil Earth Dragons. The army had also doubled its number of Grand Lords on the battlefield.

“Amazing! As expected of the large Guilds’ elite players! With these Evil Beasts, we’ll have no problems taking down Ancient Rock City!” Flame Blood laughed madly as he gazed at the army under his command.

Without a moment to rest, Flame Blood commanded his Evil Beast army to charge for Ancient Rock City. At the same time, the eight Evil Earth Dragons roared as they launched eight Tier 4 Spells at the city’s defensive magic array. When the Spells collided with the barrier, the barrier shook violently. It was clear that the attacks had depleted a significant portion of the magic barrier’s energy.

Meanwhile, back in Star-Moon Kingdom, Shi Feng and Youlan arrived in Zero Wing City’s Guild Residence.

So, this is the rumored Zero Wing City? As Youlan observed the city below her from the Guild Hall’s roof, the scenery captivated her.

Not only was Zero Wing City’s environment impressive, but a vitality that couldn’t be found in any town filled the streets. She spotted plenty of high-level NPCs wandering about the city. There were even plenty of wandering merchants hawking their wares from the sidewalks. Horse carriages, which towns lacked, drove down the streets as they worked. There was barely any difference between Zero Wing City and an NPC city.

If she really had to point out a difference, though, it would definitely be Zero Wing City’s Mana density.

Despite the lack of Magic Towers inside the city, the Mana density here was only slightly weaker than in Stone Forest Town. When considering how spacious Zero Wing City was, Youlan’s eyes could not help but light up as she imagined the difference several Magic Towers would make.

With Zero Wing’s incredible potential, it was no wonder why Shi Feng even dared to provoke the Blackwater Corporation.

However, Youlan was curious about why Shi Feng had led her here.

“Let’s visit the City Lord’s Mansion.”