Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1555 - Internal Benefits

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Chapter 1555 – Internal Benefits

After Shi Feng gave the command, everyone began orderly shuffling out of the Special Alchemy Room.

Even now, though, everyone still felt a little shocked by the outcome of this competition. Originally, they all thought that Silent Wonder would be the champion this time. They had never imagined that she would actually end up failing to get within even the top three. Moreover, there was a huge difference between her results and the results of the third place winner. This was simply incredible.

However, just like Shi Feng had said, they had indeed underestimated the Candlelight Trading Firm’s foundations.

The difference between the support received by internal members and official members was much greater than they had expected.

Only now did everyone understand why Shi Feng had declared that even official members could take part in this competition.

Most likely, from the very beginning, Shi Feng had never once thought that the official members of Candlelight had the capabilities to compete for the top few positions. Hence, he had boldly allowed official members to take part in the competition without any restrictions.

Although the benefits for the top ten positions were quite good, there was a qualitative difference between them and what the top three winners received.

In God’s Domain, Secret-Silver alchemy tools were indeed very rare, but the various large Guilds generally had a few pieces. However, in the case of the Fine-Gold ranked Ocean’s Glow Set and the Dark-Gold ranked Green Jade Set, they were not things that just any Guild would have. Even Super Guilds would not necessarily be able to obtain these precious treasures.

With the aid of these top-tier alchemy tools, one would definitely have a much higher chance of creating a new potion.

Meanwhile, as everyone was leaving, Silent Wonder suddenly walked up to Shi Feng.

“What’s going on? Could Silent Wonder be trying to complain about the competition results?”

“That shouldn’t be the case. She must’ve seen the videos as well. There are indeed no problems with the results. Dormant Twilight and the others did indeed win the competition fair and square. Moreover, the results will most likely remain the same for the next few competitions.”

“It really makes you wonder how they managed to improve so quickly. I recall that Dormant Twilight and the other two were quite inferior to Silent Wonder some time ago.”

“How should I know? However, it should have something to do with the trading firm’s internal member training program. It’s a pity that I lack the strength to join it.”

Everyone could not help but start a quiet discussion among themselves as they looked at Silent Wonder.

“Guild Leader, may I ask you a question?” Silent Wonder asked as she looked at Shi Feng seriously.

“A question?” Upon seeing the serious expression on Silent Wonder’s face, Shi Feng chuckled and replied, “Sure, ask away.”

After taking in a deep breath, Silent Wonder said, “I wish to ask about the alchemy technique Dormant and the others have learned. Can the technique be learned by becoming an internal member of the Guild?”

“To some extent, yes,” Shi Feng replied after giving the matter some thought.

Truthfully, Shi Feng was rather surprised himself by the trio’s performance. He had never thought that they would gain such a significant harvest from reading the Moon God’s Secret Journal.

The Moon God’s Secret Journal was indeed an alchemy treasure. However, it was a set of three volumes, and he had obtained only the first volume of the set, which contained only information on the various materials available in God’s Domain. It was just like an encyclopedia for materials. There were no alchemy techniques recorded inside the volume.

Meanwhile, among the Basic Alchemy Techniques he obtained from the Moon God’s Secret Room, none of them contained the technique Dormant Twilight and the others had used.

Shi Feng’s answer rendered everyone speechless.

What did he mean by “to a certain extent”? Could they, or could they not learn the alchemy technique?

“Then, as long as I become an internal member of Candlelight, will I be able to learn the techniques Dormant and the others are learning as well?”

Silent Wonder simply could not wrap her mind around the technique Dormant Twilight and the others had displayed during the competition. Their every action during the competition had been very normal—so much so that they did not even apply any Basic Alchemy Techniques and had just concocted the potions normally. In the end, however, the results they achieved were still leaps and bounds ahead of hers.

At this moment, it was as if she had seen a new world in Dormant Twilight and the others.

To an alchemy fanatic like herself, it would be akin to torture for her not to study such a mysterious and amazing technique.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, if this old man also becomes an internal member of Candlelight, will I be able to study such alchemy techniques too?” Silent Aspiration, who had kept his own counsel all this time, suddenly stepped forward and asked Shi Feng.

“Master Aspiration?” Youlan could not help being stunned by this scene.

Even back when Silent Aspiration was in Underworld, he had not yielded even once to its temptations. Nothing that Underworld tried succeeded in binding Silent Aspiration to the organization, as the old man despised being bound by restrictions. Yet, now, Silent Aspiration was actually thinking of accepting such restrictive conditions just for some alchemy techniques.

Youlan truly could not help but wonder just what kind of alchemy techniques could actually inspire an obsession in a master like Silent Aspiration.

“I cannot guarantee that you all will learn the alchemy technique you speak of. I can only say that how much you learn after becoming Candlelight’s internal members will depend on yourselves.”

Shi Feng could see the yearning these two people had for alchemy techniques. However, he truly could not guarantee that they would learn the technique they mentioned. It depended entirely on how much they could learn from the Moon God’s Secret Journal and how well they would be able to put that knowledge to use.

Upon hearing Shi Feng’s reply, Silent Wonder and Silent Aspiration could not help but hesitate.

“Since that is the case…I’ll join!” After giving the matter some more thought, Silent Wonder still chose to become an internal member of Candlelight in the end.

Although she did not know what kind of treatment internal members received, when she saw how much Dormant Twilight and the others had improved, she could not help growing anxious. After all, despite so little time having passed since the trio had become internal members, their alchemy standards had already gone from being inferior to hers to surpassing hers by a large margin.

She also had to admit that the Candlelight Trading Firm was truly powerful. It possessed advantages that even Super Guilds did not. Although she was confident in herself, she was not blind.

If things continued at this rate, the gap between herself and Dormant Twilight and the others would most likely continue to widen. This was not an outcome she wished to see.

Moreover, she was also very curious to find out just what kind of item could help the internal members improve by so much in so little time.

“Interesting. This old man will join as well.” Silent Aspiration chuckled as he sent glance at Silent Wonder and Dormant Twilight’s group.

Although being able to conduct experiments without restrictions was good, the competition with a bunch of alchemy experts had rekindled his long-lost fighting spirit and edge.

Now, his goal had already changed. Instead of aiming to become the number one alchemist in God’s Domain, he decided he would first secure the position of Chief Alchemist in the Candlelight Trading Firm. Only afterwards would he contend for the title of “Number One Alchemist” in God’s Domain.

As expected of the Guild Leader. With this, we won’t have to worry about lacking potions to sell in Candlelight. Melancholic Smile could not help but inwardly worship Shi Feng’s capabilities. After all, he had actually managed to lure alchemy experts like Silent Wonder and Silent Aspiration into becoming internal members of Candlelight while barely doing anything.

With the standards of these two alchemy experts, the Candlelight Trading Firm would have no trouble producing extremely complex potions.

Meanwhile, Youlan was dumbfounded by this scene.

Despite all the methods Underworld had tried, it had failed to rope Silent Aspiration into the organization. Meanwhile, Zero Wing had merely allowed Silent Aspiration to take part in a competition, and already the master was taking the initiative to join the Guild.

If Underworld’s upper echelon were to find out about this matter, just what kind of reactions would this elicit?

After Silent Wonder and Silent Aspiration declared their intention to become internal members, the other Advanced Alchemists that were still on the fence about binding themselves further to Candlelight decide to join as well.

The Candlelight Trading Firm’s capabilities in the alchemy industry soared once again.

Following which, Shi Feng had Melancholic Smile redo the contracts of Silent Wonder and the others as well as give them a rundown on the benefits internal members enjoyed.

Compared to official members, internal members not only enjoyed better benefits but also received more GCPs for the same amount of work. At the same time, they also got to learn rare alchemy recipes. Meanwhile, what surprised Silent Wonder and Silent Aspiration was that internal members could learn not only Basic Secret Alchemy Techniques but also Advanced Secret Alchemy Techniques. However, both types required one to spend a certain amount of GCPs to learn. They were not things that could be learned freely.

“Aside from these basic benefits, there is still this item serving as the main benefit for internal members,” Melancholic Smile said as she took out a thick book from her bag and placed it on the stone table before her. “As long as you all manage to grasp a Basic Secret Alchemy Technique, you’ll gain one opportunity to read this book. If you learn an Advanced Secret Alchemy Technique, you’ll gain five chances to read it.”

The new internal members present stirred slightly when they saw the thick book on the stone table.

However, Melancholic Smile’s words shocked them. Basic Secret Alchemy Techniques were not easy to learn, yet fully grasping one such technique granted them only one opportunity to read the thick book. This requirement was absurdly high.

However, the alchemists that had already become internal members gave longing looks at the thick book, wishing they could read it for the rest of their lives.

“Wait… This book is…the Moon God’s Secret Journal!”

At this moment, Silent Wonder and Silent Aspiration both gaped in shock involuntarily when they read the words written on the cover of the thick book, their breathing becoming much heavier.