Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1549 - God's Power

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Chapter 1549 – God’s Power

He’s already been promoted to Tier 2? Realization dawned on Youlan when she heard Seliora’s comment.

It was no wonder Shi Feng killed an expert like First Ghost with one hit. He had even dared to chastise and threaten Underworld’s members.

If Shi Feng had truly reached Tier 2, he earned his arrogance.

Tier 2 was the various large Guilds’ major goal right now.

Only after players completed their Tier 2 promotions would they qualify to challenge Level 50 super-large-scale Team Dungeons, and Tier 2 players would significantly help a team when raiding Level 50, 100-man Team Dungeons. Not only would Tier 2 players receive a massive boost to their Basic Attributes, but their Skills would also undergo a qualitative transformation. One Tier 2 player could easily do the work of several Tier 1 players.

As she watched Shi Feng, Youlan found it hard to believe that he was already a Tier 2 Sword Master.

As far as she knew, even Underworld was still preparing for the Tier 2 Promotion Quests due to the high difficulty of these quests. Unless players made ample preparations, their chances of failure would be quite high. It was something to be avoided at all costs as players would have to wait a considerable amount of time before challenging their quests again.

The Main God System intended Tier 1 to be an introductory phase for players, allowing them to adapt to God’s Domain’s combat styles. Hence, every player would be capable of completing their Tier 1 promotions. However, it was a different story for Tier 2. Only after players had achieved a certain standard in both combat standards and Basic Attributes could they complete their Tier 2 promotions.

Unfortunately, reaching Level 50 required a lot of time and resources for current Guilds, not to mention completing the Tier 2 Promotion Quests. In fact, even Super Guilds’ peak experts were still desperately grinding. These experts were lucky if they were already Level 49, yet not only had Shi Feng crossed the Level 50 threshold, but he had also completed his Promotion Quest…

So, this is the 31st ranked expert on the God’s Domain Experts List? Dark Eye was inwardly astonished as he examined at Shi Feng.

He had been considered a top-tier expert in Underworld. Although he was no match for experts like First Ghost, he was stronger than most of the organization’s other experts. Even War Wolf had praised him for his potential.

Yet, when he looked at Shi Feng, he felt his horizons expand.

In the past, he thought that experts like First Ghost were close to reaching the level of God’s Domain’s peak experts, but looking at it now, it seemed that that gap was far wider than he had imagined.

When Dark Eye thought about how he could possibly receive guidance from an expert like Shi Feng, he could not help his growing excitement.

While these players digested their surprise over Shi Feng’s tier, Seliora used an Identification Skill, inspecting the Disintegration Armor on the table.

“It is no longer possible to repair this Disintegration Armor. The core magic circuits have been destroyed. The materials used to construct the armor have also been tainted and crippled by some mysterious power,” Seliora said as she shook her head in pity.

“Then, can it be recast?” Shi Feng asked.

“Recast it?” Seliora fell silent for a moment. “It’s not entirely impossible, but it is incredibly difficult. Only the Disintegration Armor’s core is still usable. Everything else is useless. I’ll need new materials to recast it, but obtaining those materials is beyond even a Grandmaster Forger like myself. Only by mobilizing an empire’s power would you be able to gather all of the necessary materials. Are you really confident in doing something that would require the strength of an entire empire?”

Youlan and her companions gasped when they heard Seliora’s explanation.

The materials to reconstruct the Disintegration Armor were even out of reach for a Grandmaster Forger.

Now, they were even more curious about the Disintegration Armor’s rank.

“Is there no other way?” Shi Feng felt his head begin to ache.

Shi Feng could easily guess that the materials Seliora had mentioned were likely rarer than Legendary ranked materials. Otherwise, there would be no need to mobilize an entire empire’s power.

Although Zero Wing was Star-Moon Kingdom’s overlord, it was insignificant compared to the kingdom as a whole, much less an empire.

“Not exactly.” Taking another look at the Disintegration Armor, Seliora slowly said, “There is the option of removing the mysterious power inside the Disintegration Armor. In reality, there isn’t much of a problem with the Disintegration Armor itself. It’s just that its magic circuits have been destroyed. However, a mysterious power is preventing the base materials from exhibiting their original strength. Now, only the core remains untainted. If you can remove this mysterious power, the Disintegration Armor will be much easier to recast.”

“What must be done to remove this mysterious power?” Shi Feng asked, breathing a sigh of relief.

If the system really tasked him with collecting the necessary materials, it would take him longer than one or two dedicated years to do so. After all, even a Grandmaster Forger would struggle to collect all of these materials.

“If you wish to remove this mysterious power, you just have to use a stronger power to do so. Unfortunately, I’m helpless against this mysterious power. It’s likely that only the legendary God’s Power will do the trick,” Seliora said after giving the matter some thought. When she mentioned God’s Power, her expression became one of longing.

Only Tie 6 Gods could control God’s Power.

Meanwhile, she was still far from becoming a Tier 6 God. In God’s Domain, countless emperors and peerless overlords had tried to reach that realm, including the Disintegration Armor’s creator, the Orc Empire’s Founding Emperor.

“God’s Power?” Shi Feng suddenly smiled. “As long as I have God’s Power, I can remove this mysterious power?”

In the past, he had been ignorant about God’s Power.

Now, however, not only did he know about it, but he also knew how to obtain it.

To put it simply, the system wanted him to collect God Crystals to cleanse the mysterious power inside the Disintegration Armor.

Normally, it was very difficult to obtain God Crystals, but after making a trip to the Moon God’s abode, he had a source. If he wished to obtain a large number of God Crystals, he simply needed to visit places where Gods had once lived.

Although it was impossible to return to the Moon God’s abode in the Dark Canyon, he had a sealed tool, which could teleport him to a God’s old residence.

That item was Moloch’s Ring!

Moloch’s Ring allowed him to open a Gate of Darkness that led to the Dark Den’s central area, which happened to house the World Summit, a location the Gods had created.

Sharlyn had warned him not to use the Moloch’s Ring in fear of the Power of Darkness’s taint, but after repairing the Bible of Darkness, he could reduce the Power of Darkness’s erosion. If he only used Moloch’s Ring once, it should not cause too much of a problem.

“I’ve never tried this method before, so I can’t guarantee that it will work, but it should be possible. If not even God’s Power does the trick, I’m afraid that nothing can cleanse this mysterious power,” Seliora warned.

Although Seliora was unsure, Shi Feng could tell that he had a 90% chance of removing the mysterious power with the God’s Power inside God Crystals. Otherwise, he’d have to collect the materials Seliora had previously mentioned, and that was impossible for current players. It was a far more reasonable task if he only needed to collect God Crystals.

Following which, Shi Feng stored the Disintegration Armor and bid farewell to Seliora. He then led Youlan and the others towards Zero Wing’s Residence to complete the registration procedures.

Due to God’s Domain evolution, the process of joining a Guild had become far more troublesome. This was especially true for Guilds with Guild Residences. Players who wanted to join such Guilds needed to register at the Residence or the Adventurer’s Association. It was no longer possible to accept an invitation from a person in power.

As Shi Feng made his way towards Zero Wing’s Residence, the sound of a system notification reached his ears.

System: Congratulations! Zero Wing City’s basic facilities have been constructed, and its name is spreading throughout Star-Moon Kingdom. Do you wish to allow NPCs to garrison in Zero Wing City?