Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1548 - Forging Secret Journal

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Chapter 1584 – Forging Secret Journal

When Youlan and the others saw Seliora’s friendly expression, they turned to Shi Feng in shock.

Even Star-Moon Kingdom’s King had to treat Grandmaster Forger’s respectfully.

Trying to raise one’s Favorability with an NPC Grandmaster Forger was exceedingly difficult, yet Seliora’s reaction to seeing Shi Feng wasn’t unlike seeing an old friend who hadn’t visited for many years…

“I found a treasure. I’m here to see if you can help me recast it,” Shi Feng replied.

“A treasure?” Seliora’s eyes sparkled. “Come in, then!”

“Right, these are my friends. They’ve completed a quest you’ve handed them, so they’re here to hand it in,” Shi Feng said as he gestured Youlan and the others.

Seliora glanced at the players behind Shi Feng, and Youlan’s group tensed.

“So, it’s you guys. Come in as well, then. I just so happen to need those materials,” Seliora said, nodding before leading everyone inside.

As Shi Feng stepped into the smithy, he was shocked by the sight before him.

All sorts of exquisite weapons and pieces of equipment were on display in the relatively small house. Glass counters held various items that radiated powerful auras. Despite the magic array protecting the weapons, Shi Feng could still feel a fraction of the energy they radiated. One could easily imagine how powerful these items were.

The most inferior item in the house was Dark-Gold rank, while most items were Epic rank. Clearly, the weapons and pieces of equipment in the display cases were the creations Seliora was proud of. They were top-tier even among Epic items.

With a casual glance, Shi Feng easily counted many times more Epic Weapons and Equipment in Seliora’s small house than those Zero Wing had obtained. Even Super Guilds would go mad over Seliora’s collection.

Shi Feng had to admit that a Grandmaster Forger was amazing. Seliora could craft Epic items as if it were child’s play. Even Master Forgers would be lucky to craft one Epic item every few years.

Although Master Forgers could craft Epic items, their success rate was astoundingly low. Only if a Master Forger had an astronomical supply of high-ranking materials would they be able to produce Epic items. Producing Epic items was far more difficult than obtaining them from monsters and quests. This was because hand-crafted items had higher compatibility with the players they were made for, which allowed said players to exhibit greater combat power.

In God’s Domain, where Fragmented Legendary and Legendary items were extremely rare, obtaining customized Epic items was one of the few methods players in full Epic gear could improve their combat power. The various large Guilds in the past had even secured their own Master Forgers to craft Epic Weapons and Equipment regardless of the cost.

“Lady Seliora, here are the Ebony Stones and Moonlight Spring Water you requested.” After entering the smithy, Youlan proceeded to remove some materials from her bag.

Shi Feng was astonished when he saw the materials.

Both the Moonlight Spring Water and the Ebony Stones were super-rare forging materials. The Moonlight Spring Water could increase the mana within other materials, which in turn, increased the production success rate and quality of the final product. As for the Ebony Stone, it was a top-tier Epic material only obtainable from high-rank Field bosses and the Dungeon Bosses in 100-man Team Dungeons. Unfortunately, the drop-rate was abysmal, and a team would have to kill multiple Bosses before one would drop.

Shi Feng wouldn’t have been particularly surprised if Youlan had revealed one bottle of Moonlight Spring Water and one Ebony Stone. After all, Zero Wing had collected quite a few of these items. What shocked Shi Feng was the number of items Youlan had revealed.

In total, Youlan had taken out 100 bottles of Moonlight Spring Water and 50 Ebony Stones. This already exceeded Zero Wing’s stockpile by multiple times.

“Not bad. You actually gathered everything within a short time.” After taking a look at the materials on the table, Seliora took out a thick, ancient book and gave it to Youlan. “This is the Forging Secret Journal I promised you. If one learns all of these techniques, they should have a much easier time becoming a Master Forger.”

A Forging Secret Journal? Shi Feng suddenly realized why the quest required so many precious materials.

A Forging Secret Journal contained plenty of forging techniques. It was a treasure that many forgers dreamed of obtaining. However, whether or not one could learn these techniques depended on the player’s capabilities.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, I still haven’t thanked you for saving us. In addition, you’ve allowed us to join Zero Wing. As a show of gratitude, please accept this Forging Secret Journal,” Youlan sincerely said as she handed the Forging Secret Journal to Shi Feng.

For a moment, Shi Feng was at a loss for words. He could tell that Youlan was serious. Moreover, with Youlan’s strong-willed personality, she would never accept owing others.

“Alright, I’ll accept it.” Shi Feng nodded.

The Forging Secret Journal could definitely help the Candlelight Trading Firm’s forgers. He could also use the item as motivation for the firm’s forgers.

When Shi Feng accepted her gift, Youlan breathed a sigh of relief. Her serious expression relaxed.

After Youlan turned in her Hidden Quest, Seliora shifted her gaze to Shi Feng and eagerly demanded, “Well? Come on. Show me this treasure of yours.”

“Guild Leader Black Flame, since you still have some matters to attend to, we’ll wait outside.” Youlan knew that Shi Feng was here for something very important. It was most definitely a secret. Hence, she took the initiative to remove herself.

“No need. This won’t take long,” Shi Feng said as he waved a hand. Since Youlan and the others would soon join Zero Wing, he had to treat them like the rest of his people. Moreover, the Disintegration Armor was not something others could easily take from him even if they knew about it. Following which, he took out the Destroyed Disintegration Armor and set it on the table for Seliora to inspect.

The instant he revealed the Disintegration Armor, the space inside the room began to warp as a horrific killing intent and tyrannical aura surged out of the armor and filled the smithy.

Immediately, several of Youlan’s Lifestyle players dropped to the ground, turning incomparably pale.

What kind of item is this?! A frightening shock tore at Youlan as she stared at the tattered armor on the table.

After playing God’s Domain for so long, she had seen countless top-tier weapons and pieces of equipment. She had even seen quite a few Epic items. But none of those items came anywhere near to comparing to the tattered chest piece Shi Feng had revealed. As she stared at the armor, she felt her soul tremble with fear.

She felt as if she were looking at some horrifying creature rather than a piece of equipment.

Even if she didn’t know the item’s identity, she knew that it must have an extraordinary origin. She was also certain that it was more valuable than any item she had.

“What?! This is Disintegration Power! Where did you get this?!” Astonishment twisted Seliora’s beautiful face when she saw the Disintegration Armor.

“I killed an Orc Warlord, and this dropped,” Shi Feng honestly explained.

There was no need to hide information from an NPC. In fact, if he lied to Seliora, she wouldn’t be able to determine the Disintegration Armor’s specifics and wouldn’t be able to help him.

Moreover, his victory over an Orc Warlord was no longer a secret in Star-Moon Kingdom. The various large Guilds had long since learned about the incident.

“So, that’s the case. No wonder this broken armor radiates Disintegration Power. It must be a piece of the Orc Empire’s legendary Disintegration Set.” After a glance at the armor and Shi Feng’s explanation, Seliora realized the Disintegration Armor’s identity. “You really are something. The Disintegration Power radiating from this chest piece is incredibly dense. The Disintegration Power will taint anyone who carries it, yet despite being only a Tier 2 Sword Master, you haven’t gone mad, only suffering some loss to your Attributes. Are you really just a Tier 2 Sword Master?”

In response to Seliora’s question, Shi Feng merely revealed an awkward smile. He currently carried three Fragmented Legendary items. He also wielded one of the Ten Great Saint Legacies. He couldn’t be considered a mere Tier 2 player.

“A Tier 2 Sword Master?”

“He’s a Tier 2 player?”

Hearing Seliora’s question, Youlan and her companions could not help but turn to Shi Feng, stunned.

NPCs were not players. They generally didn’t lie for no good reason. Moreover, they had much keener perception than players, not to mention an apex existence like a Grandmaster Forger.