Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1546 - Sword King

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Chapter 1546 – Sword King

“Black Flame?!”

The battlefield fell deathly silent when Shi Feng removed his Black Cloak.

Everyone here was familiar with Black Flame. Even players from outside of Star-Moon Kingdom would know of him if they examined the God’s Domain Ranking List.

Recently, Black Flame’s ranking had risen; he now ranked 31st on God’s Domain Ranking List. There was also plenty of information regarding the man’s battle records.

Not only could Black Flame wander through an army of thousands of enemy players as if he were strolling through his own backyard, but he was also undefeated.

Even Super Guilds had to take this expert seriously.

Moreover, Black Flame was the Guild Leader of Zero Wing, the current number one Guild in Star-Moon Kingdom.

Sword King Black Flame? Dark Eye felt as if he were dreaming as he gazed at Shi Feng.

He was also relieved that he had stopped his teammates from attacking Shi Feng. Otherwise, this Swordsman would’ve killed his companions before First Ghost’s team had even arrived.

Although Dark Eye had never personally witnessed Shi Feng in battle, he knew that this man’s Guild had caused Underworld a lot of suffering; the organization had even been forced to abandon its development in Star-Moon Kingdom.

Why is he here? Youlan’s eyes widened in shock as she stared at Shi Feng.

Meanwhile, when First Ghost found out about his opponent’s identity, his complexion turned indescribably grim.

If his opponent had merely been a top-tier expert from a first-rate Guild, he would not have considered this Swordsman important, but that wasn’t the case for the player before him. Every player ranked among the top 100 on the God’s Domain Ranking List could strike fear in the various large Guilds, not to mention the 31st ranking expert.

Even a superpower would have to dispatch numerous peak experts to deal with an expert of Shi Feng’s caliber. It would also need the terrain advantage. Otherwise, it would have no hope of defeating Shi Feng. Although First Ghost acknowledged his team’s strength, he didn’t believe that they were capable of defeating Shi Feng in a head-on confrontation. On top of that, they were still in White River City. If the fight drug on, the NPC patrols would discover them. None of them would leave this place alive.

He had merely come to assassinate Youlan and her team. He had never expected to encounter the most troublesome player in Star-Moon Kingdom.

“Black Flame, I admit that you are powerful. In the past, Underworld couldn’t even touch you, but do you really think that the organization hasn’t changed in all this time?” First Ghost no longer showed any intention of attacking. Instead, he sneered and said, “The Blackwater Corporation has already annexed Underworld. Not even God’s Domain’s various superpowers would dare to provoke Underworld now. The higher-ups have declared that Youlan’s team must be killed to Level 0. If you shelter them, you will endanger the Guild you’ve gone to great lengths to develop.

“As long as you keep your nose out of this, you will continue to reign as Star-Moon Kingdom’s overlord. However, if you anger the people in charge, Zero Wing won’t get away unscathed. Is it worth getting in the middle of this?”

When they heard First Ghost’s warning, Dark Eye, Youlan, and their companions paled.

As First Ghost had said, the Blackwater Corporation had taken control of Underworld. Even Super Guilds avoided confrontations with the corporation if they could. It simply wasn’t an existence Zero Wing could contend with.

There was no reason for Shi Feng to start a war with the Blackwater Corporation over their fate.

Meanwhile, when First Ghost’s team members heard their leader’s words, they regained their confidence and sneered at Shi Feng.

When First Ghost finished speaking, Shi Feng glanced at the Assassin and asked, “Are you done?”

First Ghost was stunned.

“Do you even understand what I’m saying?! If you involve yourself, you will declare war on the Blackwater Corporation!” First Ghost reiterated.

However, by the time First Ghost shut his mouth, Shi Feng had appeared before him, his Sacred Sword radiating a blue glow as it descended on the Assassin.

Tier 2 Taboo Skill, Instant Strike!

Before First Ghost could use his Vanish Skill, his HP had begun to deplete rapidly. In the blink of an eye, his HP fell to zero, and his vision darkened. His body then collapsed, a piece of equipment dropping beside his corpse.


“The Boss is dead!”

“This person is insane! Didn’t he understand the Boss’s warning?!”

First Ghost’s team members gaped, horror filling their eyes as they stared at Shi Feng, who wore a casual expression.

“When you return, tell your higher-ups that we will not allow other powers to cause trouble in White River City as they like!” Shi Feng coldly declared as he glanced at the players around him. “If they dare, this will be their outcome!”

White River City was Zero Wing’s main headquarters. If Zero Wing could not maintain the city’s safety, allowing other players to waltz in and kill whom they liked, who would possibly develop in White River City?

Furthermore, First Ghost had tried to kill other players right before his very eyes.

So strong! He’s even stronger than the rumors say! Dark Eye was indescribably shocked as he looked at First Ghost’s corpse.

Underworld’s top Assassin had died without the chance to fight back…

The entire process had happened so fast that he wasn’t even sure about what had happened. He had only seen Shi Feng appear before First Ghost suddenly before a blue flash had struck the Assassin. In the next moment, First Ghost’s HP had fallen to zero, and he died.

Although Dark Eye had heard about Shi Feng’s strength while he had still been a member of Underworld, he had never realized that the man was this strong.

The difference between his power and Shi Feng’s was overwhelming.

“He’s insane!”

When First Ghost’s team members heard Shi Feng’s declaration, they felt the air around them grow heavy. They also felt a chill assault their minds. They could clearly sense the killing intent and determination Shi Feng radiated.

Shi Feng was too scary!

They were all very familiar with First Ghost’s power. Even if all 100-plus team members rushed at him as one, they would not kill the Assassin. First Ghost would whittle them down and annihilate them eventually, yet such a powerful Assassin hadn’t even lasted one move against this Swordsman…

Moreover, they realized that should they make any sudden movements, they’d share their leader’s fate.

“Team Leader Restless, what do we do now?” several team members asked as they turned towards the Cleric named Restless Death.

Among these, Restless Death was only second to First Ghost in terms of strength. Normally, the Cleric took command of the team when First Ghost was absent.

“We…retreat,” Restless Death said, clenching his jaw as he glared at Shi Feng.

With Shi Feng here, he was not confident that they could kill Youlan and her teammates. First Ghost’s death was the proof of this.

Hearing Restless Death’s decision, Underworld’s members breathed a sigh of relief. If they continued this fight, not only would this Swordsman before them annihilate every team member, but White River City’s NPCs would also capture and jail them all.

Following which, Restless Death and his teammates used Return Scrolls and departed from White River City.