Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1540 - Evil God's Temple Activated

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Chapter 1540 – Evil God’s Temple Activated

“Twenty percent?” A tight frown formed on Yuan Tiexin’s face. “Your asking price is too high. Do you know how difficult it is to raid an Orc city? That isn’t something that can be done just by having some NPC mercenaries.”

The defense of any city in the Orc Empire could make a first-rate Guild despair.

Setting aside the defensive magic arrays protecting the cities, just the number of Orcs garrisoning each city exceeded a million easily. The Orc cities also possessed various defensive structures. Although each city had only three Mythic Orcs protecting it, it had thousands of Grand Lord ranked Orcs.

The amount of manpower and resources required to capture a city was simply impossible for a first-rate Guild to fulfill.

“My asking price is not high. Moreover, I feel that Zero Wing is worth this price. If you insist on your price, I can only dispatch 10,000 NPC mercenaries to aid you. However, I will not send anyone from our Guild,” Shi Feng explained.

The price the Secret Pavilion offered would indeed be very tempting to a first-rate Guild.

After all, having ten black cards would enable a Guild to let their expert members gain more combat experience against other expert players, which would greatly help in improving said expert members’ combat standards. As proof, Shadow Sword and the other core members of Zero Wing had reached the Refinement Realm just from training at the Secret Pavilion’s simulation training system for some time.

Meanwhile, high-potential Lands in the Apocalypse Empire’s major cities were things that could not be bought even if one offered tens of thousands of Gold. Not to mention, the Secret Pavilion was actually offering two such plots of Land. As long as one opened a Shop on these Lands and managed them well, they could rake in a significant amount of income.

Unfortunately, although both things were very tempting, to the current Zero Wing, the effort it would have to expend did not match up with the gains it would be receiving.

Although Shi Feng did not have a clear understanding regarding the cities in the Orc Empire, he knew a lot regarding the cost of capturing the cities of foreign races.

In God’s Domain, players faced a long and arduous battle of attrition if they wished to capture a city belonging to a foreign race. Many lives would have to be sacrificed—especially when it came to breaking the defensive magic array of the city. With the current standards of players, fully depleting the energy of a city’s defensive magic array would take several days of constant bombardment. Only Tier 5 attacks and above would be capable of weakening a city’s defensive magic array by a significant amount.

It had taken a lot of effort to stabilize Zero Wing’s development. He naturally could not casually expend a large amount of the Guild’s combat power for the Secret Pavilion without appropriate compensation.

“You’ll only dispatch NPC mercenaries?” Yuan Tiexin pondered in silence. Their main goal in this transaction, to begin with, was to gain Zero Wing’s GHPs to exchange for NPC mercenaries. If they had enough mercenaries, they could distract the Mythic Orcs and Grand Lords inside the city. As for Zero Wing’s members, the Secret Pavilion had never once thought about using them. “Alright. However, 10,000 mercenaries are too few. We’ll need at least 15,000.”

“That won’t be a problem.” Shi Feng nodded.

He currently possessed 50,000 GHPs. Hiring 15,000 mercenaries would cost him only 45,000 points.

To Zero Wing, GHPs were of little use right now. After all, the Guild had to invest a significant portion of its income into the development of Zero Wing City. The Guild had neither the time nor the money to capture another town or city.

Currently, its most important goal was to find a way to make a large amount of Coins and Magic Crystals.

Both sides signed a contract with each other. After which, Yuan Tiexin handed ten black cards to Shi Feng. As for the two plots of Land, Shi Feng chose to have both plots located in the Apocalypse Empire’s Moon Bay City.

Although the Apocalypse Empire shared an extensive portion of its borders with the sea, the cities located close to the sea numbered only four. Moon Bay City was the closest of the four to Ocean Viewing Town. In the future, if need be, he could also use the Lands in Moon Bay City as a temporary warehouse.

“This here is the information I mentioned before. It is best if you all start making preparations soon. When the time comes, not only will the several kingdoms neighboring the Orc Empire be affected, but even the Black Dragon Empire will receive heavy damage. Originally, I had planned on having Jade spar with your Guild’s experts a little, but now that the contents of our transaction have changed, we have to return and make the corresponding changes,” Yuan Tiexin said as he passed an envelope to Shi Feng. He then let out a sigh before leaving together with Purple Jade and his bodyguards.

“Affecting several kingdoms?” Shi Feng could not help but tear open the envelope curiously. After fishing out the paper inside and reading its contents, he immediately sneered and said, “Nine Dragons Emperor really is daring! Is he not afraid of digging his own grave as well?”

The message was short and to the point. It merely stated that Nine Dragons Emperor had assisted Beast Emperor in holding a sacrificial ceremony and had already activated the Evil God’s Temple in the Black Dragon Empire—which was simply a disaster to the majority of the players in the empire.

The Evil God’s Temple located in an empire was entirely different from one located in a kingdom. Its activation not only gave Beast Emperor a huge boost in status, but he would also be able to use the Sacrificial Altar, which was available only in the Evil God’s Temple in empires, allowing the Evil Beasts and Evil Demons under his control to fight against each other. Meanwhile, the victors in the Sacrificial Altar would devour the losers and have their Growth Potentials improved. With this, Beast Emperor would be able to produce powerful Evil Beasts and Evil Demons much more easily.

Given enough time, Beast Emperor would even be capable of destroying an entire empire.

This was also the reason why the activation of the Evil God’s Temple had nearly led to the destruction of an empire in the past.

Currently, Beast Emperor was already operating in the Black Dragon Empire and the surrounding kingdoms, continuously killing players and expanding his strength.

According to the Secret Pavilion’s investigations, the reason why Nine Dragons Emperor had decided to work with Beast Emperor was so that he could use Beast Emperor’s strength to annihilate Zero Wing. By doing so, he would be able to deprive Phoenix Rain of a powerful supporter in the competition for Thunder Island.

“Do you think you can annihilate Zero Wing so easily?” Shi Feng smiled. He then tore the letter into pieces.

If it were in the past, the activation of the Evil God’s Empire in the Black Dragon Empire would indeed have posed a significant threat to him. Now, however, the situation had changed with the completion of Zero Wing City’s construction.

Whether it was in terms of offense or defense, a city greatly surpassed a town.

The only problem now was Magic Crystals.

The defenses of both towns and cities required a large amount of Magic Crystals to fully display their true potential.

It seems there’s a need to quickly secure that Manatite vein. Shi Feng planned silently. However, the current strength of the Guild is still not enough to secure the vein. We’ll need more Tier 2 players before we can do so. I’ll have to think of a way to help more people get through their Tier 2 promotions.

Karna Island, where the Manatite vein was located, was very dangerous for Tier 1 players. Only Tier 2 players could possibly serve as combat power there. However, passing the promotion for Tier 2 was easier said than done. Currently, although many players in Zero Wing’s main force had already reached Level 50, their chances of clearing the Hard Mode Promotion Quest remained dismal. Not only would they need better weapons and equipment, but they also had to improve their combat standards.

“Head Instructor, representatives from the White Tiger Dojo have come to negotiate cooperation with you again. Should I invite them in now?” Liang Jing asked as she entered the reception room.

“Again?” Shi Feng frowned as he thought about the White Tiger Dojo’s commission. “They really are bothersome.”

“Head Instructor, the White Tiger Dojo has come looking for you multiple times already. If you don’t meet with them now, I’m afraid this would be…” Liang Jing hurriedly tried persuading Shi Feng when she saw that he intended to reject the White Tiger Dojo’s representatives out of hand.

At this point, she was at a total loss as to Shi Feng’s behavior. If it were Chairman Xiao, he would’ve already gone out to greet the White Tiger Dojo’s representatives instead of letting the other party ask to meet him. In contrast, not only did Shi Feng show no interest whatsoever in meeting with the representatives, but he was even planning on shooing them away.

The White Tiger Dojo was one of the top dojos in the country. It simply wasn’t an existence the Big Dipper Dojo could compare to. If the former wished, it could easily crush the Big Dipper Dojo.

However, the more unbelievable matter was how the White Tiger Dojo was behaving. Despite receiving numerous refusals, it was still desperately sending representatives over to meet with Shi Feng. Most likely, if she told this matter to someone else, nobody would believe a word she spoke.

“Alright, then. Let them come in.” Shi Feng nodded helplessly at Liang Jing’s pleading.

“I’ll bring them over now,” Liang Jing said, breathing out a sigh of relief at Shi Feng’s words. If she were to send the White Tiger Dojo away again, Chairman Xiao would definitely have a stroke.