Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1539 - Super-first-rate Guild

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Chapter 1539 – Super-first-rate Guild

“The Secret Pavilion?”

Overhearing Fang Tianji’s mumbles and seeing the reverential look he gave Yuan Tiexin’s group, Xie Qiwen couldn’t help his growing curiosity.

Fang Tianji was the youngest instructor in the White Tiger Dojo and Jiang Tianyuan’s personal disciple. Fang Tianji had the potential of becoming a Branch Hall Master. The man was an expert and had already participated in numerous international competitions.

Moreover, both Jiang Tianyuan and the White Tiger Dojo’s Main Hall Master valued Fang Tianji, which gave his words considerable weight in the dojo.

Yet, now, someone like Fang Tianji was actually revered Yuan Tiexin’s group.

“It’s not surprising that you don’t recognize them. Let’s wait outside for now,” Fang Tianji instructed, not bothering to give an explanation to Xie Qiwen.

He was no longer a noob that knew nothing about God’s Domain. He now had a clear understanding of how deep God’s Domain’s waters were. He also knew how much potential the game had. Aside from the time acceleration function, which allowed players to enjoy longer lifespans, the game’s ability to replace many of the sports, sources of entertainment, and work in the real world displayed its frightening potential value.

Hence, the various industry giants around the world were investing in God’s Domain, one after another. They all hoped to secure some advantage and resources before the eventual birth of the new era.

The Secret Pavilion was a transcendental existence in the virtual gaming world and had the backing of multiple international corporations. The White Tiger Dojo simply couldn’t compare.

“We’re waiting outside?” For a moment, Xie Qiwen thought he had heard wrong. They had traveled so far to visit the Big Dipper Dojo, yet not only didn’t this dojo provide the proper, grand reception, but Fang Tianji even suggested that they wait, allowing the new arrivals to conduct their business before their group. Xie Qiwen even wondered if the man before him was really the Fang Tianji he knew.

However, since the man had decided, he had no choice but to wait in the lobby with Fang Tianji.

Meanwhile, in Reception Room One, Shi Feng arrived a short moment after Yuan Tiexin made himself comfortable.

“Uncle Yuan, I’m sorry for the wait,” Shi Feng said as he greeted Yuan Tiexin and his entourage. “May I know the reason for your sudden visit?”

After not seeing each other for some time, Shi Feng could clearly sense a significant change in both Yuan Tiexin and Purple Jade’s auras. Yuan Tiexin, in particular, felt as if his youth had been restored.

However, the change didn’t particularly surprise Shi Feng. Throughout the various adventures and battles in God’s Domain, one’s brain would work continuously. This, in turn, kept the body’s cells active. In addition, a Guild upper echelon like Yuan Tiexin had the privilege of a steady supply of S-rank Nutrient Fluid, keeping his body young and strong. This would become public knowledge in the future.

Although it was impossible to achieve eternal life through this method, it was possible to extend one’s life. After the Mind Space System’s introduction, in particular, God’s Domain’s effect on a human lifespan would become more apparent. This was also the main reason that the various industry giants were investing in God’s Domain.

“You haven’t changed at all. Can’t I visit purely to congratulate Zero Wing?” Yuan Tiexin could not help but laugh at Shi Feng’s straightforward attitude.

“Congratulate Zero Wing?” Shi Feng repeated skeptically. He did not believe Yuan Tiexin in the least.

The Secret Pavilion was a massive Guild. An upper echelon like Yuan Tiexin should have a long list of tasks every day. How could he possibly have enough time to come all the way here for a chat?

“Alright, I’ll just get straight to the point. Our Guild Leader has expressed great interest in Zero Wing and is willing to invest in your Guild. We only want 50% of Zero Wing’s shares. In return, we’ll guarantee that Zero Wing will become a super-first-rate Guild very quickly,” Yuan Tiexin said.

“Fifty percent?” Shi Feng frowned.

He hadn’t expected the Secret Pavilion to have such a large appetite, but he had to admit that the offer was tempting. If the Secret Pavilion made such an offer to a first-rate Guild, it would likely jump at the chance. Every first-rate Guild in the virtual gaming world dreamed of becoming a super-first-rate Guild.

Although only one rank separated the two, the difference was like that between heaven and earth.

“I haven’t finished. Aside from receiving capital from the Secret Pavilion, Zero Wing will receive 2% of the Secret Pavilion’s shares. This way, Zero Wing will not have to concern itself about the right to speak with the Secret Pavilion. As for Guild Leader Black Flame, he will become one of the Secret Pavilion’s Elders,” Yuan Tiexin said, chuckling as he saw through Shi Feng’s hesitation.

“The Guild Leader is willing to offer 2% of the Guild’s shares?” Purple Jade was stunned.

Although she had accompanied Yuan Tiexin to negotiate with several first-rate Guilds, they had never offered such generous terms. With 2% of the Secret Pavilion’s shares, one would be a major shareholder.

The Secret Pavilion was a colossal existence. It even had the financial support of multiple international corporations.

“Please allow me to refuse.” Shi Feng shook his head and rejected the offer without hesitation.

Both Yuan Tiexin and Purple Jade were dumbfounded.

“Our Guild Leader has only offered Zero Wing a portion of the Guild’s shares thus far. Will you not consider the offer? Or report this to your Guild Leader?” Yuan Tiexin pleaded sincerely.

Although Zero Wing displayed great process in its development, the competition in God’s Domain was just beginning.

As time passed, the various corporations that had invested in the game would begin to shine. Based on the Secret Pavilion’s information, several unknown Guilds and first-rate Guilds have begun to show frightening progress. Meanwhile, these Guilds had just as many and just as powerful experts as Zero Wing. Moreover, unlike Zero Wing, these Guilds had the support of major corporations. Their development speed would only grow.

“There is no need. Our Guild Leader has already made his decision,” Shi Feng said as he shook his head.

If Zero Wing had the support of the Secret Pavilion, it could become a giant in the virtual gaming world in a short time. However, Shi Feng firmly believed that Zero Wing could do so without the Secret Pavilion’s help; it would just take a little more time.

“I understand.” Yuan Tiexin sighed. He felt that Zero Wing was a little overconfident. Becoming a giant in the virtual gaming world wasn’t easy. He then said, “Since that is the case, we won’t force the matter. I’ll move on to the next matter, then. The Secret Pavilion is interested in one of the Orc Empire’s cities and would like Zero Wing’s help. Once the task is complete, we will provide ten black cards and two plots of high-potential Land in the Apocalypse Empire’s main cities. We’ll also provide some information, which could determine Zero Wing’s survival.”

“Information that relates to Zero Wing’s survival?” Shi Feng could not help his growing curiosity.

“I am not trying to scare you. Whether you believe it or not is entirely up to you. Are you interested in this exchange?” Yuan Tiexin asked with a smile. “If Zero Wing agrees, it may have enough time to prepare, avoiding too many losses.”

In reality, Yuan Tiexin had been shocked when he had received this news. He had never thought that things would’ve developed to such severity.

“Allow me to refuse.” Shi Feng said again, shaking his head. “Although I don’t have a particularly clear understanding of the Orc Empire’s situation, I know that capturing its cities is very difficult. Since you have asked for Zero Wing’s help, you must be aiming for our Guild Honor Points. Ten black cards and two plots of Land are not enough.”

“How much do you want, then?” Shi Feng’s greed astonished Purple Jade.

Shi Feng smiled in response, raising two fingers as he said, “I want 20% of the Orc city’s profits. This is Zero Wing’s bottom line.”