Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1538 - Zero Wing in the Spotlight

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Chapter 1538 – Zero Wing in the Spotlight

As God’s Domain’s system update began, players were forcefully logged out of the game.

When the system update began, night had already arrived in God’s Domain. This meant that it was currently daytime in the real world. Hence, the system update did not particularly affect the working class players. On the contrary, they were excited.

Meanwhile, inside one of the White Tiger Dojo’s secret training rooms, the lid of a virtual gaming cabin abruptly opened. A man with a stalwart body then climbed out of the cabin. As he left his cabin, he was greeted by the sight of a white-clad, middle-aged man on a sofa before him. Despite the lack of movement, the middle-aged man projected a natural dignity and power.

This middle-aged man was none other than Jiang Tianyuan, one of the White Tiger Dojo’s Branch Hall Masters.

“Hall Master, why are you here?” the stalwart man asked curiously when he saw Jiang Tianyuan.

“For some, unknown reason, the main branch is placing more focus on God’s Domain, hoping that the various branch dojos will produce results. Tian Ji, you’ve played God’s Domain for a considerable amount of time now. Tell me about your situation in the game,” Jiang Tianyuan calmly demanded as he sipped his tea.

“Currently, I’m developing smoothly in the Purple Thorns Kingdom. I’ve already established a Guild and annexed several others. We’ve also taken ownership of over ten Shops in NPC cities that have player populations exceeding 500,000,” Tian Ji replied. “Only, my Guild’s foundation is shakey. With our current number of experts, we have no way to contend with the various large Guilds. I will need more time before we can do so.”

“Haven’t you hired first-rate Guild experts to train our apprentices? Are those experts not enough?” Jiang Tianyuan couldn’t help his frown as he listened to this report.

“Although we have the help of a first-rate Guild, the first batch of apprentices only began their training a short time ago. Very few have reached the Trial Tower’s fifth floor thus far. Moreover, with the difference in levels, none of the apprentices can contribute to the Guild’s overall combat power yet,” Fang Tianji said, smiling bitterly.

He had sorely underestimated God’s Domain. God’s Domain was clearly different from past virtual reality games. Not only was the game extremely realistic, but the complexity of its techniques and combination moves were beyond his expectations. They weren’t easy to grasp within a short time. Otherwise, the large Guilds with hundreds of thousands of members wouldn’t have so few experts.

Although the White Tiger Dojo’s apprentices had solid foundations, that was all. These foundations merely provided a better starting point than ordinary players and gave the apprentices a higher chance of becoming experts. Only the truly talented apprentices could improve quickly and reach the Trial Tower’s fifth floor.

However, since they had joined the game so late, they were far behind the mainstream players in levels. Even though the Main God System had made some adjustments, allowing new players to level slightly faster, and they had the help of high-level players, it would be a considerable amount of time before they caught up.

“How about this? Visit the Big Dipper Dojo personally and attempt to persuade them again. We can renegotiate on the conditions,” Jiang Tianyuan said after giving the matter some thought.

Initially, Jiang Tianyuan had asked for Zero Wing’s help as a passing thought. He hadn’t really viewed the matter as important. However, he hadn’t expected Zero Wing to be so capable in God’s Domain.

“Understood. I’ll see to it right away.” Fang Tianji nodded.

When Fang Tianji had joined God’s Domain, he hadn’t known much about the game’s internal situation. He had only realized how impressive Zero Wing truly was after fighting in the game for some time. At the very least, the current first-rate Guilds had no chance against Zero Wing. The Guild even had the sacred training ground for experts: Stone Forest Town.

The first-rate Guild they had allied with frequently brought them to Stone Forest Town, and Fang Tianji had to admit that the Battle Arena was amazing. If ordinary players trained there, they would develop far faster than training in the Divine Colosseum’s Trial tower.

Following which, Fang Tianji made his way to the Big Dipper Dojo.

Meanwhile, in the Greenwater Villa, Shi Feng used his free time to guide the Guild’s internal members as they worked on their combat techniques.

Due to Zero Wing’s growing fame, more people fought to become internal members. Despite the Guild’s strict requirements, they were now nurturing over 300 internal members. Even the massive Greenwater Villa felt a little cramped due to so many people living and training in it.

“Guild Leader, the weakest of our new recruits can now reach the Trial Tower’s fourth floor, and quite a few have already reached the fifth floor. Among the various internal members, You Ziping is improving the fastest. It’s no wonder why you had such a high opinion of him. He has already reached the fifth floor’s late stage. I doubt that it’ll be long before he reaches the sixth floor,” Blackie reported as he watched You Ziping and the others, who were currently training in the main hall. “It’s a pity that we can only recruit a small number of internal members right now. If we can recruit a few more, we could build an army of experts very quickly.”

Zero Wing shone like the midday sun in Star-Moon Kingdom. If they could sustain 1,000 internal members, they could quickly train a 1,000-man expert team. Even without relying on the Guild’s main force, they could easily raid Team Dungeons. They could also establish another Branch Guild.

First-rate Guilds maintained their status for so long due to the high number and sufficient strength of the experts they nurtured. After joining God’s Domain, these first-rate Guilds could afford to develop in multiple countries at once, competing for resources in multiple locations. In contrast, Zero Wing wasn’t strong enough to do so yet.

“I’m afraid we’ll have to wait for matters on Gentle Snow’s side to settle down first. However, unless those companies find another interested party, it shouldn’t be long before the negotiations conclude. After all, it is costly to maintain a training ground of that size.” Shi Feng’s head ached over this issue. He had never thought that he’d have to endure such a day. Rather than a Guild limiting their training ground’s development, their training ground limited Zero Wing’s development…

As Shi Feng discussed the new training ground with Blackie, Liang Jing contacted him.

“Head Instructor Shi, a man named Yuan Tiexin is looking for you. Should I have him wait in the reception room?” Liang Jing asked.

“Yuan Tiexin?” Shi Feng was a little confused. “I understand. Have him wait in Reception Room One for me. I’ll head there now.”

“Alright.” Liang Jing nodded. She then led Yuan Tiexin and his entourage to Reception Room One.

In the Big Dipper Dojo’s lobby, the arrival of Yuan Tiexin’s group had caused a small commotion. However, this commotion wasn’t due to the crowd recognizing Yuan Tiexin, but because of his two bodyguards.

Both bodyguards wore black suits with a silver shield logo embossed on the left breast. This was none other than the Guardian Group’s logo, a world-class bodyguard company.

Moreover, both were 3-star bodyguards. Normally, it should be impossible to find such high-rank bodyguards in Jin Hai City as not even the city’s most powerful corporations qualified to hire them, yet these two had come here.

“Big Bro Tianji, don’t tell me you’re really here to speak with that Shi Feng? The last time I came here, his behavior had been incredibly arrogant. He showed the White Tiger Dojo no respect. Is a partnership with him really necessary for a game?”

He truly could not understand why Jiang Tianyuan repeatedly sought cooperation from a Gaming Guild. The White Tiger Dojo was one of the country’s top dojos. They could easily convince any Gaming Guild to cooperate with a word, yet Fang Tianji, one of the dojo’s instructors, had paid a personal visit to negotiate with Zero Wing. It was inconceivable.

“Enough! The Hall Master and I have our reasons.” Fang Tianji’s displeasure grew as he listened to Xie Qiwen. By chance, he noticed Yuan Tiexin’s group enter a reception room, and shock gripped his heart. “Huh? That is…the Secret Pavilion’s Yuan Tiexin? Why is he here?”

After joining God’s Domain, he had investigated the game’s major powers thoroughly. Naturally, he had memorized the faces of people like Yuan Tiexin, an upper echelon of a transcendental power like the Secret Pavilion. Since the man hadn’t changed his appearance in the game, Fang Tianji easily recognized Yuan Tiexin with a glance.