Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1537 - Bountiful Loot

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Chapter 1537 – Bountiful Loot

Looking at the system notifications, Shi Feng fell into deep thought.

Although he knew that it wouldn’t be so easy to obtain the Disintegration Set, which had once been used by one of God’s Domain’s legendary figures, he hadn’t expected it to be this difficult.

Repairing the armor was one thing, but it was a different story if he had to recast it. That was no different than asking him to forge a new Disintegration Armor, a Legendary Set Equipment.

Moreover, as long as he carried the Disintegration Armor on him, mutated Orcs would randomly attack out in the fields. This would doubtlessly slow his progress.

Most importantly, he was stuck in a perpetual Disintegrated state, his Basic Attributes severely weakened. It also drained his Concentration. If he did not find a solution quickly, it would severely impact his leveling and questing efficiency.

It seems that I’ll have to pay Seliora a visit. Shi Feng sighed helplessly.

Seliora was the only Grandmaster Forger he was familiar with. As for Master Forgers, they weren’t capable of recasting an item of the Disintegration Armor’s caliber. After all, the Disintegration Set was top-tier even among Legendary Set Equipment.

As Shi Feng got his team members to settle down, preparing to log off and rest, he noticed an additional Skill in his Skill Window.

I actually received a Unique Skill as a reward? Shi Feng could not help his surprise as he opened his Skill Window.

Without realizing it, he had gained a Unique Skill called Disintegration Field, a Domain Skill that could only be used when affected by the Disintegrated debuff.

[Disintegration Field]

Disintegrates all Skills and Spells within a 50-yard radius (Skills and Spells at Tier 2 and below will be nullified, while Skills and Spells above Tier 2 will be weakened by 50%). All entities within range of the Disintegration Field will sustain a 30% reduction to Basic Attributes, physique, and Stamina in addition to a 300% increase to their Stamina and Concentration consumption rates. No Cooldown.

So, there is still a benefit to all of this. Shi Feng was astonished as he read the Disintegration Field’s description.

Generally, only Tier 4 Domain Skills and above lacked limitations such as Cooldown and Duration.

In terms of suppression, Disintegration Field was even more effective than World Projection. All players in range would have to endure a drastic increase to their Stamina and Concentration. Moreover, unlike World Projection, he didn’t have to play 5,000 Magic Crystals to activate this new Skill. The only real downside to Disintegration Field was that unlike World Projection, it did not differentiate between friend and foe. Everyone within range would be affected. Even so, it was quite impressive.

At the very least, he wouldn’t have to fear group battles when he activated Disintegration Field.

Unlike Basic Attributes, it was not easy to increase Hidden Attributes like Stamina and Concentration. These Attributes generally only underwent qualitative transformations when players upgraded their tiers. Without Stamina and Concentration, players wouldn’t be able to fight, even if they had full HP. They would be sheep for the slaughter.

Following which, Shi Feng collected the remaining loot the Orc Warlord and Ord General had dropped.

Among the 100-plus items dropped, most of the items were subpar. Aside from the Disintegration Armor, the best item dropped was merely an Epic ranked cloth armor hat named Eye of Disaster. It was a top-tier item for magical class players. When equipped, not only did the Eye of Disaster increased the wearer’s Spellcasting range by 20%, but it also increased Spell Completion Rates by 2%.

Shi Feng didn’t assign the eye of Disaster to anyone specific on the team. Instead, he added it to the Guild’s Core Warehouse, setting it up for internal auction starting with a 50,000 GCP starting bid. Currently, one GCP in Zero Wing was worth 32 Copper Coins. Hence, the Eye of Disaster’s starting bid was only 1,600 Gold, which was quite cheap.

There were also around two dozen pieces of Level 50 and 55 Fine-Gold and Dark-Gold Equipment. Among them, eight were Dark-Gold rank. All of these items were top-tier weapons and pieces of equipment, which even the various large Guilds would fight over. Normally, Level 50-plus Dark-Gold items only dropped from level-appropriate, large-scale Team Dungeon, and they had an extremely low drop-rate.

Aside from equipment, there were over a dozen Epic ranked materials of various kinds. Seventeen Magic Scrolls had also dropped. Although none were Tier 4, there were two Tier 3 Summoning Scrolls and three Tier 3 large-scale destruction Magic Scrolls.

But compared to these items, Shi Feng most valued the Mana Enhancing Potion Recipe, and Advanced Alchemy Recipe.

Different from the Mana Potions and Mana Recovery Potions found on the market, the Mana Enhancing Potion neither increased players’ maximum Mana nor helped players recover their Mana. Instead, it improved Spells’ effects by 100% for 20 seconds. It was a berserk-type potion that had a 10-minute Cooldown.

Berserk-type potions were impossible to find on the market. Guilds that produced them generally kept them for their own use. After all, not all players had the opportunity to learn a Berserk Skill.

With the Mana Enhancing Potion, a Guild’s elite teams would have a much easier time raiding Dungeons. The potion was particularly useful to healers. For 20 seconds, healers could double their healing capacity, greatly improving a team’s survivability.

If the Mana Enhancing Potion could be mass-produced, it would definitely provide a significant boost to Zero Wing’s elite members for a short time.

After Shi Feng finished organizing the loot, he took a look at the time and noticed that he had less than a minute before the system update began. He called up the system interface and chose to log out of God’s Domain.

Elsewhere, players in the several kingdoms and two empires next to the Orc Empire were in an uproar. Everyone had their own guesses about what would happen once the new expansion pack took effect. Meanwhile, the various large Guilds hurriedly prepared to welcome the new expansion pack.

Every expansion pack was an opportunity. If taken advantage of properly, a Guild could enjoy a burst of development.

Inside a high-class restaurant in White River City…

“Send someone to investigate the power that triggered the new expansion pack immediately. The Hundred Flowers Palace must not miss out on this opportunity,” Cleansed Rue, the Hundred Flowers Palace’s Guild Leader, issued the command as soon as she saw the system announcement.

The Orc Empire had become the focal point for many large Guilds. Previously, Heaven’s Burial had gotten the jump on the rest of the Guilds by capturing the easiest Orc town in the Orc Empire, and the benefits it had reaped thus far had left the rest of them drooling.

Now that someone had triggered a new expansion pack relating to the Orc Empire, this was the perfect opportunity for first-rate Guilds like the Hundred Flowers Palace to break the current status quo.

The Hundred Flowers Palace wasn’t the only Guild to react in such a way. The Star Alliance, Heaven’s Burial, and other large Guilds had launched their own investigation. Even the super-first-rate Guild, Crimson Emperor, which temporarily operated in Star-Moon Kingdom, had ordered an investigation to learn which power was responsible for the announcement.

The players that triggered expansion packs usually had a certain advantage over other players. If they could partner with these players, they could share this advantage when the new expansion pack took effect.

“Elder Yuan, have you learned anything?” Galaxy Past asked as he watched Yuan Tiexin on the screen.

When it came to information, nobody had more than the Secret Pavilion. The Secret Pavilion had its eyes and ears in almost every corner of God’s Domain. When an expansion pack warranted an offline system update, it always dispatched its people to learn as much as it could.

“I do have a little information. You should be able to guess which Guild is responsible for this expansion pack,” Yuan Tiexin said as he caressed his beard.

“Could it really be Zero Wing?” Galaxy Past asked, astonished.

Not only had Zero Wing defended Bewildering Forest Town and acquired a large number of Guild Honor Points, but it had also triggered the new expansion pack. Zero Wing simply wasn’t giving the other Guilds any chances.

In response, Yuan Tiexin nodded before disconnecting the call.

“Uncle Yuan, there’s no stopping Zero Wing’s rise now. First, they helped Phoenix Rain secure third place in Thunder Island’s contest. Then, they built a city in Star-Moon Kingdom. Now, they’ve even triggered a new expansion pack relating to the Orc Empire. As time passes, Nine Dragons Emperor will have an even more difficult time dealing with Zero Wing,” Purple Jade said, smiling as she looked through the information the Secret Pavilion had gathered on Zero Wing.

“You’re right! The Guild Leader has already contacted me, instructing us to negotiate with Zero Wing for a partnership. Didn’t you intend to challenge Martial Dragon eventually? You can use this opportunity to spar with Zero Wing’s experts and get some practice,” Yuan Tiexin said, sighing ruefully.

Before he knew it, Zero Wing had grown from an upstart Guild into an existence that even the Secret Pavilion had to take seriously.