Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1536 - Legendary Set Equipment

Chapter 1536: Legendary Set Equipment

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The players standing close to Shi Feng noticed the sudden drop to their commander's HP.

"Guild Leader, is something wrong?" Violet Cloud asked curiously as she watched his HP bar.

The battle was already over, and there were no enemies around them, yet Shi Feng had suddenly lost a large chunk of his HP. It would be difficult not to notice something so strange.

"It's nothing. I just took some damage from an item," Shi Feng said as he waved off her concern with a hand.

Ordinary players might be in danger if they suddenly lost 10,000 HP, but it wasn't a problem for him.

The issue was the Disintegrated debuff.

Not only did the debuff place him in a Weakened state, reducing his Basic Attributes by 50%, but it also made him feel somewhat weary. It felt as if the debuff sapped away his Concentration.

"Damage from an item?"

Violet Cloud and the others' curiosity grew. This was the first time they had heard of a dropped item hurting a player. They turned their attention towards the piece of broken armor on the ground.

Even after examining it for sometime, they didn't see anything unusual. The piece of broken armor didn't radiate any frightening Mana or pressure.

Shi Feng chuckled at their response.

God's Domain had many strange, mysterious items. Not every item could be judged by the Mana or pressure it radiated. In fact, some items appeared harmless, yet were actually fatal to players.

Shi Feng had no doubt that this piece of pitch-black armor was one such item. Despite storing a frightening amount of power, it showed none of it on the surface.

Leaving the item where it was, Shi Feng lightly tapped a finger on the armor to open its Attribute Panel.

Even with the slightest touch, Shi Feng lost another 10,000 HP. This time, however, as he had only touched the piece of armor for a fraction of a second, only a small bit of crimson aura wrapped around his finger. Fortunately, the Disintegrated debuff only lasted ten seconds.


"What kind of item is that?!"

Everyone gaped when Shi Feng lost another 10,000 HP after poking the black armor. They couldn't bring themselves to believe that God's Domain had such a deadly item.

"Unknown?" Shi Feng frowned.

Normally, players could, more or less, inspect an item's introductory text even if they hadn't picked it up yet. However, all he got from the armor's Attribute Panel was the word 'Unknown.' This meant that players would have to pick up the item and appraise it to check its Attribute Panel.

Unfortunately, picking up the piece of black armor and storing it in his bag was too dangerous. He had already lost so much HP after his brief contact with the item. If he held onto the piece of armor for too long, he'd likely die before he could store it in his bag.

"What a troublesome item." Shi Feng sighed. Immediately, he activated the Aura of Earth's Absolute Domain, making himself immune to all damage for 10 seconds. Following which, he snatched the piece of armor and stuffed it into his Spatial Bag, completing the process with lightning speed.

Although Absolute Domain prevented him from taking damage, it did nothing to stop the crimson aura from contaminating his body.

By the time Shi Feng stored the piece of pitch-black armor, the crimson aura had tainted his entire body.

System: You have obtained the Disintegration Armor. The Madness Aura is contaminating your body, reducing your Basic Attributes by 50% and Weakening your mind. The Disintegration Armor can only be stored in your bag space, will drop upon death, and cannot be traded.

This is…the rumored Disintegration Armor?Shi Feng stared at the pitch-black armor inside his bag in shock. For a moment, he completely forgot about the weariness the armor had caused him.

The Disintegration Armor was one piece of the Disintegration Set, a famous Legendary Set Equipment in God's Domain. Like the Disintegration Axe, the set had been created by the Orc Empire's Founding Emperor.

Due to the Disintegration Axe and Disintegration Set, the Orc Empire had wielded unparalleled power. They were why the Orcs had rained chaos over God's Domain's continent.

However, both the Disintegration Axe and the Set had been destroyed with the Founding Emperor's death. Moreover, unlike the Disintegration Axe, whose fragment had been left in the Orc Palace's treasury, the Disintegration Set had gone missing after its destruction. There were no clues about the set equipment's whereabouts.

Shi Feng had never expected to obtain a piece of the Disintegration Set here.

A Legendary Set Equipment!

Even after ten years in God's Domain, Shi Feng had never heard of an expert wearing a Legendary Set Equipment. Even one Legendary item was incredibly powerful; it would be inconceivable for a player to collect a full Legendary Set Equipment. A Tier 5 player with such a set could likely slay a God.

According to legend, the Orc Empire's Founding Emperor had once killed an Ancient God despite not being a Tier 6 God. He had been able to do so thanks to the Disintegration Axe and Set.

Because of this, the Disintegration Set had been known as one of God's Domain's Nine Great Legendary Sets.

Shi Feng had never thought that he'd be fortunate enough to find one of the set pieces today. It was even the most important chest piece.

Following which, Shi Feng activated the Omniscient Eyes to inspect the Disintegration Armor.

The instant he clicked to inspect the armor, the system revealed a 30-second loading bar. The Disintegration Armor's appraisal time was much longer than a normal Epic item. This outcome reassured Shi Feng that the Disintegration Armor in his bag was a piece of the rumored Disintegration Set.

Time passed quickly. While Shi Feng appraised the Disintegration Armor, his team members watch him with surprise and curiosity. They all wanted to know what kind of item the Orc Warlord had dropped. The instant Shi Feng had stored the pitch-black chest piece, his Attributes had fallen tremendously. If an ordinary expert had suffered such a massive decrease, they'd be crippled.

Once the appraisal completed, the Disintegration Armor's Attribute Panel appeared before Shi Feng.

[Destroyed Disintegration Armor]

One piece of the Legendary Set Equipment the Orc Empire's Founding Emperor had crafted. The wearer of this armor will gain even greater strength than that of Titans. They will also fall into an endless cycle of madness. However, the Disintegration Armor had been damaged beyond repair during the great war, and now leaks the Disintegration Power within. The Disintegration Power will taint any player that carries this item.

What?! It's broken beyond repair?!Shi Feng was speechless.

He had thought he had gotten lucky and obtained a piece of Fragmented Legendary Equipment. If that were the case, he could gradually restore the item to Legendary rank. He hadn't expected the item to be beyond repair. Not only couldn't he use the Disintegration Armor, but he couldn't repair it, either. It was no more than a broken piece of scrap metal.

But before Shi Feng closed the Attribute Panel, a series of system notifications bombarded his ears.

System: Congratulations! You have obtained the Legendary Quest "Recast the Disintegration Armor."

Quest content: Due to the spreading Disintegration Power, Orcs have begun to mutate. To prevent the spreading Disintegration Power, you need to recast the Disintegration Armor. Rewards unknown.

System: Due to the Disintegration Armor's Disintegration Power spreading, you will attract all mutated Orcs' attention.

System: You have become targeted for mutated Orcs. Please take care during exploration.

System Announcement: A player has triggered the new expansion pack, "Orc's Rebellion." System update required. The estimated duration is 5 hours. Please prepare to log out.

"What's going on?"

"Guild Leader, did you do this?"

In response to the notifications, Zero Wing's members turned towards Shi Feng, assuming he had caused the release of this new expansion pack.