Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1534 - Fall of Mythics

Chapter 1534: Fall of Mythics

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As the Nine-star Polar Domain enveloped the Orc base camp, it split the approaching reinforcements into two groups. In the end, only the Orc General and a few Orc Warriors had entered the camp, whereas the majority of the reinforcing army was stuck outside of the illusory barrier.

No matter how much the Orc army outside attacked the barrier, their attacks dissipated into nothingness upon encountering it. Despite thousands of Orcs attacking the barrier simultaneously, it didn't even tremble.

This was the Source of Illusion's true power. Tier 3 attacks and below were utterly useless against the enhanced Nine-star Polar Domain. They wouldn't even deplete the magic array's energy reserves in the slightest. Only Tier 4 attacks could deal any damage, and even then, their damage would be limited and well within the array's tolerance range.

As for the Orcs inside the base camp, their movements had slowed quite a bit as if they had just stepped into a muddy swamp. When the Orc Warlord tried to attack Cola, in particular, everyone could now see its movements clearly.

Cola, who looked miserable, raised his shield to defend himself.


After receiving the attack, Cola only needed to retreat by six steps before stabilizing his body. Despite not having any of his Lifesaving Skills active, he only lost a little over 16,000 HP.

"Impossible! What kind of magic array is this?!"

"What a strong magic array!"

Cola's teammates were stupefied when they saw him block one of the Orc Warlord's attacks without a Lifesaving Skill.

The Orc Warlord had long since recovered from its injured state, and Cola had only survived without a Lifesaving Skill thanks to the Red Demon sharing a portion of the Mythic Boss's damage. Once the Nine-star Polar Domain had suppressed the Orcs, however, Cola took less damage than when he had activated Protection Blessing even when he took the full brunt of the Boss's attacks.

This was the first time they had even heard of a magic array suppressing a Mythic monster to such a degree.

"Turtledove and Ye Wumian, keep the Orc General busy! The other MTs, help them deal with the Orc Captains!" Shi Feng commanded as he watched the rapidly approaching Orc General. "Everyone else, prioritize the Orc Captains before dealing with the Orc General and Warlord!"

With the Source of Illusion's strengthening, the Nine-star Polar Domain was even more powerful than a Master Magic Array.

Currently, the Nine-star Polar Domain suppressed both Mythic Orc's Basic Attributes by 50%. That was 10% more than the Nine-star Polar Domain fortified with the Source of True Frost. Not even ordinary Master Magic Arrays were capable of such a feat. With World Projection working alongside the array, the two Mythic Orcs only had 40% of their original Attributes. At this standard, they were just slightly stronger than a Grand Lord of the same level. Tier 2 MTs like Turtledove and Ye Wumian shouldn't have any issues tanking one of the two Bosses.

As for the Grand Lord ranked Orc Captains, their combat power fell below that of a Great Lord of the same level when subjected to the twofold suppression. They were just slightly stronger than High Lords of the same level. Tier 1 MTs were more than capable of tanking them.

"Guild Leader, where did you get this magic array?! It's marvelously effective!" Aqua Rose could not help but exclaim when she saw Turtledove and Ye Wumian block the Orc General's attacks without much trouble.

Normally, the various large Guilds took the long way around when they found a Mythic monster. Unless they use siege weapons and sacrificed a large number of players, they had no hope of defeating a Mythic monster at this stage of the game.

Yet, their 1,000-man team was holding its ground against two Mythic Orcs simultaneously…

"Do you remember the two Elemental Treasure Boxes we got from Sunset Forest? Those Treasure Boxes contained Elemental Sources. Not only can these Elemental Sources be used to refine weapons and equipment, but they can also serve as a power source for magic arrays, enhancing the final product. I used one of those Elemental Sources to strengthen the Nine-star Polar Domain Magic Array," Shi Feng explained truthfully. "But keep this matter to yourself; we don't want this secret getting out."

The Elemental Sources' uses were still a secret to God's Domain's players. They were also extremely rare. By telling Aqua Rose, he could have her take note of them and avoid mistakenly discarding any she came across, assuming they were useless.

"So, that's the case. After this battle, I'll collect as many Elemental Sources as possible. This way, we can challenge several of the unshakeable Mythic Bosses we've come found thus far." Aqua Rose's eyes sparkled with excitement.

Mythic Bosses had appeared in several of Star-Moon Kingdom's high-resource maps, and none of the Guilds had dared to challenge them thus far. As fate would have it, these Mythic Bosses happened to be guarding ancient ruins' entrances. Now that they had Elemental Sources, they had a way to enter the ruins.

Hearing Aqua Rose's response, nervous sweat beaded on Shi Feng's forehead.

Elemental Sources were no less rare than Epic items. Not even Mythic monsters dropped them. He had only obtained two Elemental Treasure Boxes due to securing the First Clear of a Grade 1 Historical Site. Even if they obtained the First Clear for a lower-ranked Historical Site, they were unlikely to obtain another.

Moreover, they needed more than just an Elemental Source to face Mythic bosses; the Ring of Gospel's World Projection was also necessary. However, each cost 5,000 Magic Crystals. This method of raiding Mythic Field Bosses was far too extravagant.

Time passed quickly. With the support of the Nine-star Polar Domain, Zero Wing's members only needed a moment to clear out everything except for the Orc General and Warlord. After dealing with the low-ranked Orcs, the players' experience bars rose significantly. In contrast, however, their loot was pitiful. Only the Grand Lords and above had dropped a few items, but no one paid much attention to them.

After all, they were far more interested to see what the two Mythic Orcs would drop.

But at the end of the day, the two Orc Bosses were still Mythic ranked monsters. Even with so much suppression, they were still a burden on the team.

When the Orc General's HP fell to 70%, it abruptly raised its greatsword. Countless motes of fire began to gather around the weapon.

"Crap! Everyone, don't stand in front of the Orc General!" Shi Feng shouted.

Unfortunately, his warning came too late. Before his teammates had the chance to move out of the way, the Orc General swung its greatsword forward. Scorching fire then rained down from above.

Tier 4 Skill, Infernal Prison!

Any player the flames struck instantly turned into a smoldering pile of ash. Not even the Tier 1 MTs, who had activated their Lifesaving Skills, had survived the attack.

In a single move, the Orc General had killed over a hundred players.

Immediately after the Orc General's attack, the Orc Warlord, who only had 50% of its HP remaining, followed up by thrusting its saber into the ground. In response, blades of light randomly shot up from the dirt 50 yards around the Boss. Due to the random attack pattern, many players failed to defend themselves in time. Anyone the blades of light hit died instantly. In the blink of an eye, another 200-plus players had fallen…

"Everyone, be careful of the Bosses' attacks! Do not try to take them head-on!" Shi Feng warned his companions.

Despite the Attribute suppression, a Mythic monsters' Skills were incredibly lethal to players. Fortunately, the two Mythic Orcs were physical melee types, not magical classes. Otherwise, they could easily annihilate the Zero Wing team with one or two Tier 4 Spells regardless of the suppression.

Due to Shi Feng's warning, everyone kept a closer eye on the Mythic Orcs' movements. If the Bosses' movements changed in the slightest, they'd immediately distance themselves from the monsters. Even so, the Mythic Orcs' massive AOEs continued to claim lives.

45%... 40%... 30%...

686 players… 632 players… 574 players…

When both Bosses' HP fell to 20%, they entered a Berserk state. Seeing this, Shi Feng and the others activated their Berserk Skills.

As the Mythic Orcs' HPs fell, their attacks became more frenzied. Despite activating their Berserk Skills, the team still suffered casualties. Even the Red Demon rapidly lost HP.

"Come on! Only have 5% more!" Shi Feng's heart grew cold when he saw how many players remained standing.

The Orc Warlord still had 5% of its HP, while the Orc General had 8%. However, they only had 300 members of the team remaining. Their DPS was growing weaker. As for his Personal Guards, Shi Feng wanted to avoid summoning them unless absolutely necessary. As the two Mythic Bosses continued to throw out all kinds of AOE Skills, not even his Personal Guards' survival was guaranteed. If they died, Shi Feng would have to go to great lengths to resurrect them.

When the Orc Warlord's HP fell to 3% and the Orc General's fell to 5%, the 200 remaining players desperately activated one Tier 1 and Tier 2 Magic Scroll after another.

However, at the rate they dealt damage, there was no doubt that these Orc Bosses would have the last laugh.

It seems that I have no other choice!Realizing the hopelessness of the situation, Shi Feng gritted his teeth and reluctantly pulled a Magic Scroll from his bag. This was the last of the two Tier 4 Magic Scrolls the Rock King had dropped.

While Earthen Breath was a large-scale destruction Spell, the Shadows of Purgatory he currently held was a Tier 4 Domain Skill. Although it only had a short, 30-second duration, it would be miraculously effective in a large-scale battle.

But Shi Feng couldn't care less as he unfurled the scroll and activated it. At the same time, he sacrificed 200 units of Life Force and activated Divine Providence.

When Shadows of Purgatory activated, darkness fell over the Orc base camp. Over a dozen shadowy tendrils rose from the ground, striking at the two Mythic Orcs. The Mythic Orcs had long since entered a full Berserk state, their skin having turned crimson. Their Defenses had also reached a frightening level. Even a casual attack from one of these Orcs could send Cola, who had activated his Berserk Skill, flying over a dozen yards away.

Yet, when these Mythic Bosses attacked the shadowy tendrils, it seemed as if their weapons struck an indestructible wall. Not only could the shadowy tendrils repel the Orcs' attacks, but they could also pierce the Bosses' armor, thrusting into their bodies as the tendrils dealt hundreds of thousands of damage.

Although the Mythic Orcs had focused on defending themselves after Shi Feng activated Shadows of Purgatory, of the dozen or so shadowy tendrils Shi Feng controlled, he always landed one or two direct hits during each attack cycle.

As the two Orcs defended themselves, the residual energy in their attacks surged towards the surrounding players. It took everything Zero Wing's members had to defend against these residual attacks; they had nothing left to launch attacks of their own. If they dropped their guard in the slightest, they'd die instantly.

3%... 2%... 1%...

"Die!" Shi Feng abandoned all defense as he activated Void Shield and launched an all-out assault against the Mythic Orcs. He also changed the shadowy tendrils' attack patterns constantly.

Every time Shi Feng attacked one of the two Mythic Orcs, over half of the shadowy tendrils darted past the Orcs' defenses and landed a hit. When the team's member count fell below 100, Shi Feng finally claimed the last strand of the Mythic Orcs' HPs.