Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1507 - Seeking One's Own Destruction

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Chapter 1507 – Seeking One’s Own Destruction

Shi Feng’s appearance didn’t only stun Nine Dragons Emperor’s team. The spectating players watching the Orc encampment from outside of Thunder Island were stupefied as well.

“What? They sent 50 players to ambush an opponent?”

“Just what is Ye Feng trying to do?”

“They’re crazy! They actually decided to ambush Nine Dragons Emperor under such circumstances! Are they not worried about annihilation?!”

The monster encampments were a key factor in the contest for Thunder Island. While the various large Guilds raided their encampments, they would take preventive measures to avoid leaving themselves open to attacks from other superpowers. Of course, Nine Dragons Emperor was no exception. Only, Nine Dragons Emperor had left the guard duty to Miracle.

Moreover, the players Nine Dragons Emperor had sent to keep an eye on Phoenix Rain’s ancient towers weren’t far from the encampment. They could join the main force in less than ten minutes.

Once Nine Dragons Emperor’s forces gathered, Shi Feng and the others would not be trapped even if they sprouted wings.

“Has Nine Dragons Emperor angered Ye Fent past the point of madness?” Phoenix Rain was also stunned when she heard the news.

Raiding a monster encampment with a 50-man team was already dangerous enough. Rather, it was impossible, yet Shi Feng went a step further and intended to steal Nine Dragons Emperor’s encampment while he raided it.

Sending players to ambush another team during the contest was incredibly foolish.

When players left a monster encampment on Thunder Island, the monsters would give up their chase and return to the encampment. If players were ambushed by an enemy team, they could simply retreat from the encampment until they wiped out the attackers before resuming their raid. At worst, players would have to waste a little bit of time.

However, if Shi Feng and the others died, their team’s overall combat power would plummet. Needless to say, this would affect their ability to raid monster encampments later on.

Phoenix Rain couldn’t fathom why Shi Feng would do something so thankless.

Before anyone could react to their arrival in the Orc encampment, Shi Feng gave the order to attack.

“Attack as one! Once we chase them out, Cola, Turtledove, and Ye Wumian, prepare to tank the Bosses!”


As soon as Shi Feng finished speaking, his team charged into the Orc encampment, giving their enemies no time to shake off the Bosses.

“Pavilion Master, they’re charging towards us. Should we give up on the Bosses?” Martial Dragon asked, wrath coloring his features as he watched Shi Feng’s people charge into the encampment.

It had taken them a lot of effort to whittle down the three Bosses to around 20% HP. If they gave up now, they would have to waste a lot more time to deal with the Bosses.

“Retreat! We’ll just fight them again! Recall our teams from Phoenix Rain’s towers! While you’re at it, tell Miracle’s nearby players to gather to our location! Do not let any of these bastards get away!” Although Nine Dragons Emperor was reluctant to give up, he knew that they couldn’t deal with the Bosses and Shi Feng’s team at once.

However, although Nine Dragons Emperor had given the order to retreat, none of the three Orc Bosses intended to let his team get away so easily. As a result, Nine Dragons Emperor’s team had no choice but to fight the Bosses while fleeing from Shi Feng’s team.

What fast reactions! Shi Feng had never thought that Nine Dragons Emperor would be decisive enough to give up on the nearly dead Bosses. It seems I have no other choice.

Shi Feng immediately used Wind Blade, leaving an afterimage behind as he advanced. In the blink of an eye, he had pulled a great distance away from Cola and the other MTs leading the charge.

The Orc encampment was massive. Even at top speed, it would take some time for a player to reach the encampment’s perimeter from its core. Nine Dragons Emperor’s team was also relatively close to an exit. By the time they caught up, the enemy team would’ve escaped.

Just as Nine Dragons Emperor’s team was about to leave the encampment, Shi Feng caught up to the three Orc Bosses.

“Don’t even think of getting away so easily!” Shi Feng activated the Aura of Fire’s Flame Domain without hesitation.

Suddenly, a crimson magic array covered the ground, enveloping Nine Dragons Emperor’s entire team.

“Damn it! It’s a large-scale destruction Spell! Get out of the AOE!” Upon seeing the magic array, Nine Dragons Emperor activated Air Vault, a Tier 1 Skill for Rangers. He leaped backward, instantly crossing 20 yards and escaping from the magic array.

His experts also activated their Lifesaving Skills to get out of the attack’s range.

However, Flame Domain’s was a large AOE. Despite all of these players being experts, some failed to get out of range in time, and the colossal pillar of fire that eventually rose turned some of these players into ash.

In just one move, Nine Dragons Emperor had lost 20 players. A dozen or so players had also died as they fled.

After a short moment, the difference between the team’s numbers had shrunk.

“Ye…Feng!” Nine Dragons Emperor ground his teeth in anger as he glared at Shi Feng. After escaping the encampment, he fired one engraved arrow after another at the Swordsman.

Reacting quickly, Shi Feng executed Sword’s Orbit, striking the arrows down before they came within five yards of him.

Suddenly, the three Bosses burst out of Flame Domain’s range, bloodlust filling their eyes as they turned towards Shi Feng. Among them, the Level 60, Specialized Grand Lord ranked Orc Chief raised its battle axe and pounced on the Swordsman.

As if he had predicted the reaction, Shi Feng adjusted his footwork and effortlessly circled the descending battle axe, arriving before the Orc Chief and swinging Killing Ray.

Thundering Flash!

Immediately, four blue lightning snakes tore through the Orc Chief and two Orc Generals, causing damages of around -20,000 to appear above their heads. Nine Dragons Emperor and his people were shocked to see the high damage.

They had fought tooth and nail against the Orc Bosses, fortunate to deal -6,000 damage even with their five stacks of the tower buff, yet Shi Feng, who only had three, dealt over -20,000 with each hit.

After executing Thundering Flash, Shi Feng ignored the Bosses, running back to his teammates.

“Crap! Pavilion Master, we aren’t Ye Feng’s target; the three Bosses are!” When Martial Dragon saw Shi Feng retreat, he realized that something was amiss.

On Thunder Island, if the team holding a Boss’s aggro left the battle, the Boss would return to its non-combat state, resetting its HP and Skills, but if another team intercepted the Boss and stole its aggro, the Boss wouldn’t reset.

The three Orc Bosses currently had 20% of their HP remaining. Zero Wing’s team could finish them off with much less effort.

If Zero Wing’s team took down the Orc Chief, the encampment would belong to them.

“Has this kid lost his mind?” The corners of Bloodhand Yama’s lips twitched when he saw Shi Feng attack the three Orc Bosses.

Even in the Flower of Seven Sins, he was known as a madman, but he had to admit that Shi Feng was far crazier than he was.

Although this was a good opportunity to steal the low-HP Bosses, doing so would mean that Shi Feng had to deal with all three and Nine Dragons Emperor’s team.

Doing so was little more than seeking his own destruction.

Shi Feng simply wasn’t taking them seriously.

“Ye Feng! Do you really think that this will play out like our last battle?! Since you are so eager to die, I’ll grant your wish! Everyone, charge! Eliminate them!” Nine Dragons Emperor’s face twitched with fury.

The various spectators and Phoenix Rain were stunned.

Shi Feng was playing with fire.

Only Zero Wing’s members remained calm. They stood in formation as they waited for their commander to kite the Orc Bosses and the enemy team, who brimmed with killing intent.

“Since everyone’s in position, attack!” Shi Feng nonchalantly ordered as he glanced at the approaching Bosses and Nine Dragons Emperor’s players.