Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1493 - One-on-Two

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Chapter 1493 – One-on-Two

On the chaotic battlefield, although Bloody Paradise’s members numbered only around 60, the presence of Undead elevated the overall strength of the team by a significant margin.

The reason for this was Undead’s ability to aid his allies during their time of need. At the same time, he was also capable of creating gaps for these allies to strike at their opponents. He was like the overlord of the battlefield, and even Shi Feng could not help but feel admiration for Undead’s capabilities.

Undead could not only achieve absolute control over the battlefield with his Spells but also freely manipulate his enemies on the battlefield.

It was precisely because of this talent of his that the Secret Pavilion had nicknamed him the Devil’s Hand.

When Shi Feng entered within 60 yards of Undead, over twenty Fireballs and Ice Spears suddenly flew at him. To Shi Feng, however, attacks of this degree did not even warrant him blocking them. Making a slight change to his footwork, he easily maneuvered his way out of the attack trajectory of these Spells.

While he was swiftly making his way towards Undead, three sword lights suddenly cut at him.

Not only were these three slashes angled so that they sealed off Shi Feng’s path of advancement, but they also prevented him from evading them, leaving him with no choice but to receive them with his swords.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

Shi Feng promptly blocked the three slashes before they could even get within five yards of him. Immediately after, the shadow of a figure descended from the sky. At the same time, a towering pillar of flames also descended directly towards Shi Feng.

Flame Slash!

However, Shi Feng, who was capable of pushing his five senses to their very limits, had long since noticed this attack. Twisting his body, he executed an upward Chop, sending three black arcs of light to counter the descending Flame Slash.


When the intense flames collided with the three converging slashes of Shi Feng’s Chop, a powerful shockwave spread to the surroundings.

As the shockwave spread, it also repulsed the descending figure, which landed roughly six yards away from Shi Feng.

“Is there a need for the almighty commander of the War Dragon Legion to make such petty little moves?” Shi Feng glanced at the figure before him.

This figure belonged to none other than Martial Dragon, the commander of the War Dragon Legion. He was also Nine Dragons Emperor’s most trusted aide.

At this moment, Martial Dragon wielded a silver greatsword engraved with crimson runes and wore silvery-gray battle armor. He had also reached Level 49 already and was not one bit inferior when compared to Phoenix Rain. Moreover, if one paid close attention to Martial Dragon’s body, they would notice that the number of Epic Equipment he possessed was not one bit inferior to Bloodhand Yama’s.

Notably, the greatsword Martial Dragon wielded, which was named Silver Snow, was the 17th ranking sword among God’s Domain’s 36 Famed Swords. At the same time, it was also Martial Dragon’s trademark in Shi Feng’s previous life.

Despite Silver Snow being ranked only slightly higher than Killing Ray, due to it being a two-handed sword, it possessed significantly more power than Killing Ray.

“As expected of Zero Wing’s Honorary Elder. You’ve managed to block my attack even under such circumstances.” Martial Dragon was not the slightest bit agitated by Shi Feng’s mocking words. On the contrary, he laughed and said, “However, with me here, nobody will be able to approach Undead.”

If anybody else spoke these words, they would definitely be laughed at for their foolishness. However, when Martial Dragon said them, nobody on the battlefield felt anything wrong with them.

Since Martial Dragon was a Domain Realm expert of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, no player or power dared to look down on him.

“Then, you’ll have to be able to stop me first.” Saying so, Shi Feng executed Void Steps and disappeared from everyone’s vision.

Undead’s presence was like a Berserk Potion. If he did not stop the man now, the damage that Undead and Bloody Paradise’s members could cause would be no laughing matter.

Originally, Shi Feng had thought to use a Silencing Skill. However, the uniqueness of the battlefield on Thunder Island did not just prevent players from using Berserk Skills. Silencing Skills were similarly ineffective on Thunder Island. Hence, he had no choice but to personally take action now.

“Don’t even think of getting past me so easily!”

At the same time as Shi Feng disappeared, Martial Dragon’s greatsword seemingly extended itself as a silver beam of light shot out from the weapon and landed at a location roughly ten yards away from Martial Dragon. When the beam struck, it left behind a deep gash on the ground.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng had also suddenly appeared before this gash.

Sure enough, Void Steps is utterly useless against Domain Realm experts. Sending a glance at Martial Dragon, who remained standing in his original position, Shi Feng decided to give up on dealing with Undead first.

Domain Realm experts were capable of not only pushing their five senses to their very limits but also observing their surroundings from a third person’s perspective. Void Steps was footwork specifically meant to trick the opponent’s sense of sight only. Hence, fooling Martial Dragon with Void Steps was simply impossible. The only reason Shi Feng had even tried executing the footwork was in the hopes that it would delay Martial Dragon’s reaction by even a moment.

Now, however, it would seem that Void Steps was incapable of doing even that.

“What? Giving up already?” Martial Dragon chuckled as he looked at his motionless opponent.

In response, Shi Feng simply continued silently observing Martial Dragon.

Compared to the fact that Martial Dragon was a Domain Realm expert, Shi Feng was more wary of the greatsword in the Berserker’s hands.

As one of the 36 Famed Swords of God’s Domain, Silver Snow possessed special hidden effects, just like the Abyssal Blade did. While the Abyssal Blade could gather the surrounding Mana around its user, Silver Snow could extend the range of its attacks.

Of course, this extension was not without limits. However, it still gave Martial Dragon a maximum attack range of 15 yards. Although this hidden effect could be maintained for only extremely short intervals, it was already more than enough for an expert player.

When experts fought, they would always gauge their opponent’s attack range before going in for an attack. If the other side could suddenly extend their attack range, one could just imagine the effect it would have on a battle. Meanwhile, being able to extend his attack range up to 15 yards allowed Martial Dragon to cover more ground in his defense. This was also the reason why the Berserker had spoken such boastful words earlier.

Moreover, this attack extension was still not the most powerful aspect of Silver Snow, which instead lay in its ability to execute two-stage attacks. The Famed Sword was capable of saving up to ten cuts made before for 15 seconds. Any enemy that came into contact with these cuts would receive damage. This was also the only Skill Silver Snow possessed, Broken Mark. Aside from Broken Mark, Silver Snow possessed no other Skills. Meanwhile, it was also precisely due to this Skill that Silver Snow ranked 17th among God’s Domain’s 36 Famed Swords.

In other words, Martial Dragon could set up invisible traps anywhere within 15 yards of himself. Hence, not only did Shi Feng need to be careful of Martial Dragon’s attacks while fighting, but he also needed to avoid stepping anywhere the Berserker had cut before.

“Since you’re not coming, I’ll head over to you instead!” Martial Dragon had no intention of dragging out this fight. Upon seeing his opponent remaining unresponsive, he immediately activated Charge on Shi Feng.

At this moment, Undead, who was slowly making his way towards Phoenix Rain, also took notice of Shi Feng. He immediately began chanting incantations, summoning an Ice Wall to help Martial Dragon block off Shi Feng’s path of retreat and at the same time sending a Tier 1 Flame Barrage at Shi Feng’s defensive blind spot.

Both Martial Dragon and Undead were Domain Realm experts, and both were capable of clearly perceiving every one of Shi Feng’s movements. Hence, when facing the attacks of these two experts, Shi Feng would have no choice but to receive their attacks, as dodging was simply impossible.

How despicable! Those two actually have the gall to work together! When Gentle Snow saw Martial Dragon and Undead ganging up on Shi Feng, she wanted to move in and help Shi Feng. However, Blood Dragon and two other Refinement Realm experts had her thoroughly pinned down.

As for Shi Feng, his two opponents were similarly extraordinary players capable of going up against a Great Lord of the same level. Despite Shi Feng having the advantage in Basic Attributes, if he was not careful when dealing with their attacks, they would kill him very easily.

Just when Martial Dragon’s Silver Snow and Undead’s barrage of fireballs were about to descend on Shi Feng, Shi Feng tightened his grip on his two swords and executed Sword’s Orbit.

Suddenly, the Ice Wall behind him and the sword lights and fireballs before him were all shattered by Sword’s Orbit.

“What powerful Attributes!” Undead was slightly surprised when he saw his Ice Wall shattered. Very quickly, however, he switched his attack method and executed triple-casting. Smiling faintly, he said, “Let’s see how you deal with this move!”

Suddenly, several magic arrays appeared around Shi Feng. From the ground, an Earthen Spike emerged. From the sky, a Lightning Strike descended. From his surroundings, numerous Ice Spears stabbed at Shi Feng simultaneously.

Meanwhile, Martial Dragon also did not hold back as he executed the Berserker class’s strongest Tier 1 Skill, Indiscriminate Slash. Suddenly, numerous streaks of silver light interweaved, forming a wall that pushed towards Shi Feng.

This overwhelming attack pattern made the scalps of everyone present on the battlefield tingle.

Just when these attacks were about to land on Shi Feng, however, Shi Feng abruptly stabbed Killing Ray into the ground.

Summon Lightning!

Suddenly, arcs of lightning spread out to Shi Feng’s surroundings, instantly obliterating the attacks of Undead and Martial Dragon.

“What a powerful Skill!” Martial Dragon was somewhat surprised by this outcome. He had never thought that Shi Feng would possess a Skill capable of wiping out other Skills. Nevertheless, he laughed in the next moment and said, “However, I’m sure you can use this Skill of yours only once.”

He and Undead were capable of executing their coordinated attack again after a short Cooldown. They could even switch the Skills and Spells they used and execute other attack patterns. They did not need to rely on powerful Skills like Shi Feng did to defend and attack.

“While it is indeed true that I can only use this Skill once within a certain period of time, if the two of you can’t coordinate with each other again, then it doesn’t really matter,” Shi Feng retorted, smiling calmly. He then activated Phantom Kill and Nine Dragons Slash.