Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1469 - Godly Control

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Chapter 1469 – Godly Control

As soon as the summoned Tomahawk Demon moved within the Titan Warrior’s perception range, the Mythic monster rushed up to meet the Demon, its greatsword rapidly descending.

Even though Shi Feng saw the weapon through the Tomahawk Demon’s vision, it was too fast to evade. He could only direct the Demon to lift its battle axe to block the greatsword.


The impact instantly threw the Tomahawk Demon over 30 yards away, and although it had blocked the attack, it still lost tens of thousands of HP. Before the Demon could land, the Titan Warrior had appeared behind it, swinging its greatsword once again.

Although Shi Feng had tried to maneuver the Demon to defend itself, it suffered a brief numbness from the first impact. As a result, its reaction speed had fallen considerably, and it couldn’t keep up with the Titan Warrior.

As the greatsword descended, the weapon tore through space itself.

Tier 4 Skill, Spatial Rend!

This time, the Titan Warrior’s attack struck the Tomahawk Demon squarely.

In a single attack, the Tomahawk Demon, which had over 25,000,000 HP, lost nearly one-fifth of that total. The watching players were stupefied to see such destructive power.

Even a Tier 3 Demon was powerless against the Titan Warrior. If they fought the Mythic monster, the consequences would be unimaginable…

Only Shi Feng remained unfazed.

A battle between monsters wasn’t like one between monsters and players. When monsters fought players, their attacks would deal less damage to make up for the difference in HP. However, there was no such dampening effect during a battle between monsters. Naturally, the Titan Warrior dealt horrific damage to the summoned Demon. It was a system mechanic that prevented players from using summoned creatures or NPC guards to toy with powerful Bosses.

Moreover, the Tomahawk Demon was only Tier 3, whereas the Titan Warrior was a Tier 4 Mythic. Due to the tier suppression, the Titan Warrior’s attacks were enhanced to a certain degree. There was also the fact that Demons generally had much lower HP than monsters of the same rank. So, he really wasn’t surprised to see a Tier 4 Skill destroy one-fifth of the Tomahawk Demon’s HP.

Following which, the Titan Warrior dealt one blow after another. Despite the Tomahawk Demon’s attempts to defend itself, its HP fell rapidly. In seconds, the Demon had less than 50% of its HP remaining. Fortunately, the nine magical-class players had surrounded the Titan Warrior.

“Begin!” Shi Feng shouted.

With Shi Feng’s command, the nine players unfurled the Magic Array Scrolls and began to chant the required incantations.

Suddenly, an icy-blue magic array appeared above all, enveloping the Titan Warrior inside it completely. The cavern’s Mana rampaged as it surged towards the array’s core. Following which, a blue magic barrier manifested, enclosing the Titan Warrior within.


The instant the barrier took shape, a layer of mist wrapped around the Guardian Boss’s body. Its joints began to freeze, and its Basic Attributes rapidly decreased.

90%… 80%… 70%…

So, this is the power of an Origin Magic Array? Shi Feng could not help his surprise at seeing how much the barrier weakened the Mythic monster.

In the blink of an eye, the Titan Warrior’s Basic Attributes had fallen to 60%. Although it wasn’t as high as the stated 50%, it was impressive. After all, Mechanical Lifeforms had very high Magic Resistance. In fact, Shi Feng hadn’t expected to reduce the Titan Warrior’s Attributes by as much as 40%. Even better, the magic array’s freezing effect had slowed the Boss’s movements.

Unfortunately, despite the suppression, the Titan Warrior still overwhelmed the Tomahawk Demon. Only, its HP didn’t fall as fast.

“That didn’t even do much?” Lifeless Thorn and the others stared at the Boss, dumbfounded. At this rate, it was only a matter of time before the Tomahawk Demon died.

As expected of a Mythic monster. Even with the suppression, a Tier 3 Demon still can’t put up much of a fight. Shi Feng smiled bitterly. However, this wasn’t unexpected. Following which, he took out the Ring of Gospel and fed it 5,000 Magic Crystals to activate World Projection.

The Ring of Gospel’s Skills were not considered magic arrays and could stack with the Nine-star Polar Domain.

The Titan Warrior’s Attributes fell further. However, the decrease wasn’t as significant as the first. In the end, the Titan Warrior still had 50% of its original Attributes.

[Titan Warrior (Ancient Shrine Protector)] (Mechanical Lifeform, Mythic)

Level 70

HP 180,000,000/180,000,000

Continuing its assault, the Titan Warrior brandished its greatsword, sending several sword lights at the Tomahawk Demon.

Suddenly, the Fear Demon flew into the fray, meeting the Titan Warrior’s greatsword with its own.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

A series of clangs shook the cavern. Although both the Tomahawk Demon and the Fear Demon were forced to retreat over a dozen yards, they had blocked the Boss’s attacks. The two Demons had only lost a few tens of thousands of HP, which wasn’t considerable when their maximum was over 20,000,000.

“They blocked every attack?” Shocked gripped Solitary Nine as he watched the battle between the Demons and the Mechanical Lifeform.

Logically, the two Tier 3 Demons shouldn’t be able to keep up with the Mythic monster, even if the Titan Warrior’s Attributes had been suppressed by 50%, yet they had blocked every one of its attacks.

“The commander is awesome!” Lifeless Thorn glanced at Shi Feng in shock, watching him control the two Demons from afar.

The other team members might not have realized what had just happened, but he had caught a glimpse.

Although the Tier 3 Demons weren’t a match for the Titan Warrior and even began to show signs of momentary paralysis after blocking the attacks, Shi Feng had controlled them to alternate. Doing so had allowed the paralyzed Demon a split second to recover.

Although the technique sounded simple, without a precise grasp of the Titan Warrior’s timing and perfect control of the two Demons, it was impossible to perform.

Shi Feng’s control was godly!

Lifeless Thorn had neither seen nor heard of such a combat technique.

After training under Shi Feng and improving drastically, he had thought he was close to reaching the Swordsman’s standards, but seeing the man in this fight, he realized that the gap between them was much larger than he had expected.

What he didn’t know was that blocking the Titan Warrior’s attacks was impossible for the Demons if they simply alternated. Their performance had only been possible due to World Projection weakening the Mythic monster’s physique, slowing its reaction speed. If not for World Projection, the Demons would’ve been defeated despite working together.

Once the Demons secured the Titan Warrior’s aggro, Shi Feng commanded, “Everyone, attack!”

Immediately, Lifeless Thorn and the others, who operated the Miniature Ballistas, fired one Exploding Arrow after another at the Guardian Boss.

Xiu… Xiu… Xiu…

The arrows crossed the 500 yards between the Miniature Ballistas and the Boss in a breath. In the end, all ten Exploding Arrows pierced the Titan Warrior’s back and sides.

Damages of over -100,000 appeared above the Titan Warrior’s head, significantly reducing the Mythic monster’s HP.

Although the sight overjoyed Asura’s members, Shi Feng couldn’t bring himself to celebrate the outcome.

Even after losing 50% of its Attributes, the Titan Warrior’s battle recovery restored 1,800,000 HP every five seconds. Although the Miniature Ballista attacks had dealt more damage than that, it hadn’t been by much. At this rate, it would take the team hours to whittle down the Titan Warrior’s HP.

Meanwhile, World Projection only lasted ten minutes…

While Shi Feng tried to think of a solution, the Titan Warrior didn’t wait around. Abruptly, it thrust its greatsword into the ground. Four-meter-tall figures then began to rise, one after another.

[Earthen Spirit] (Elemental Creature, Grand Lord)

HP 10,000,000/10,000,000

In seconds, four Earthen Spirits stood before the team.

“Crap! How is this even fair?!”

“Is this a joke?!”

“We’re doomed!”

Asura’s members gaped when as the Boss summoned reinforcements.

The Titan Warrior was already terrifying on its own, yet it could summon four Grand Lords.

Suddenly, the four Earthen Spirits dashed for the Miniature Ballistas 500 yards away.

Sure enough, the Main God System won’t let players easily exploit a loophole. Shi Feng frowned at the Earthen Spirits. Gritting his teeth, he took two Summon Guard Scrolls from his bag.