Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1468 - Raiding a Mythic

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Chaptering 1468 – Raiding a Mythic


Before they even checked the Titan Warrior’s statistics, the pressure it radiated overwhelmed the team. Now that they had seen it’s information, they were shocked.

No one throughout Cold Wind City, not even an expert like Lifeless thorn, had ever seen a Mythic monster.

Now that they stood before one, they were terrified to stand within 500 yards of the Titan Warrior, not to mention attempt to fight the thing. This was the first time they had felt anything like this since they joined God’s Domain.

Their minds screamed at them, warning that if they proceeded, they would dance with death.

“Commander, this monster is too powerful. We can’t afford to provoke a monster like this yet. Do we have to fight it?” Solitary Nine asked, his complexion ashen.

Before he had encountered the Titan Warrior, he had thought that it might be possible for their team to defeat a Mythic monster. However, after experiencing the Titan Warrior’s near-tangible killing intent and absolute power, he knew that Tier 1 players had no hope against it.

The Titan Warrior’s battle recovery alone would regenerate 3,600,000 HP every five seconds. If their team couldn’t deal over 720,000 damage each second, their team would never kill it, even if the Titan Warrior stood there and watched them try.

This wasn’t a battle. This was a suicide mission.

A Mechanical Lifeform? Shi Feng fell into deep thought as he watched the Titan Warrior.

Although he had known that the final Guardian Boss would be a Mythic monster, he hadn’t expected it to be a Mechanical Lifeform.

Mechanical Lifeforms were famed for their high Defense, Strength, and Magic Resistance. Because of these stats, they were known to be the best guard monsters available. Even Super Guilds struggled against Mechanical Lifeform Bosses since they couldn’t take advantage of their collection of high-tiered Magic Scrolls and Mana Pulse Cannons.

Even magic arrays had little effect against these creatures.

Players could only defeat a Mechanical Lifeform with brute strength; there simply weren’t any loopholes.

“Commander, are we still going to fight that thing?” Lifeless Thorn asked hesitantly.

Before they had come here, Shi Feng had told Asura’s upper echelons that they could travel to another world if they finished this quest. They wouldn’t have to stay cooped up in Cold Wind City, but as they faced an insurmountable Mythic monster, even Lifeless Thorn felt helpless.

This wasn’t some random Dungeon. If they died in this cave, they would lose an entire level. At their level, recovering the lost EXP would take a lot of time.

“Let’s make an attempt,” Shi Feng said after giving the matter some thought.

“The attempt?” Lifeless Thorn and the others were slightly confused.

Shi Feng took a Tier 2 Summoning Scroll from his bag and summoned a Tier 2 Gale Cheetah. He then used Phantom Kill, sending his doppelganger forward while he directed the Gale Cheetah to circle the Boss.

He wanted to test the Titan Warrior’s reaction and turning speed.

Although Mechanical Lifeforms had high Defense and Strength, they also had a glaring weakness: slow reaction and turning speed. Of course, this was only compared to monsters of the same rank. A Mythic ranked Mechanical Lifeform’s reaction and turning speed should be higher than a Grand Lord’s of the same level.

As his doppelganger approached the Titan Warrior, Shi Feng sat down and focused on controlling his summoned twin.

Four hundred yards… Three hundred yards…

When the doppelganger moved within 200 yards of the Guardian Boss, the previously immobile Mythic monster abruptly opened its eyes, revealing two dazzling, crimson orbs. It advanced on the doppelganger so quickly that by the time the watching crowd reacted, the Boss had crossed 40 yards. When the Boss had moved, it had created a massive crater where it had originally stood; it looked like a cannon had bombarded the area.

“So fast!” Upon seeing the Titan Warrior approach, Shi Feng immediately had his doppelganger activate Defensive Blade.

In the blink of an eye, the Boss reached the doppelganger, swinging its colossal greatsword down at the invader. The moment the greatsword began to descend, the doppelganger jumped out of from the weapons’ path.

However, the Titan Warrior nimbly adjusted its attack trajectory halfway through the swing, slicing at the doppelganger, who had yet to land.


Immediately, a deep gash over 30-yards-long tore through the ground. Although Shi Feng’s doppelganger had nullified the attack with Defensive Blade, the Boss’s strength was overwhelming. The impact threw the doppelganger over 20 yards away.

Asura’s members gasped.

Even Lifeless Thorn wore a grim expression.

It was just too fast!

His eyes couldn’t keep up with the Titan Warrior’s speed. Even against the Three-headed Frostwolf, Lifeless Thorn had been able to keep up with the Grand Lord’s attacks, but he couldn’t even see the Titan Warrior’s afterimages. He had no doubt that he wasn’t capable of dodging an attack if he were on the receiving end of that Mythic monster’s greatsword.

Its reaction speed is quite impressive. At the very least, our reaction speed will have to be on part with a Grand Lord to block and dodge its attacks. The outcome hadn’t particularly surprised Shi Feng, and he continued to analyze the Titan Warrior.

After he tested the Boss’s reaction speed, he controlled the Gale Cheetah to attack the Mythic monster from behind with the Tier 2 Skill, Gale Blade.

Numerous blades of wind assaulted the Titan Warrior’s backside, each dealing over -10,000 damage. The Guardian Boss instantly shifted its attention to the Gale Cheetah.

The Titan Warrior spun around in less than half a second. It raised its weapon, cleaving down at the summoned creature.

Although Shi Feng had tried to direct the Gale Cheetah to circle the Titan Warrior as soon as it finished its attack, he was too late. He couldn’t even control the feline to defend itself in time. In the next moment, a streak of white light struck the Gale Cheetah, throwing it and devouring several millions of HP…

Shi Feng’s doppelganger then appeared behind the Titan Warrior, activating Shadow Blade. After landing a barrage of attacks, the doppelganger reclaimed the Boss’s aggro. After a split second, the Boss tossed the doppelganger again. After reaping this process several times, the Titan Warrior killed both the doppelganger and the summoned creature. After killing the trespassers, the Titan Warrior calmed and returned to its original position.

Everyone was stunned speechless. The Titan Warrior was too fast and too powerful. Even with their Lifesaving Skills active, this Guardian Boss would likely kill Solitary Nine and Dark Madness instantly…

We’ll need to be roughly as fast as a Grand Lord to avoid its counterattacks? After watching the monster for some time, Shi Feng had analyzed all of the Titan Warrior’s aspects. He then turned to his team. “Although raiding this Titan Warrior will be dangerous, our chances of defeating it aren’t nonexistent.”

He then pulled ten Miniature Ballistas from his bag. Unfortunately, since the war weapons were precious to his Guilds, he hadn’t brought too many with him.

“War weapons?” The Asura team members were dumbfounded to see the Miniature Ballistas.

Guilds generally reserved these weapons for Guild wars, yet Shi Feng intended to use them to kill a monster. He had even brought ten of these war weapons with him…

“Let my Demon tank the Titan Warrior. The rest of you will attack from 500 yards away. Try to move around and attack from behind it as much as possible,” Shi Feng said. He then pointed to a group of magical-class players and instructed, “You nine, come to me. Each of you will take one of these scrolls and stand in these locations. When the fight begins, move within 100 yards of the Boss and activate the magic array.”

Following which, each player began to prepare for the battle. As for Shi Feng, he used the Bible of Darkness to summon a second Demon.

The Mutated Nine-star Polar Domain Magic Array should significantly lower the Titan Warrior’s Attributes. With two Tier 3 Demons keeping it busy, they might just be able to kill the Mythic monster.

Of course, it was only a theory. Whether or not they actually succeeded would depend on the magic array’s effect.

If the Titan Warrior were still too powerful, he’d have no choice but to give up and wait until his team members completed their Tier 2 promotions.

A moment later, everyone moved into position.

Taking a deep breath, Shi Feng controlled the two Tier 3 Demons to charge at the Titan Warrior from different directions. In response, the Titan Warrior charged towards the first Demon that entered its perception range as quickly as a violent gale.

“Move out!” Shi Feng commanded.

Following his commands, the nine magical class players closed in on the Titan Warrior.