Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1460 - Complete Suppression

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Chapter 1460 – Complete Suppression

After activating Charge, it took only an instant for Lifeless Thorn to cross the 20-plus yards separating him and Shi Feng.

As soon as Lifeless Thorn reached his opponent, he thrust Thunder Spear at the other player, sending over 20 afterimages at Shi Feng from different angles. It was impossible to find the real weapon among the fakes.

“How has his Split Spear become so much stronger?!”

Solitary Nine could not help but gasp.

When he had dueled Lifeless Thorn, the Berserker had only produced over a dozen spear images. Even with his shield, he hadn’t been able to block every spear image, forced to rely on luck and hope he blocked the real weapon.

Yet, the Berserker could now produce over 20 images, nearly double what he had previously been capable of. Just watching the images was confusing, not to mention trying to block the attack.

“Brother Lifeless’s Twofold Berserk is impressive. Not even an MT can block so many images.” The attack surprised Wave Heart’s members.

“Lifeless is taking this too seriously.” Cleansing Whistle revealed a helpless smile as she watched the Berserker fight with everything he had. “His opponent is doomed.”

Throughout her time raiding Dungeons and adventuring with Lifeless Thorn, this was the first time she had seen him go all-out.

Moreover, in a Balanced Mode duel, the player with higher Basic Attributes would be suppressed to match the opponent’s.

Since Lifeless Thorn’s Attributes weren’t affected, he wouldn’t feel awkward as he moved. In contrast, Shi Feng would need some time to get used to the lower Attributes.

It was clear that Lifeless Thorn realized this, yet he refused to give Shi Feng any time to adapt.

With so many advantages, the Berserker would have an easy time winning this duel.

As the numerous spear images were about to devour Shi Feng, a blue light flashed before him. Following which, a loud explosion shook the arena, followed by a powerful shockwave radiating across the stage.

Lifeless Thorn’s Thunder Spear had stopped an inch from Shi Feng’s neck.

“Impossible!” Cleansing Whistle shot up from her seat, shock flashing in her eyes. “Lifeless’s Split Spear… Why did it stop?”

“What?! Brother Lifeless messed up?!” The other Wave Heart members were similarly stunned.

Lifeless Heart had rarely ever failed to hit his target with Split Spear. His opponent could only block the attack if they were lucky.

Of course, nobody was more surprised than Lifeless Thorn.

However, the Berserker didn’t give up after his first attack had failed. Immediately, he executed Split Spear again, sending another 20-plus spear images thrusting at Shi Feng.

Before the spear images reached Shi Feng, another blue light flashed. This time, the Thunder Spear stopped several centimeters away from Shi Feng’s right shoulder. There was more distance between the weapon and the Swordsman than before.

“Did it hit? What’s going on?” Wave Heart’s members watched Shi Feng in confusion, realizing that golden scales covered the man’s body.

“He… He actually deflected Lifeless’s Split Spear! Is he some kind of monster?!” Cleansing Whistle’s expression darkened as she watched the fight.

Split Spear was so impressive because it was nearly impossible to pinpoint the real weapon, which confused the opponent as they tried to defend themselves. But in the brief moment before Lifeless Thorn’s weapon reached Shi Feng, the Swordsman located the real Thunder Spear and properly deflected it. His grasp of Strength and timing was simply godlike.

Before Cleansing Whistle could overcome her shock, Shi Feng took a step forward and disappeared.

He vanished?

Lifeless Thorn immediately responded by executing Whirlwind Slash, his spear sweeping horizontally to slice everything within 10 yards of the Berserker.


A loud clang echoed throughout the venue. Following which, Shi Feng reappeared as he flew over a dozen yards backward before landing. Despite being knocked back so far, Shi Feng hadn’t lost a single HP. He had nullified Lifeless Thorn’s Horizontal Slash with Parry.

As expected of the Lightning Warrior! His reactions are so fast! Shi Feng smiled faintly as he glanced at the still-vibrating Killing Ray.

Split Sword was Lifeless Thorn’s trademark combat technique. He had used it plenty of times against the experts on God’s Domain Experts List. However, the technique was still immature right now. Although he could create over 20 spear images, his attacks were monotone.

Against Shi Feng, who was capable of pushing his five senses to their very limits and had a perfect grasp over his environment, the immature technique was useless.

Moreover, although Balanced Mode would equalize the combatants’ Basic Attributes, it wouldn’t affect the players’ physiques.

To Shi Feng, whose physique exceeded that of an ordinary Tier 2 player, Lifeless Thorn’s Split Spear was a joke.

Meanwhile, the Berserker felt an unprecedented pressure weigh down on him as he watched his opponent.

In a clash of techniques, the player that used a Skill first would lose. Although this duel wasn’t a pure exchange of techniques, it was the first time he had encountered a player who could treat his Split Spear like a normal attack.

“You are incredibly strong!” Despite the minor loss, Lifeless Thorn wasn’t discouraged. Instead, he smiled as he said, “I admit that I am no match for you in terms of technique. However, combat techniques aren’t the only factor that determine a player’s strength. One must also take into account Attributes and Skills.”

Saying so, Lifeless Thorn’s Thunder Spear shuddered slightly. Suddenly, six golden replicas of the weapon appeared around him.

This move was Adjudication Spear, one of Thunder Spear’s Skills. Every Adjudication Spear carried 100% of Lifeless Thorn’s Strength. Moreover, he had complete control over the weapons and could use them alongside his Split Spear. The only downside was its 10-second duration. However, in a fight between experts, it was more than enough time.

“Guild Leader, Lifeless Thorn is really scary. Asura’s commander will definitely lose,” Feather Wind excitedly announced.

“Good! As expected of the publicly-acknowledged, number one expert!”

If Shi Feng lost, Lifeless Thorn would be Cold Wind City’s undisputed, number-one expert. The Asura adventurer team’s reputation would plummet, and although it would still pose a threat to Matchless Family, it wouldn’t rule over Cold Wind City.

As the upper echelons of Cold Wind City’s large Guilds sighed with relief, Shi Feng walked towards his opponent.

“You are correct. A player’s strength doesn’t solely depend on their combat techniques. Attributes and Skills do play a factor,” Shi Feng said, nodding. He then activated Tier 2 Blade Liberation and Nine Dragons Slash.

Suddenly, the intensity of Shi Feng’s aura skyrocketed. At the same time, twelve Abyssal Blade phantoms manifested around him.

“You… You have…a hidden class as well?” Lifeless Thorn was dazed as he felt the power of Shi Feng’s aura, his heart pounding madly. Suddenly, he lost his previous confidence.

Twofold Berserk was his biggest trump card. With absolute power, he could easily overwhelm his opponents, even if his techniques were inferior.

However, based on the man’s aura, Shi Feng’s Basic Attributes were now much higher than his.

His opponent’s twelve phantom swords even outnumbered his prided Adjudication Spears…

As Lifeless Thorn stared, Shi Feng appeared before him and lightly swung Killing Ray.

Tier 2 Legacy Skill, Shadow Blade!

Although Lifeless Thorn tried to defend himself, he was too slow, and ten streaks of light, one blue and nine black, struck him. Instantly, Lifeless Thorn’s HP vanished, his body transforming into particles of light as he disappeared.

As if time had frozen, silence dominated the combat room.

Lifeless Thorn, Cold Wind City’s number one expert, had been defeated!