Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1394 - Killing Heaven's Burial's Guild Leader

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Chapter 1394 – Killing Heaven’s Burial’s Guild Leader

The moment Shi Feng spoke, three Assassins emerged from behind him. The Assassins had appeared swiftly and without a sound. Immediately, they thrust their daggers at Shi Feng’s back from three different directions with excellent coordination.

“You won’t have the chance!” Seeing his companions, Broken Flow grinned. His biceps bulged as he swung his greatsword towards Shi Feng’s throat.

Tier 1 Taboo Skill, Mountain Splitter!

The Taboo Skill instantly increased Broken Flow’s Strength by 120% and Attack Speed by 100% for 3 seconds.

With attacks from both sides, Shi Feng had nowhere to flee, and due to the close proximity, he had no time to dodge.

As the four players’ weapons were about to bite into their target, Shi Feng emitted a dark aura. Four sword lights then bloomed around him.

Power of Darkness!

Four Moon Lotus!

Dang… Dang… Dang…

A series of clangs rang out, and dazzling sparks appeared around Shi Feng’s body. Among the four that had attacked him, the three Assassins had been thrown backward, slamming into the ground. Broken Flow had fared somewhat better, only forced to take three steps back.

The difference between their Strengths was clear.

“You…” Broken Flow glared at Shi Feng, who remained standing, in astonishment. He couldn’t figure out how Shi Feng had blocked those attacks.

Mountain Splitter had increased his Strength by 120%. With his current Attributes, he could even contend with a Great Lord of the same level for a short time, yet this player before him had blocked all four attacks and pushed him back.

Even now, Broken Flow’s arms were numb from encountering Shi Feng’s defense.

As Broken Flow stared at Shi Feng, his mind still trying to come up with a way to defeat the Swordsman, the Swordsman vanished.

Crap! Broken Flow was taken aback when Shi Feng disappeared. Hurriedly, he executed Whirlwind Slash.

However, Shi Feng had appeared behind him before he knew it, and fresh blood poured from his body. The Magic Weapon, Abyssal Blade, had stopped his Whirlwind Slash.

Before Broken Flow could react, two more sword lights, one blue and one white, cut across his body, devouring his remaining HP.

Although Broken Flow tried to say something, his vision had already begun to darken. As his body collapsed, he dropped a pair of combat boots.

From the moment that fight had begun to its ending, Broken Flow’s nearby companions hadn’t been able to offer their leader any support. They only saw Shi Feng vanish and reappear beside Broken Flow. Following which, one sword light after another cut through the Berserker, and before they even realized it, Broken Flow fell. The fight had ended so quickly that even the nearby healers had not managed to cast Truth Shield on the Berserker in time.

“Damn it!” Singular Burial paled at this scene.

Broken Flow was the strongest Berserker in Heaven’s Burial. Not even Ghost Shadow or Singular Burial himself were a match for the Berserker’s techniques, yet even after the man had consumed the Secret Potential Potion, Shi Feng had effortlessly taken his life.

Meanwhile, the spectators watching from a distance were dumbfounded.

“This is a trick, right?”

“Broken Flow died, just like that?”

“Can someone tell me what just happened?!”

The distant spectators were confused to see Broken Flow fall.

After a single exchange, Broken Flow had died…

Silence reigned over the battlefield. Shi Feng’s swordsmanship had astonished every player watching.

Before anyone could react, Shi Feng disappeared again and emerged before the three Assassins that had attacked him as they stood up. He then swung Killing Ray lightly at the three Assassins.

Shadow Blade!

One streak of blue light, accompanied by nine streaks of black light, flashed around the three players. The three Assassins were experts, so they instinctively activated Vanish to block Shi Feng’s attack. However, when they tried to do so, they suddenly discovered that their Skills were unusable. They then noticed that the light around them had dimmed. This was the Aura of Time’s Forbidden Domain. For 30 seconds, all enemies within a 500-yard radius couldn’t use any of their Skills or tools.

The three Assassins could only watch as the numerous sword lights descended. Without time to defend themselves, all three Assassins died instantly, their bodies transforming into particles of light and disappearing. At the same time, they dropped three pieces of equipment.

After killing the three Assassins, Shi Feng set his sights on Heaven’s Burial’s melee experts a short distance away. These several melee experts, who had brimmed with confidence previously, felt chills crawl down their spines. The turned and fled as if they had just seen the Devil himself.


A single word etched itself into their minds.

Even Heaven’s Burial’s number one Berserker could not stop Shi Feng. And now that they couldn’t use any of their Skills, even if they worked together, they’d be throwing away their lives if they tried to face that monstrous player.

“Everyone, retreat! Get out of the silencing domain’s range!” Singular Burial shouted in the Guild chat.

Although the Guild Leader had given the command, Forbidden Domain covered a 500-yard-radius area. It would take quite some time to escape. Zero Wing’s members excitedly chased after the fleeing Heaven’s Burial experts. Now, they only needed a little effort to kill an opponent.

In seconds, the battle had turned to Zero Wing’s favor.

“Guild Leader, what should we do?” Purple Eye frowned as she watched Heaven’s Burial’s members hit the ground, one after another.

She had originally thought that, once Zero Wing was wounded and Heaven’s Burial had used up its trump cards, the Star Alliance could sweep in to harvest the top-tier equipment. Now, however, Zero Wing dominated over Heaven’s Burial. The Star Alliance had no hope of reaping the rewards from the two Guilds’ destruction.

“Forget it. Recall the others.” Galaxy Past could not help but sigh as he watched Heaven’s Burial’s members run for their lives.

If Zero Wing had suffered some grievous losses, the Star Alliance would have had an opportunity to take action once Heaven’s Burial’s Berserk Skills ended. Not only would Zero Wing owe them a favor, but they’d also deal a heavy blow to Heaven’s Burial. The Star Alliance could also pocket some of the weapons and equipment the two Guilds had dropped. It had been a perfect plan, killing three birds with one stone.

And yet, Black Flame alone had disrupted that perfect plan.

Until now, it had been unheard of for a single player to turn the tide of battle, but Black Flame had done just that.

Only now did Galaxy Past understand why the Secret Pavilion had warned him not to provoke Zero Wing. Not even the Secret Pavilion could guarantee the Star Alliance’s survival in Star-Moon Kingdom.

He now realized that in God’s Domain, quality was vastly more important than quantity. This was no longer a virtual reality game that one could rule over with a large enough army.

After killing a few more melee experts, Shi Feng shifted his attention to Singular Burial, his gaze containing a chilling killing intent. Even though Shi Feng hadn’t said a word, Singular Burial could sense the Swordman’s intent.

“You wish to kill me? How arrogant!” Singular Burial’s expression darkened. He was less than 100 yards away from Forbidden Domain’s edge, and Shi Feng was over 200 yards away from him. After consuming the Secret Potential Potion and activating a Berserk Skill, his Movement Speed was higher than an ordinary Great Lord’s. Shi Feng could never catch him.

Once he was outside of the Forbidden Domain, he had plenty of escape routes.

The spectators in the distance could also feel Shi Feng’s intentions.

“This can’t be, right? He’s trying to kill Singular Burial?”

“He’s insane!”

Everyone’s excitement grew as they watched. Over 10,000 surviving Heaven’s Burial members protected their Guild Leader. A few experts even stood by his side. Including the fact that Singular Burial himself was a skilled player, Shi Feng was just too far away to kill the man.

Boldly, Shi Feng advanced towards Singular Burial.

“Stop him!” Daybreak Fog commanded.

Losing this battle was a huge hit to Heaven’s Burial’s reputation. If their Guild Leader died, standing among an army of over 10,000 players, the Guild would suffer even greater embarrassment. They would become the laughingstock of Star-Moon Kingdom.

The other Guild members understood the severity of the situation as well. The fleeing members stopped and turned to face Shi Feng. Although they could not do any damage to him, they could buy some time.

Despite the tidal wave of players surging towards him, Shi Feng showed no signs of retreating. Instead, he activated Thunder God’s Descent, increasing his speed and damage significantly. He then activated Dragon Breath.

Shi Feng then fired a beam of white light from his mouth. The beam devoured the approaching players, creating a wide, open path for Shi Feng before he charged into the crowd.

Heaven’s Burial’s members disregarded their own safety as they attacked the Swordsman desperately. Only, before they got close to Shi Feng, their bodies transformed into particles of light and disappeared. As Shi Feng passed by players, sparks of light danced in the air.

The distant players were stupefied.

However, the swarm of players had slowed Shi Feng’s approach. When Shi Feng was 50 yards away from Singular Burial, the latter finally left the Forbidden Domain and could use Skills and tools again.

“Black Flame, you are ten years too early if you think you can kill me!” Singular Burial sneered at Shi Feng, who was surrounded by a sea of players. He then took out a Tier 1 Instantaneous Movement Scroll from his bag, intending to leave the battlefield. Once he left, Shi Feng wouldn’t be able to reach him.

“Is that so?”

However, as soon as Singular Burial finished speaking, a deep voice reached his ears. Before Singular Burial could turn around to see the voice’s owner, a streak of blue light cut across his body.

Everyone was stunned. Like magic, Shi Feng had appeared behind Singular Burial, dragging his blade across the man’s body.

Tier 2 Taboo Skill, Instant Strike!

Despite the Secret Potential Potion and an active Berserk Skill, Singular Burial couldn’t keep up with the enemy Guild Leader, whose Attack Speed had increased by 500%. Before Singular Burial could even activate his Instantaneous Movement Scroll, several streaks of light had blossomed across his body, devouring his HP…