Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 1382 - Evil God's Tablet

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Chapter 1382 – Evil God’s Tablet

“One hundred architects?”

Melancholic Smile was stunned and couldn’t imagine why Shi Feng wanted so many. However, she did not give the matter too much thought, either. She disconnected the call and began to make arrangements for the necessary architects.

Architects were considered a minor class among subclasses. Only after Guilds had secured their towns had players chosen to become architects.

Since the architect subclass was so specialized, few large Guilds possessed large reserves of architect players. Generally, each Guild would only have one or two dozen architects. Even the Candlelight Trading Firm only had around 80 architects. The trading firm only has so many due to their preparation for Zero Wing’s soon-to-be-constructed city.

If they wanted to gather 100 architects, they would need to recruit more.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng entered one of the Guild Residence’s lounges, organizing his harvest from the previous battle.

Aside from the weapons and equipment from killing the Ghost Shadow Legion members, he had obtained over 200 Evil Energy Crystals from the Evil Demons. He also had the loot from the two Level 70 Grand Lords.

Although the weapons and equipment that the Grand Lords dropped were only Level 70 Secret-Silver rank, the materials they dropped surpassed Shi Feng’s expectations.

He had obtained 11 Epic rank materials, each of which could be used to craft Dark-Gold rank and higher weapons and equipment. In addition, several rare Gemstones had dropped.

“Hm? What’s this?” Shi Feng muttered as noticed the addition of an ancient, dilapidated stone tablet in his bag.

The tablet had an ordinary appearance, no different than the stone slates that were normally used as street signs. There was nothing amiss or special about it. However, upon picking it up, Shi Feng noticed something extraordinary.

Despite the stone tablet only being the size of a washbasin, it weighed as much as the stone table in Forging Rooms.

Following which, Shi Feng activated Omniscient Eyes and inspected the item.

[Third Fragment of Evil God’s Tablet] (Epic Rank Item)

Created by the Evil God, this tablet can be used to form an Illusory Space within a 50-yard radius. The Illusory Space will create a Bronze rank copy of any player that enters. Players can then fight their own copies. The Bronze Illusory Creature has all Skills of the copied player and can achieve a 100% Skill Completion Rate.

Duration: 15 minutes

Cooldown: 1 hour

(Requires 500 Evil Energy Crystals to upgrade.)

“An Illusory Space?” Excitement brightened Shi Feng’s expression as he read the text.

This Evil God’s Tablet Fragment was undoubtedly his greatest harvest from the battle. Not even an Epic Weapon would be worth as much.

This tablet was the equivalent of having a unique land to train in.

In God’s Domain, even peak experts had an extremely hard time achieving a Skill Completion Rate of 100%, not to mention weaker players.

Meanwhile, the tablet fragment could create an exact copy of a player to serve as an opponent. The copy could even achieve a 100% Skill Completion Rate.

If players could spar with such an opponent long-term, their improvements would be astounding.

By fighting the illusory creatures, players could learn how to better-execute their Skills and raise their Skill Completion Rates.

Shi Feng had never imagined that the Evil Demons would drop such a precious item.

The tablet fragment’s only downside was its short duration. Fifteen minutes would pass in the blink of an eye.

“It can be upgraded using Evil Energy Crystals?” Shi Feng’s mood rose even higher.

Shi Feng knew that Evil Energy Crystals could be useful when crafting weapons and equipment, but he hadn’t expected the crystals to have this purpose.

Although Evil Energy Crystals only dropped from Chieftain rank and above Evil Demons, he had accumulated quite a few from the two siege battles in Stone Forest Town. He hadn’t used a single crystal thus far as he hadn’t wanted to waste them just to produce weapons and equipment. As a result, over 5,000 Evil Energy Crystals sat in Zero Wing’s Guild Warehouse.

Although the Evil God’s Tablet’s upgrade cost was a bit steep, upgrading the Illusory Space would be a worthwhile trade.

Following which, Shi Feng retrieved all of the Evil Energy Crystals from the Guild Warehouse.

Upon returning, he let the Evil God’s Tablet devour 500 Evil Energy Crystals.

Immediately, the tablet started transformed, the originally blurry images on the tablet becoming clearer. At the same time, the tablet’s weight tripled.

If not for his frighteningly high Strength, carrying this tablet would’ve been a taxing endeavor.

The tablet’s introduction had also changed slightly. Initially, it would only create a Bronze Illusory Creature. Now, it would manifest a Mysterious-Iron Illusory Creature. Most importantly, the duration and Cooldown had changed considerably.

The Illusory Space’s duration had risen from 15 minutes to 20 minutes, and the Cooldown had decreased to 55 minutes. If he wanted to upgrade the tablet fragment further, he would need to feed it another 1,000 Evil Energy Crystals.

“That’s quite an improvement.” After giving the matter some thought, he decided to upgrade the Evil God’s Tablet again.

There wasn’t much use for Evil Energy Crystals at the moment. Upgrading the Illusory Space was much wiser than letting the crystals collect dust in the Guild Warehouse.

After spending another 1,000 crystals to upgrade the tablet a second time, Shi Feng proceeded to spend 3,000 more crystals to upgrade yet again. Unfortunately, the fourth upgrade cost 10,000 crystals. Even if Shi Feng wanted to, he didn’t have enough of the resource.

After upgrading the tablet two more times, the Illusory Space could generate Fine-Gold Illusory Creatures. The Illusory Space’s duration had also increased to 30 minutes, while its Cooldown had decreased to 45 minutes.

Thirty minutes was neither too long nor too short of a time for players. Moreover, players would only have to wait 15 minutes after one session before beginning the next.

Once Shi Feng finished upgrading the Evil God’s Tablet, he left the Guild Residence and headed to the Battle Arena.

Although Stone Forest Town’s Battle Arena had been popular among players thus far, it still struggled to attract experts. The more powerful an expert was, the less inclined they were to visit the Battle Arena.

After all, experts of such high caliber were generally quite rare, which made it practically impossible to find these experts proper opponents that could help them improve in the Battle Arena.

However, now that the Battle Arena had the Illusory Space, Shi Feng had solved this problem.

Noobs and experts alike all desired a method to raise their Skill Completion Rates.

This was especially true for expert players. After achieving an 80% Skill Completion Rate, every 1% increase required a lot of time and effort, let alone after reaching 100%.