Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 2959 - 2959 He Should Leave

2959 He Should Leave

“Where did you see him meeting another man?” Leng Yecheng asked.

“I don’t remember. After all, I just passed out, so I lost some of my memories,” Leng Xiaoyao said. That was a lie, since it didn’t happen at all, but she couldn’t name a random café, otherwise Leng Yecheng would go to investigate it for evidence. By then, she wouldn’t be able to cover up the lie.

Anyway, she just fell and lost consciousness, so she could use that as an excuse.

Since Leng Xiaoyao said that, they didn’t doubt it. Instead, they began to worry about her head.

“What? You lost some of your memories? Will it affect your brain? Do you need to go to the hospital? What if your head is injured?” Leng Changyuan asked worriedly.

“I’m fine. Grandpa, no need to worry.” Leng Xiaoyao comforted him.

“How is it possible? You even passed out. No, you must go to the hospital to have a medical check with me right now.” Leng Changyuan insisted. He didn’t want Leng Xiaoyao to be injured.

“Right, you must do a check. Let’s go. I can drive you there,” Leng Yecheng insisted. After dealing with Zhang Guanglin, there was nothing else he needed to do now.

Leng Xiaoyao was left with no choice. In order to set Leng Changyuan and Leng Yecheng’s mind at rest, she had to agree. “Fine!”

Before they left, Leng Xiaoyao said to Leng Yecheng, “Uncle, you better send someone to spy on Zhang Guanglin in case any accidents happen. You better pay a hacker to pay special attention to his email box as well. He might leak information through his emails. You better stop Zhang Guanglin from meeting your opponents in business. Don’t you have a close relationship with Han Yu? I think he can help you with that.”

Han Yu was a man who was as good as he was bad. He managed a bar in City Chang, and was a leading businessman in this industry. He knew a lot of people in illegal and legal areas, so it was easy for him to find a hacker and a person who was good at spying.

Hearing Leng Xiaoyao’s words, Leng Yecheng was astonished. How could she know about Han Yu?

Although Leng Xiaoyao didn’t have a relationship with Han Yu, she had to be sure that he could do it, otherwise she wouldn’t mention him.

Anyway, there was no time for Leng Yecheng to think about it. He directly ordered Chen Yuxi. “Chen, contact Han Yu and ask him to get me a man who’s good at spying.”

“No problem, President Leng,” Chen Yuxi said.

Afterwards, Leng Changyuan and Leng Yecheng drove Leng Xiaoyao to the hospital for a check. Watching Leng Xiaoyao’s back, Chen Yuxi still couldn’t digest the shocking news.

Leng Xiaoyao totally shocked him today. How could she be so different?

Once Leng Yecheng and the others were gone, Chen Yuxi called Han Yu.

After Han Yu learned about the situation, he did what Leng Yecheng wanted him to do. Given their close relationship, it was just a little favor.


Back in his office, Zhang Guanglin called the person who poached him.

The person was also mad after hearing about the situation, but they had to give up on Zhang Guanglin since it was already exposed.

They mainly poached Zhang Guanglin for the project for Fenglin Yuan. If it couldn’t be done, Zhang Guanglin would be of no use to them.

After all, Zhang Guanglin wasn’t extremely outstanding and it wasn’t difficult for them to find someone who was better than him.

Besides, Zhang Guanglin betrayed Fengshang Design because they offered him some benefits, so he could do the same thing to them if other companies gave him more benefits. Disloyal people weren’t reliable, but it wasn’t the end yet, so they didn’t tell Zhang Guanglin that yet.

They decided to wait till the final result was out.

Zhang Guanglin always believed that he relied on his abilities to win their approval and it was just an additional condition that they wanted him to leak information about the project for Fenglin Yuan.

Therefore, he had no idea that they wanted to abandon him.

That was proof that Zhang Guanglin wasn’t very smart.

If he was smart, he wouldn’t have been easily persuaded by them. After all, there was no free lunch in this world.

In fact, Zhang Guanglin had a high position and a high salary in Fengshang Design, but he was too ambitious. He thought that he deserved something better, but it actually was beyond his abilities.

If he had a clear understanding of himself, he wouldn’t complain about his position and salary in Fengshang Design.

Zhang Guanglin wasn’t qualified to handle important projects, but he was able to deal with normal projects, so he could become a manager in Fengshang Design.

“Yaoyao, how did you know that Han Yu can help?” On the way, Leng Yecheng asked Leng Xiaoyao curiously.

“Didn’t you tell me that he knows a variety of people? And I also heard that he has connections in both illegal and legal industries, so it shouldn’t be difficult for him,” Leng Xiaoyao explained.

Hearing that, Leng Yecheng nodded. Although not many people knew that Han Yu had a close relationship with illegal gangs, it wasn’t a secret, so it wasn’t strange for Leng Xiaoyao to know that.

“I hope Zhang Guanglin can behave himself, or it’ll be troublesome,” Leng Yecheng said.

“Hope so!” Leng Xiaoyao said, “But I don’t think Zhang Guanglin is smart. Perhaps he will be abandoned after those people find out that he’s under our watch.”

“Right, Zhang Guanglin isn’t irreplaceable. Those people poached him in an attempt to defeat Fengshang Design. There are countless skilled people nowadays, but they don’t have a good platform. Zhang Guanglin has, but he’s too ambitious. He refuses to improve himself, but complains about his treatment,” Leng Yecheng said.

“It’s not a bad thing if he leaves Fengshang Design,” Leng Xiaoyao said.

“He should have left earlier on!” Leng Yecheng agreed.