Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 2957 - 2957 Zhang Guanglin

2957 Zhang Guanglin

Seeing them shocked, Leng Xiaoyao laughed and said, “Don’t be so surprised. Women can easily become dumb when they are in love, because it is easier for women to lose their reason because of love. However, once women fall out of love, they can get their reason back and begin to see everything clearly. Well, I’m talking about me as well.”

Saying that, Leng Xiaoyao complimented herself.

Hearing that, Leng Changyuan and Leng Yecheng were amused, but they didn’t doubt her words.

After Leng Xiaoyao changed, they realized that she was very smart, so they didn’t think her words were wrong. Instead, they agreed with her.

In addition, Leng Changyuan and Leng Yecheng felt that Leng Xiaoyao’s words made sense. Once a woman fell in love, she would rarely stay clear-headed, but she would get her reason back after she fell out of love.

However, they somehow found it strange when Leng Xiaoyao said that.

Leng Xiaoyao was only eighteen years old, but she sounded like a mature woman.

So they were worried that she was hurt too deeply by Chu Jianan this time.

Leng Xiaoyao felt their worry, so she promised. “Grandpa, uncle, don’t worry, I’m fine. I have actually gotten over it. My mood isn’t affected at all.”

Most importantly, she was completely different now, and had already lost all interest in Chu Jianan.

Although Leng Xiaoyao said that, Leng Changyuan and Leng Yecheng were still slightly worried, but they didn’t show it.

On their way home, Leng Yecheng received a call from his secretary. His secretary told him that something went wrong in the company. Zhang Guanglin wanted to quit, so he needed to deal with it.

Before Leng Yecheng went to the company, he wanted to send Leng Changyuan and Leng Xiaoyao home, but Leng Xiaoyao remembered that Zhang Guanglin’s resignation caused Leng Yecheng’s company a great loss, so she wanted to go to the company with Leng Yecheng.

“Uncle, why don’t you take us to your company as well? I want to have a look,” Leng Xiaoyao said.

“Sure!” Leng Yecheng didn’t want to waste time either. Since Leng Xiaoyao wanted to have a look, he decided to take them to the company.

About twenty minutes later, they arrived.

It was a designing company which was called Fengshang Design. Because it wasn’t a large company, its office only occupied a single level of a large office building, but a single level wasn’t small, being about eight hundred square-meters. It was owned by Fengshang Design, and it wasn’t rented.

Once they showed up, Leng Yecheng’s secretary walked over to welcome them. When he saw Leng Changyuan, he respectfully called him Master Leng.

However, when his sight fell on Leng Xiaoyao, he directly ignored her. He had never liked her.

Leng Xiaoyao understood that she was very hateful in the past, so she didn’t care.

“President Leng, Zhang Guanglin is in the office,” the secretary said.

“Great, you can look after my father and my niece. I’ll go over to see him,” Leng Yecheng said. Afterwards, he directly walked to the office, leaving Leng Changyuan and Leng Xiaoyao with his secretary.

“Master Leng, why don’t we go to the lounge for a rest?”

“Thanks!” Leng Changyuan nodded, then walked over with the secretary, followed by Leng Xiaoyao.

The staff in the company recognized Leng Changyuan and Leng Xiaoyao, so they greeted them at once.

Today, a senior manager wanted to quit and work in another company. Once he left, some other experienced staffers would go with him, but it wasn’t the main reason why Fengshang Design would suffer a great loss.

Normally, the company wouldn’t stop employees from quitting.

The trouble was that the senior manager leaked an important project of Fengshang Design after he quit. Fengshang lost the project and suffered a great loss.

Therefore, since Leng Xiaoyao already knew about it beforehand, she wouldn’t allow it to happen again.

Leng Xiaoyao didn’t go with Leng Changyuan to the lounge, but turned to walk to Leng Yecheng’s office.

“Miss Leng, where are you going?”

Seeing that, Leng Yecheng’s secretary, Chen Yuxi, immediately asked, in case anything went wrong.

“I need to see my uncle,” Leng Xiaoyao announced.

“The president is busy now. You can’t interrupt him.” Chen Yuxi stopped her at once.

“I must go,” Leng Xiaoyao said with determination.

“Chen, it’s fine. Let her go,” Leng Changyuan said, because he could see that Leng Xiaoyao wasn’t trying to cause trouble and he trusted her.

“But…” Chen Yuxi was worried.

Leng Xiaoyao didn’t care about his reaction. She pushed him away and directly went ahead.

Chen Yuxi was amazed, because he didn’t expect Leng Xiaoyao to be so strong.

Anxious, Chen Yuxi followed Leng Xiaoyao, and so did Leng Changyuan. He also wanted to see what Leng Xiaoyao was going to do.

In the office, the atmosphere was a little tense. Leng Yecheng was in a bad mood, while Zhang Guanglin looked arrogant.

“President Leng, I’ve done my best for the company, but you pay a lot more attention to Yan Chenguang than me. If I can’t fulfill my potential at Fengshang Design, why can’t I work for another company?” Zhang Guanglin said angrily, feeling aggrieved.

“I know you’ve done your best, but it’s not enough. Clients don’t like your designs, so I can’t let you manage the case,” Leng Yecheng said with displeasure. Zhang Guanglin thought too highly of himself.

Leng Yecheng understood that Zhang Guanglin decided to leave for a malicious reason, so he couldn’t allow it to happen.

“If so, isn’t it better if I leave? Why do you want to keep me?” Zhang Guanglin asked coldly. Anyway, he had made up his mind to leave, so he didn’t care about the result.

Right at this moment, the door was opened with a loud sound, scaring both of them. Subconsciously, they turned to look at the door.

Leng Yecheng was already angry because of Zhang Guanglin’s resignation, so he wanted to swear when someone dared to interrupt them, but he said nothing once he saw it was Leng Xiaoyao.