Reborn: The Godfather Has Fallen For Me

Chapter 1087 - Perform Well

By the time Yan Kuan carried the child over, Shen Xiaoxiao had already forgotten about the fight. She pulled on Yan Kuan and said,”Little Treasure said that he can see Da Bao.”

Yan Kuan had almost thought that something was wrong with his wife when she suddenly pulled on him. He almost thought that he had passed the test, but when he heard Shen Xiaoxiao say that, Yan Kuan immediately became more energetic. He looked at Little Treasure and asked,”Can you really see Da Bao?”

“Yes, it’s the same scene from last time, but it hasn’t changed.”

If it was the scene from last time, it meant that Da Bao was still being roasted by the fire. They suddenly stopped talking. This question was always so heavy. Compared to their small fights, the children, and Da Bao… It had always been the greatest pain in their hearts.

Yan Kuan’s long arms held them. Not only were the two children in his arms, even Xiaoxiao was in his arms. At this moment, there was no need to say anything else. Everything was said without saying.

“Daddy, Mommy, do you want to go to the Nine Netherworld Continent to play?”

Little Treasure’s words were shocking. What he said shocked Yan Kuan and Shen Xiaoxiao.

“What do you mean? The Nine Netherworld Continent is where Da Bao stays?”


“You can go?”

“Uncle said that if I was a little more powerful, he can send me there to play. But if I can’t see Da Bao, I will have to wait 10 years before she can come out.”

“Then won’t you be in danger if you go there?”

“Uncle said that I have some kind of king’s aura, so there won’t be any danger.”

“Then you’re going?”

“I’ll go when I’m stronger. That way, I’ll be able to bring Da Bao back.”

“That’s up to you, but you have to be able to protect yourself before you can go.”

“Then will Mommy and Daddy go?”

“We’ll go and take a look when Mommy and Daddy won’t hold you back.”


“Go to sleep, child.”

Seeing that their child had fallen asleep, the two of them really forgot about their previous estrangement. They took out their hands and waited for the things that they had to experience every day. They wanted to become stronger, to have their children by their side… At least, when they were still young, they wouldn’t lose such a chance to reunite with their family because they weren’t strong enough.


“Yueyan, have you settled your matters?”

“Yes, I’m withdrawing my investment. In the current situation, even if I want to invest, I have to wait until An Jijun takes over, so it’s very easy to resolve. As for you, have you settled your matters? What about Kato Haruhi’s child?”

“It’s not Long Xi’s.”

“Oh, that’s good. Are you guys ready for tonight’s banquet?”

“Tonight’s banquet is not an ordinary banquet. Of course, there will definitely be a banquet after the new leader is selected. However, we will return to our country after we settle our matters here. There are still a lot of things to do in our country.”

“There are things to do in our country?”

“Yes, we received an invitation this morning. A City has released the latest gambling cards. Your K-ONE will definitely get it. However, there is still a banquet. It is said that it is aimed at the latest situation in A City. You all know that many policies will be implemented after the Global Summit.”

“Oh, then I might not be able to go with you. I’m going to D Country D with Shengmo.” Lou Yin was originally out to play, so she naturally wouldn’t stay in one country all the time. Walking around was what she needed to do.

“I have a case in D Country, so I’m going there too. So, we’re going our separate ways.”

“Sigh, what a pity. But it’s not long before the New Year. Remember to return to your country for the New Year.”

“Don’t worry, I haven’t spent the New Year outside yet. Yes, definitely. Shengmo, are you going home?”

“Home? I’m not going back. If I don’t go back, people will be looking forward to it. I won’t be an eyesore. That biological sister of mine is coaxing that vixen well now. One more won’t make a difference. One less won’t make a difference.” Yan Shengmo’s family was also a very strange combination. However, this was something that could be left aside for the time being.

“Then come to our house for the New Year. We’ll see you in China.”

“Yeah, it’s less than three months. We’ll see you in China, then. But we have to wear it for the party tonight…”


Yan Kuan looked at Shen Xiaoxiao’s black leather jacket and coat. She was very capable. It was obvious that she was going to fight. Was this girl really going to fight?

“Are you really going to fight?”

“Am I going to wear a skirt or a gown? What if a fight breaks out?”

Yan Kuan smiled helplessly. It was indeed very likely that there would be a fight at the Triad gathering, but it was not as serious as she thought. It was better to wear something else than those skirts. It was better to wear something like a skirt for him to watch alone.

“We will definitely fight tonight, but it is not clear how we will fight. But up until now, Chang Liu still thinks that I am the one who is proficient in feng shui. Now, he is going all out to deal with me. I am shielding our son from disaster.”

Yan Kuan had originally said this to gain sympathy. When he saw Shen Xiaoxiao looking at him with worry, his heart was extremely comfortable. However, the words she said made his heart full of joy turn into ice.

“What, you mean he’s actually going to deal with Little Treasure? No, I can’t let my baby son take the risk. It’s best if we don’t bring him along. Otherwise, he won’t be able to see through weapons. In particular, he knows some kind of spell or something. What if he hurts Little Treasure?”

After Shen Xiaoxiao finished her sentence, she hurriedly walked to the room at the side. Yan Kuan could no longer describe the feelings in his heart with words. Shouldn’t Xiaoxiao be worried about him? Her son was an expert in feng shui. He didn’t know anything. Even if he died ten thousand times, her son wouldn’t be hurt at all, okay? Xiaoxiao, how can you be so biased? How can you be like this?

“Mommy, I’ll be fine. You should worry about Daddy. He’s fighting with that person, not me.”

“Don’t worry about your dad. He’s very powerful. You’re still young. No matter how powerful you are, you have to be careful, especially when it comes to the human heart. The human heart is not ancient. Sometimes, it’s easy to dodge a spear in the open, but hard to guard against an arrow in the dark. Understand?”

Little Treasure glanced at his father. Alright, as his son, he had already spoken up for him. It’s just that he usually looked too powerful, so even his mother didn’t believe that something would happen to him. That’s why he said, ‘pretending to be weak…’ Whether it was a man or a woman, they had to do it occasionally.

“Xiaoxiao, that person knows magic, but I don’t know it. Why aren’t you worried about me?”

Shen Xiaoxiao did not expect Yan Kuan to have such an expression. Should she be worried? So what if it was magic? The current Yan Kuan was different from before. Their abilities were definitely above those of ordinary people. As for magic, forget it. It was better to let her son keep an eye on it.

“It seems like you don’t know it, Little Treasure. Then remember to remind your father. When the time comes, Mommy will hold you and stand aside to watch the show, okay?”

“Okay, I will remind Daddy.”

“Carry the child and leave. What are you standing there for?”

Yan Kuan knew that his status had plummeted, especially after the incident with Kato Haruhi. His wife must still be angry. It seemed like he had to perform well tonight.